February 2005
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Welcome to the February 2005 round up of news and views on UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles, ghosts, the paranormal, the unexplained, the weird and the wonderful.

UFOs and the Freedom of Information Act

As I predicted some time ago, information on UFOs has become one of the most popular subjects requested under the Freedom of Information Act, which came fully into force on January 1 2005. Indeed, it was one of a handful of subjects picked out for special mention by the National Archives. The National Archives marked the coming into force of the Act by proactively releasing a large number of government files, including several dealing with UFO sightings. There was extensive media coverage of this, including articles in The Independent and the Daily Mail. Details of the newly released UFO files can be found at the following link www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/releases/2005/ januaryfoi/list4.htm and more extensive UFO research can be done by accessing the main National Archives website at www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ and searching the site, using a range of search terms such as UFO, unidentified, flying saucers, etc.

Rendlesham Forest UFO Documents

More UFO documents relating to the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident have been released, this time by Suffolk Police. Their holdings are limited and include some public correspondence, but also released for the first time is the police log of the incident. This can be viewed at the following link www.suffolk.police.uk/NR/rdonlyres/ 2EF34838-589D-4DA7-95F1-CA23BE34E924/ 0/unusuallights.pdf or by searching the Suffolk Police website www.suffolk.police.uk/ for information, using the keyword Rendlesham.

Newcastle Science Festival

I have been asked to appear at the Newcastle Science Festival, to give a lecture on UFOs. The festival runs from March 11-21 2005 and I will be appearing on Saturday March 12. I spoke last year at the Cheltenham Festival of Science and always welcome the opportunity to discuss the UFO phenomenon at a science event, as it presents an opportunity to explain that UFOs can and should be the study of serious study, done in line with proper scientific methodology. It was no coincidence that the Ministry of Defence UFO project has its roots in interest expressed by one of its Chief Scientific Advisers, the legendary radar pioneer Sir Henry Tizard. Details of the festival can be found at the following link www.newcastlesciencefestival.co.uk/ and the website will shortly be updated to give more details of the various presentations. If you can get along, I look forward to seeing you.

Sunday Express UFO Article

On January 30 2005 the Sunday Express ran a double page UFO feature in its review section. The article featured UFO researcher Philip Mantle, UFO witness Craig Malcolm from the Scottish UFO hotspot Bonnybridge, and James Millen, an abductee. There was some more general background information on the subject and I was quoted commenting on the British Government UFO project and on the Rendlesham Forest UFO case involving the twin bases at RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge.

X-Conference 2005

The second X-Conference, organised by Stephen Bassett, will be held on April 22-24 2005, in Washington DC. Check out www.paradigmclock.com/X-Conference/X-Conference.htm for details of the conference, and check www.paradigmclock.com/ for details of the wider UFO disclosure orientated work undertaken by Stephen Bassett. The details of the participating speakers are now firming up and include Stanton Friedman, Ann Druffel, Robert and Ryan Wood, Jaime Maussan, Michael Salla, Paola Harris, Richard Dolan and Alfred Webre. I will cover this extensive conference in further detail as the event approaches.

Daniel Augusto Chiesa

For those interested in UFOs and Egyptology, and a possible link between the subjects, check out www.danaug.com for details of the thoughts, experiences and related artwork of Daniel Augusto Chiesa.

White Noise

Electronic Voice Phenomenon is a way in which many believe the voices of the dead can be picked up and listened to. This used to be regarded as a fringe paranormal phenomenon, but has now attracted the attention of Hollywood. A movie entitled White Noise has now been released, covering the subject. Starring Michael Keaton, the movie tells the story of a man offered the opportunity to contact his dead wife. Check out www.whitenoisemovie.com for details.

Andrew Lownie

Andrew Lownie, a UK literary agent who represents a number of writers on the UFO phenomenon, has recently updated his new website. Check out www.andrewlownie.co.uk for details of Andrew and his work.

Ed's Note:

Nick Pope has written four books. Open Skies, Closed Minds is an overview of the UFO phenomenon with the emphasis on his official Ministry of Defence research and investigation. The Uninvited is an overview of the alien abduction mystery. Operation Thunder Child and Operation Lightning Strike are science fiction novels about alien invasion, incorporating UFO and abduction data. All four titles are available from most good bookshops and all the usual Internet book sites.

Nick Pope has a website, which can be accessed at www.nickpope.net

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