February 2008
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Hearts Speak to Hearts in Actions not in Words.

I first met Georgina in September 1995 at the Jury's hotel in Kensington. We were introduced through a mutual acquaintance who knew that I had launched a website and was very enthusiastic about the potential of the internet. I was told that Georgina had been let down by a company who said that they would publish her magazine called Hot Gossip.

I was impressed with Georgina, her vision of the magazine and the quality of the people that she had lined up as contributors. Her enthusiasm was so contagious and I found myself agreeing on the spot to publishing the magazine.

This is a decision that I have never regretted.

Having the opportunity to share the common interest of the magazine over the past 12 years meant that I had the opportunity of knowing and working with someone I not only greatly admired but also a person that I grew to feel was a close friend.

Georgina approached everyone and everything in an upbeat positive way. With Georgina the sun was always shining one mile up! She had the ability to make every person she met feel good about themselves and because of that people loved her! I learned a lot from her and will miss her.

Hot Gossip was very important to Georgina and we will do our very best to carry on with the same conviction, enthusiasm, and committment to excellence.

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