Autumn 2011
  Modern Nutrition & Healthy Living
by Valerie Austin

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1. Katie Glen, Don Eales, Myself and my husband James, DK and Karen Jones talking films.
2. Seriously famous film friends Paul Tucker Robert Watts at my birthday party
3. With award winning director and writer Jackie Skarvellis at the theatre party 'Carry on Brighten' staring our own Sally Farmiloe
4. In theatre style Sally Farmiloe-Neville and Mike Perry
5. My birthday party with Family and revered film producer Robert Watts
6. Splendid private dinning at Brocket Hall.

This summer has been strange with the weather even less consistent as a usual English summer. However, I have been busy organizing my International Hypnotherapy Conference, organizing flying celebrities in that are specialists is this 'mind' industry, booking the best hotels, carefully choosing the venue and fixing the many small nuisances that occur with such a large conference. I decided to hold it at the famous Shepperton Film Studios guarantying an interesting weekend, not just with the conference but also with the film people popping in.

Since I became a specialist in hypnosis over twenty years ago I wanted to go to Russia to learn their secrets and have waited nearly as long to be taught by Prof. Ignatenko in fact since a colleague of mine was agent for him on the Paranormal world of Paul MacKenner. Esther Rantzens' late husband Desmond Wilcox produced this particular show, so I knew it had credibility. They brought in the heart specialists and heart machine in to the studio to test if the professor could do what he was famous for, increasing and decreasing the blood flow of a volunteer - at will, and while Ignatenko was in another room. The heart specialists could not explain how he could have done this, in fact they were quite shocked and since then I was hooked. So I am really looking forward to seeing the mind techniques used in hypnosis from Russia. if you are interested in hypnosis it is not to be missed.

Film News

I am combining the business with my film business and filming a T.V.documentary at the conference that focuses on the positive side of hypnosis and its power in healing. I am also hoping to enter it into the Cannes Film Festival next year. Since my first film was accepted for competition this year it means I have a chance. Wish me luck.

I am also getting on with my treatment for my feature science fiction film and Robert Watson (Star Wars, and Raiders of the Lost Ark and many more) has agreed to work with me and produce it. The film business is always an exciting business to be in and it is great to be back after away from it so long.

My birthday party this year was a mixture of film people, close friends, family and a few heavy investors came so it will be interesting to see how long it takes to look for the development money.

A theatrical night to remember

There are some nights that you remember and this was one of them, sitting with a glass of wine at one of the historic fringe theatres set in the centre of Hampstead and knowing that fine actors like Dustin Hoffman often pop in to see a production, I was in my element. Many celebrities have started or played here and 'Carry on Brighton' had a selection of TV and film personalities in this fun farce about a mixed gay marriage.

Written by award winning playwright Jackie Skarvellis with leads such as the glamorous multi talented Sally Farmiloe-Neville playing a drunk wedding singer and Mark Perry the clever comedian and actor  playing a gay soap star, it  had to be tongue in cheek comedy.  John 'Ebbonknee' Campbell who played the salacious alcoholic vicar is a gifted drag artiste and I remembered him from my days when the Hippodrome was all the rage and he performed a magnificent Tina Turner there. One of the audience was so pleased with the performance that she bought the cast a bottle of champagne to celebrate the evening. 


I had a wonderful weekend with my friend Valerie Blondeau and thought it was worth giving you a short history lesion on this incredible property. It is hard to believe that only twenty two miles or a short helicopter ride from the hustle and bustle of London you can be transported to one of Britain's finest estates "Brocket Hall" in Hertfordshire.

When the impressive wrought iron gates swing open you discover an estate nestled in 543 acres of magnificent designed parkland, with two championship Palmerston Golf Academy golf courses, alongside a spectacular clubhouse complete with golf shop.

The parkland and elegant lawns are truly breathtaking, with incredible trees that have stood for hundreds of years. So majestic are the grounds, trees, and scenic views the Oscar winning movie "The Queen" was filmed there.

Brocket Hall was built in 1760 and if walls could speak what a tale they would tell. As you walk through the impressive Hall's ballroom, library, drawing rooms, dining rooms. With just thirty individually designed bedrooms, where the ghosts of the past walk with you, and what a gift to hire for a party for someone that has everything.

