September 2004

COVER STORY: Top war correspondent British born Brent Sadler is CNN's Beirut bureau chief, named to this position upon the reopening of the bureau in 1997. Brent has covered a number of prominent news stories from the Middle East, Europe, Russia and South America. Before his appointment as CNN's Beirut bureau chief, he was CNN's bureau chief in Rome. He joined CNN in 1991 after 10 years as a news reporter for the British network ITN. He was ITN's Middle East correspondent for more than four years and also worked for two years as an ITN senior reporter. One of Brent’s final assignments at ITN was reporting on the release of British hostages Terry Waite and Jackie Mann, freed from Lebanon in late 1991 after more than two years in captivity.

‘It’s no wonder you British are miserable,’ said a foreign friend recently, ‘it’s because of your terrible weather.’

Well that may be the case and I wouldn’t argue with him, after all, wouldn’t a bit of sunshine put a smile on anyone’s face? But having spent a holiday in northern Scotland, on the North Sea coastline, where it doesn’t get much colder, I have to admit that the weather can’t be solely responsible for making us Brits miserable! The Scots are as I always remember them, having lived in their country as a child, friendly, healthy and happy in spite of their hardships. And do they have those at this time! I was in ABERDEENSHIRE, home to much of the fishing community, what’d left of it anyway. Have they just been given a bad deal from our government! These people rely on their right to fish and are barely surviving as it is; yet in spite of this they are as friendly as ever. And I’d never seen so many sprightly 80 and 90 year olds! This part of rural Scotland, at least on the coastline where I was staying, is like stepping back in time 20 years or more. Where else can you find a real quality butcher shop that sells organic meat that doesn’t need to be labelled ‘organic’, or a bakers shop that sells bread that doesn’t need to be labelled ‘home made’, or a sweet shop that display rows of sweet jars with sweets that everywhere else are called ‘vintage’? So why are they so healthy, happy and friendly when they are so poor and their weather is so bad? Well, I have to say that the weather never bothered me. I was staying in a country manor house that was surrounded by glorious countryside and lived through an electrical storm that lasted more than three hours. There was so much lightning I thought it was the Northern Lights, and though the house was struck by lightning twice during that night I lived to tell the tale. Further down the country people suffered land slides. We were lucky! And still the Scots smiled. So did we, out came the Whisky to warm our hearts and the Haggis to amuse our Spanish friends. And I even braved a wade in the rough northern sea. I know why they are the way they are, those lovely people don’t have daily stress like we city folks do! Deadlines, pollution, traffic jams etc. To regain our souls, sanity and health we have to go back in time! I’m going to make a habit of visiting the past even if I have to use modern technology to get there. Flights to Aberdeen (when BA is flying) are five times a day from Heathrow. Hire a car at the airport and drive yourself towards GARDENSTOWN you won’t go far wrong. If you get there early enough you’ll be in time to pick up your breakfast at the harbour…fresh crab, kippers, cod…

I didn’t like GEORGE BUSH JRN much last month and I’m even more annoyed with him this month! How dare he put a ban on Leader of the Opposition MICHAEL HOWARD from visiting America and the White house! Reason – because Howard challenged TONY BLAIR’S decision to go to war with Iraq. What if Howard wins the next election, what then! Come on you lovely Americans how can you have a President that is such a bully?

Happy September and welcome to autumn; and what fabulous clothes are on the catwalks, all those vintage inspired things, and my favourite era, ladylike 1950s. That’s my style for this season. Can’t wait for the September Vogue American bumper issue arriving in the UK? Check out Sally’s page for all the latest fashion and beauty tips and all our other sections shouldn’t be missed!

Happy September


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