February 2005
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Walk a Lonely Road

My profession does not always bring out the best in those that are part of the security circuit. Our previous professions were mostly ex special forces, police service or security related services. We have seen the worst - countries in the world that are allowing their children to be sold and sodomised, terrorists and fanatics who want to kill you for their beliefs, and we have dealt with some of the most evil minds that roam this earth. Ours can be a lonely existence! Who do you trust? And of those you love, you can never tell where you are going or when you will be coming back. We do our jobs because we believe in Justice, freedom and peace.

Those that have been there and done that and then written the book about it, are particular souls on the lonely road. We have something to hide and normally it is our nightmares and our emotions. When you walk the lonely road you feel the ghosts of those that wrote, then could not cope, with the after effects. EX SAS veteran Tom who wrote freefall and Frank Collins ex SAS chaplain who wrote Baptism of fire are two of these ghosts that wander the road, they did not reach out to another traveller, nor see the lights up ahead.

I recently found myself on the lonely road. You can be surrounded by people, but still feel desperately alone. Cathy Matea summed it up well with her song, "Standing Knee Deep in a River but Dying of Thirst."

A production company wanted to re-enact a particular job I had done but I could not come to terms with the way they wanted to portray it, or the way they bandied about the people in my life that had died. To them it was a great ending and great TV, to me it was hurt and pain. I retreated to the safety of my mind and walked down the lonely road. Darkness, sadness and heartbreak are your only companions. Then in the distance I saw another author that I knew, another lonely soul, I reached out and asked for help. My heart was breaking and the tears were falling, the other soul talked to me and said, "be true to yourself". He knew of what he was saying, he too walks the lonely road. Occasionally, like me and the many others that bear the scars of our profession we can reach out a hand to help. To that person I say thank you; you know who you are.

The Ministry of Defence seems to really have it in for former EX SAS soldiers who write books or assist in the making of television programmes. One such show that aired in 2004, "SAS are you tough enough" was submitted to the MOD by the relevant television company, before it was aired. Now over a year later the MOD has come back and threatened to sue the former SAS guys who took part in the shows or assisted in the reality production.

What does the government want from these men, they served there country, and now, without really showing the rest of the world SAS secrets they bring excitement and a form of reality to the television?

I'm sure even Ultimate force shown on ITV must do wonders for army recruitment. Great having a female SAS member in the show now, even though I am sure it will not be allowed until hell freezes over in real life.

The above was named as a moneyman in the Equatorial Guinea failed coup. He recently pleaded guilty in a South African plea bargain for helping to fund the coup by paying for a helicopter gunship, which was intended to provide air cover whilst the Mercenary task force took over the airport. Simon Mann a former SAS officer turned Mercenary is languishing in an African jail, as he is the man that led the coup. Thanks to Mark Thatcher who has escaped with a large fine and a four year suspended sentence Mann now faces the death penalty. How can this be the son of our former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the woman who ordered the embassy storming and the Falklands war? She had guts, but sadly her son has saved himself and not thought of others.

How long are we going to allow Simon Mann to languish in his hellhole of a jail cell?

I am just back from the good old USA again. I know I go too often when the immigration office at New York airport has a seat with my name on it. However, I visited some friends whilst there, a few guys who were home for the Christmas holidays from Iraq, they tell me it is still very bad out there and they are having contact most days with the enemy. I did a great interview with a journalist who asked me to name my perfect man. I gave her three who would be perfect rolled into one. Kevin Costner for his lips, Chris Ryan, for his body and Ranulph Fiennes for his mind. So ladies let me know who your perfect man would be.

Talking of Chris Ryan he is about to embark on a trek to Nepal for the charity SAFFA, if you would like to sponsor him please go to www.justgiving.com where you can pledge your help on line. It is a great charity that helps the families of service men and women.

Congratulations to Jo Rowling on the birth of her baby daughter

Until next month have a great Valentines Day and stay safe

Jacquieline Davis

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Available at www.luckypress.com & www.amazon.com
Price US $14.95

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