February 2005

Well, I have just arrived back after spending five days in the South of France at the MIDEM music festival. Sounds a lot more glamorous than it is, very little sleep and a lot of talking. A lot of alcohol, not me though, and loose tongues Lol.

I had a nice chat to Alex Gold, the renowned DJ and Dance Producer, who was telling me that he was making a comeback after breaking his back in a paragliding accident. He thought he would never walk again, but he has fought his way to recovery and is 80% there now. He is such a nice guy he deserves to get some of the success again that he enjoyed previously.

I saw J-Lo as well, I couldn't believe how tiny she was! I had always imagined her as being tall and voluptuous. It's strange how television has an effect on how you perceive people. The rumour was going around that she apparently demanded soft baked chocolate-chip cookies, sour cream and onion crisps, nacho cheese Doritos, M&Ms, ( But he couldn't make it Lol ) Snickers, white bread and American cheese!

I heard great things from Steve Long about Freefaller, who have just released their first single via Zomba and will be Top 20 when this article goes to press at the end of the week. The band features Oliie who was in Pointbreak, the boy band made up of members from Biker Grove, which also produced Ant & Dec.

Angel City featuring the very talented Lara McAllen was the talk of MIDEM her latest single "Sunrise" has been licensed all over the world, which will be her fourth hit.

See Lara on Des & Mel 4 February and on Top Of The Pops Saturday 5 February!

David Stark at SONGLINK was handing his CD out of songs available for cover, he told me he was getting a fantastic reaction to the songs, with companies wanting to cover the songs, he said that it was the best CD ever! David is one of the nicest guys in the business and is very helpful to young and up and coming songwriters. We need more people like him in the business.



I see Busted have had a "Bust Up" and gone there separate ways! Charlie Simpson, the posh boarding school boy and beanpole of the band, apparently was talking about leaving the band in 2003.

He reckons he wants to be in a band that he really enjoys and is not concerned about selling records. It's easy to say when you have a couple of million in the bank!

Although, I feel that Island Records haven't made as much money as they had hoped from Busted and it is rather ironic that it has been rumoured that "V" have been dropped from Island at the same time!

I think the Music Industry jumps onto too many bandwagons, rather than give people what they want, whether it is a bog standard boy band or a classical act!

That is why they loose so much money.
Here are few tours coming up:

ERROL BROWN (Former Hot Chocolate Lead Vocalist)

1st Derngate, Northampton
2nd Anvil, Basingstoke
4th Hall for Cornwall Truro
5th Assembly Rooms, Derby
6th City Hall, Newcastle
9th International Centre, Harrogate
10th Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline
11th Music Hall, Aberdeen
12th The Sands, Carlisle
13th Magnum Leisure Centre, Irvine
17th North Wales Theatre, Llandudno
18th Symphony Hall, Birmingham
19th Theatre Royal, Norwich
20th Victoria Hall, Hanley
22nd Philharmonic, Liverpool
23rd Salford Quays The Lowry, Manchester
24th St David's Hall, Cardiff
26th De Monfort Hall, Leicester
27th Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells
28th Central Theatre, Chatham

If you were a big fan of the X Factor then you will be interested in the Tour !

20th Wembley Arena, London
22nd Brighton Centre, Brighton
23rd International Arena, Cardiff
24th Nottingham Arena, Nottingham
25th NEC Birmingham


1st - Leeds University - Leeds
10th – Hull University - Hull


15th Royal Court Theatre – LIVERPOOL
17th Carling Apollo – MANCHESTER
18th Carling Apollo MANCHESTER
19th Hull Arena – HULL
21st Glasgow Armadillo – GLASGOW
22nd Glasgow Armadillo – GLASGOW
24th Newcastle City Hall NEWCASTLE
25th Newcastle City Hall – NEWCASTLE
27th Nottingham Ice Arena – NOTTINGHAM
28th Opera House - BLACKPOOL

The Sun reports that Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy's boyfriend, soccer star Ashley Cole was caught red handed by trying to sneak off with two blondes outside a club where he had been at a 22nd birthday party for Arsenal team-mate Jermaine Pennant. After being photographed, Cole turned around and returned to the club. Moments later a man came out and told the girls to wait in the next street. After getting into a car, Ash was forced to drive by the two women. Ash said last week he said , "There's no way I'd stray from Cheryl. I really love her. I don't want anything to ruin the relationship."

Sounds like the trousers snake brain is coming into play here. Lol!

Despite the rumours Kylie Minogue is desperate to marry her boyfriend Olivier Martinez, The Sun reports that Kylie says: "I've never tried to pin a man down about walking down the aisle, or wanted a wedding dress ... I can't do the important things in my life to a schedule."

If life was only that simple!

The Sunday Mirror reports that gay comedian Matt Lucas just returned from a holiday in Los Angeles where he stayed at the home of Robbie Williams.

Apparently Matt and Robbie chilled and surrounded themselves with food and beer, it just looked like "Little Britain" J

Well that's the lot this month, keep the e-mails coming in
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And don't for get to check out the following sites:
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Also don't forget the song for little Sarah, who was so brutally murdered www.asongforsarah.co.uk


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