The first Lord Melbourne who became Prime Minister was a good friend of Queen Victoria who often visited Brocket Hall. Lord Melbourne's first wife was known to be the mistress of the Prince later to become King George IV. The Chinese suite of rooms known as the "Prince Regent Suite" was decorated in the Prince's honour as he was an avid admirer of Chinese décor. This bedroom suite is still used today where guests can enjoy the unique décor.

The famed Lady Caroline Lamb was to become Lord Melbourne's second wife. Lady Caroline is often remembered for her passion for the poet Lord Byron. A lesser known fact about Lady Caroline is that she introduced the "Waltz" to Britain for the first time in the magnificent ballroom.

I relaxed gazing on to the grounds and looking down the lake to "Auberge du Lac" where I eagerly anticipated my Michelin star meal that evening, I was not disappointed. Arriving at the Auberge I was warmly welcomed and seated on the terrace which overlooks the lake, as I sipped my champagne I was treated to a parade of Brocket Hall ducks ambling by, I was assured they were not on the menu! Executive chef Phil Thompson has been at the helm for many years guiding the "Auberge du Lac" in achieving a Michelin star.

Brocket Hall's hospitality has been enjoyed by captains of industry, politicians, many famous people. Recently Formula One enjoyed Brocket Hall and the golf courses; it was an impressive sight to see some extraordinary cars parked at the Hall, a striking contrast of the old and the new.

Middle aged Britain could be changed around?

Middle-aged Britons are experiencing a mid-life health crisis, according to new research from Bupa, which shows that those aged 45-54 are more likely to be obese, more likely to smoke and more likely to suffer from depression than their peers around the world. It has been found that 45-54 year olds suffer worse physical and mental health than all other generations

The international Bupa Health Pulse study, which asked more than 13,000 people in 12 different countries questions about their health and lifestyles has shown that late-middle age is the toughest time health-wise for Britons. No other country in the survey showed such a consistent range of unhealthy results for this age group .

The study found that obesity was a major problem with oer a third (35%) of British 45-54 year olds to be obese - double the international average for this age group (17%).

Dr Sneh Khemka, medical director, Bupa International said:

"The Bupa Health Pulse survey makes alarming reading for a generation of Britons. The research reveals not only that Britain's middle-aged are suffering from a health crisis, but also that the problem is particularly apparent in Britain.

"People hitting 45 often find the unhealthy excesses of their youth are catching up with them just at the time when their financial and personal responsibilities are growing and they are increasingly time poor. These combined elements mean that, for this age group, health can fall down their list of priorities.

"Fortunately however, there are no medical reasons why middle aged Britons should fare worse for health than other age groups, or their peers around world - so it's possible to tackle this trend.

Since I have been writing this column I have warned of the obesity with the food producers and what they are doing for shelf life and it is not working – we are becoming ill from it. The good news is that you can all change your diet and eat real food. It is more difficult as it means buying fresh and you will see a big difference if it is organic. But do read the labels as bread, even organic, can be packed with salt so much so as found in a recent study that one slice has as much salt as a packet of crisps.

A slice of bread can have more salt than a packet of crisps!

There have been many every day foods exposed for ill health lately so it is even more wise to check the research out. Breads, even organic, are shown to be a risk, I have been suspicious at the high salt in bread for years but even I was amazed that one slice can havce more salt than a packet of crisps. Just think of fours slices in a day? It has taken years for this to be exposed and people wonder why there is so many deaths from heart problems.


There are many ways that cucumbers can improve you health. They contain most of the vitamins you need every day, just one cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc.

If you Feeling tired in the afternoon, Instead of caffeinated soda pick up a cucumber. Cucumbers are a good source of B Vitamins and Carbohydrates that can provide that quick pick-me-up that can last for hours.

But a neat way to use to get rid of that awful fogging mirror after a shower is to try rubbing a cucumber slice along the mirror, it will eliminate the fog and provide a soothing, spa-like fragrance.

I was asked a question what type of foods give energy? This posed the question "What kind of energy?" A short burst of energy, 6 hours worth or what? It differs to what you want it for.

For immediately energy carbohydrates would be better, e.g. grains or fruits or vegetables. A steak will provide the protein to build the body and fats for slow release energy rebuilds the body muscle tissues. The fat you get in meat, dairy and eggs are ideal for slow burning.

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