September 2004
  Social Scene

Well hello sweetie luvvies! I have spent most of a wonderful summer on a divine yacht cruising around the med with my friends from my country and it has been wonderful. I have not had time to think sweeties, let alone write my column, but one of my fans has sent me a naughty little poem all about little old me, can you believe it. So I am now going to publish it for you darlinks.

This is it.

‘She's really very skanky,
And also really lanky.
Her real name is Regina,
But we all call her Vagina.
Her hair is just like fire,
And she is also an expert liar.
She does not get along
With her so called fellow friends
And they all just can’t wait
Until her new career ends.'

Well darlinks I am breathless to find out who wrote it. It must be someone who has a real crush on me. Do you not think so darlings? Do send me your thoughts chappos, if you feel like it.

Thank you for reading my page and sending me such an unusual poem.
Until nest month I bid yer adyer.

Your Regally Regina.

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