September 2004
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Animal Liberation Terrorists (ALT) has stepped up their hate campaign against a farmer in rural England, who as part of his livelyhood breeds guinea pigs for research establishments such as Huntingdon Life Sciences. This poor man and his family have been subjected to bricks thrown through their windows and barred from the local pub and shops as ALF have also targeted any business which he uses. Again, these terrorists think they are clever by saving a small furry animal, but terrorising small children into being so scared they hide in the wardrobe of an evening waiting for the next thug attack on their farmhouse home.....

Some of my clients are laboratory and research establishments, yet the ALF SHAC and the anti vivisection league do not target me. Could this be that they know I will fight back?

I am at present not at home in the UK but away dealing with business matters; yesterday I drove four hundred miles through barren land to reach an oasis in the dessert. Yes, it was a doughnut shop... sometimes a girl just has to have a treat, and doughnuts are mine.

In February Chris Ryan, whose books I have recommended on these pages many times, shall be trekking Nepal for the charity SSAFA, a soldiers sailors and airmen charity which helps families of forces personnel. I hopefully shall also be trekking the route but in case I cannot make it please lend your support by making a donation or sponsoring Chris on his walk; this can be done at a web site whose address I shall give you next month, or type in Chris Ryan at Google and look for the link trek nepal.

I am busy writing story lines for a forthcoming TV series, and putting together a reality TV show which should show members of the public being put in their paces by me. I will let you have more information as it all comes together and let you know where to apply if you want to take part.

Until next month stay safe
Jacquieline Davis

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