February 2008
  Crime, Safety & Protection

The death of Georgina, our Editor In Chief at Hot Gossip, my former publicist and a close friend is a tragedy. My thoughts are with her family at this sad time.


So they finally killed Benazir Bhutto, the ex Pakistani Prime Minister. She was first shot in the neck, then a suicide bomber exploded next to her vehicle. I understand the other people in the vehicle survived.
If Bhutto had done as her bodyguards had told her and not stuck her head through the sun roof to wave and smile at people then she would no doubt be alive today. The suicide bomber would have struck but her vehicle would have protected her from the blast and the gunman would not have had a target. I wish people would learn to do as they are told by the security experts they employ to protect them.


More and more people are the subject of identity theft. It does not help when government departments lose discs with more than twenty million people's personal details in the post, as has been the case recently.
Add to that the thousands that have now been lost - by the theft of a laptop from a car - of people who have applied to join the armed forces.
So to do your bit against identity theft, remember to shred letters and bank statements, in fact anything with your national insurance number and your address. Do not let anyone know your credit card or pin number, do not write it down so that it is easy to identify and be aware of people phoning claiming to be from credit card companies or banks. Phone them back on a number you have got from a bank/credit card statement not a telephone number they give you to call, ask to speak to the supervisor on duty and ask if they have just called you. One of the big scams going around at the moment is to businesses. A caller claims to be from the credit card company and tells you some relevant information regarding your business credit card, then asks you for the security code on the back of the credit card,.This is the info they need to spend your money. Don't fall for it.


I have had to complete a teacher training course so that I can carry on teaching courses in surveillance and surveillance driving courses Has it been hard? Yes, it has. I have had to learn new words and catch phrases totally alien to my everyday speech, like andragogic and cognitive.
But I shall now be a better teacher for it, apparently.

If you would like to do a security course in either close protection or surveillance which are edexel accredited and enable you to get your SIA licence, please check out the websitewww.greymans.com

I am now in Hollywood working hard by the pool so, until next month, stay safe

Jacquieline Davis

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