September 2004

This year's Cartier Polo final at the Guard's Polo Club in Windsor saw a pretty good turn out of the lover's of the sport and champagne. Of course the main attraction during the match was Prince Harry playing for England against Chile. Our Harry played superbly though it was not enough to stop the Chilean onslaught. Chile beat England by 7 to 5. -At least that was the last score I remember as we were on our third bottle of Taittinger. Once the Queen had given out the trophies and medals it was time for the real fun. At the China White tent it was celebration time -don't know why I didn't see the Chileans there- Prince Harry and chums let their hair down big time and even the young American proper 'A' lister SCARLETT JOHANSSON was there amongst 'c' celebs such as ABI TITMUSS et al to join the fun. Though it still seemed a bit of a cattle market elsewhere in the China White tent...No change there then.

This month's other big event was the V festival 2004. I have to say that it was not the most illustrious line up of bands I've ever seen. Still, DIDO, PINK, JAMELIA, MUSE, THE PIXIES, THE STROKES, AMY WINEHOUSE, N*E*R*D, KINGS OF LEON amongst others performed a pretty good set. Though DIDO performed well she still lacks ' umph' and for me she was devastatingly boring. I was only there to take pictures over three songs but even that became an exercise in enduring torture. No matter how hard she tries to inject passion by pulling a variety of 'performing faces' like she's about to scream the living daylights out of the audience it all fails to materialise and her voice just sounds the same. Mellow and monotonous. She even tried to spice up her image in an interview prior to the festival by insisting that yes, she likes sex! She said that despite rumours of her being frigid and timid she REALLY enjoys sex greatly. Gawd. She continued in this vein at the V festival by telling us that the song she was about to sing -whichever it was- was written about losing her virginity. Written a week before the festival then.- I guess-. It would be far easier to spice up her image by simply adding an L in the middle of her name. I'm only here to help dear readers.

Old chum and the most famous NHS qualified nurse and new media darling ABI
TITMUSS -who will do three in a bed just by asking her. Though she may not cure you she'll leave you feeling much, much better allegedly- was present at the V. In the Virgin Radio VIP beach enclosure -it had a large mock beach for our delight- where we were guests enjoying an all day barbecue with all drinks - including alcoholic ones- free of charge. It was then dear readers that I took pictures of ABI TITMUSS taking a big mouthful of hot meat. Bbq chicken being fed to her by her girlfriend. As my picture shows it left Abi with white sauce all over her lips. Good to see Abi feeling at home. When she saw me aiming at her -tee-hee- she slowly licked her finger...No matter what anyone may say she's always good fun and up for it. SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR was also at the V though thankfully not performing. She went with hubby and baby to enjoy a weekend rock. Sunday afternoon it was all too much and she had enough as my picture shows. Other guests spotted at the V included: SARAH CAWOOD, ALEXANDER McQUEEN, CAT DEELEY, BEN FOGLE, AMY WINEHOUSE and GMTV's KATE GARROWAY. -V poor-

Next month I shall bring you the Goss from the Venice Film festival where I'm expecting real celebs. And don't forget dear readers, I do all this just for you...Over and out.

See ya next month.

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Copyright: Joe Alvarez 2004
All pics copyright Joe Alvarez

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