Autumn 2011
  Celebrity Psychic Scoop
by Victoria Bullis

I have been doing readings for approximately 25 years now. If you'd like to find out more about me, click on the tab to the right. Or you can go to my website ( Also, Google me!

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In the first issue of each year, I mention in this column that there is a 'Cosmic' or 'Higher' theme to the year ahead. And then during the course of the year I give tips, new ways of looking at the topic from a Higher perspective, etc, to move the process along.

I have been doing this for approximately 16 years on my website:

This year's theme is all about: creation. Meaning the creation of something important that has eluded you up until now.

During Autumn, most people tend to become more introverted, sedentary and more apt to stay in. This of course is in part related to more gray, dreary days,shorter sunlight hours and increasingly wet weather. More attention is focused on being on the internet, watching the telly, often cooking more (as in foods that require more preparation than light summer fare) and getting ready for holidays--which are still a couple of months away. Much of this is pure habit from this lifetime, as well as traditions from all over the world built into who we are from ancient times---both from other lives we have had when some form of hibernation and food preparation for the long winters ahead was the only way it could ever done, by necessity, as well as via our DNA with our families' accumulated history of how we had always done this--also from the same necessity.

The end result, from habits we grew up with and have acquired in this lifetime re changing one's pace in Autumn plus ancient history in both forms, is that we automatically begin to lose momentum on what we have been working on creating or achieving, and a certain even slight level of apathy comes upon us, that less will get done. Some of that is an ancient, outworn but insidious perception that there will be less light in which to accomplish much. One outward sign of this is the putting away of summer clothes and 'toys' (boats, hiking gear etc), and pulling out the clothes for the dreary times ahead: there is another deepseated implication with this--some misery will be coming. Not an incentive to create more of what you want!

There are still several months to gain extra for yourself during this unusual year for creation; work at not letting shorter days have you doing less: surround yourself with more light in your home, especially full spectrum lightbulbs easily available in lighting and DIY stores. Have high energy music with upbeat words playing softly in the background to act almost as a mantra cheering you on. Being home more to avoid the elements provides more time to create more, if you'll look at it this way. Read any of the countless books on generating more income and wealth. Build up your social media profiles (Peerindex and KLOUT for example). Avoid watching any programs or news that might affect your moods adversely, and stay away from people who will bring you down. Find a new dance or exercise technique online or on the telly; moving around in new ways will also shift the energy around you in your home (It's difficult to make much happen including money, if you are in a low-energy mode: depression, worry, apathy...these energies stay around you in your home unless you do something about them). It's important to work at keeping your mood and energy high. Use candles that have true aroma therapy, not cheap scents which most people have some allergic reactions to. Rose is very warming and nurturing.

Make more happen than you normally would during these next few months---and don't listen to doom and gloom coming from the press!

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When I was still doing interior design (along with readings), I used to advise to spas in a few countries re feng shui, spiritual enhancements, treatment options, ingredients and products. I have gone to spas most of my life, and consider it a way of life. I do not think of it as 'pampering' which implies that one treats oneself occasionally and is a great treat that does not happen often. I personally feel that it is very healthy to receive massages and other spa treatments in a luxurious environment, especially given the current stresses to life.

I love going to new cities or resorts and seeking out the best spas and trying out unique treatments. I have met some good friends by doing so--loving a certain product so much that I track down the designer of the line to meet him or her. Laura LaRocca is one of them; her LaRocca Skincare line has real gold in it and I love it.

One of my favourite and routine treatments is a salt or sugar scrub followed by a massage. Having a body scrub clears off surface dead cells, increases circulation and moves toxins from the lymph. All excellent for colder weather, including remaining healthy. I particularly like having them done at Spa Montage in Beverly Hills' The Montage Hotel.

Everyone who works in this Spa is excellent. My two favorites though are Merna and Deborah...

The Spa has a fairly unique soaking pool: it is similar to a jacuzzi but has incredible Dead Sea salts that have you leave both totally relaxed and invigorated at the same time.

I absolutely recommend this Spa to anyone living in or visiting the Beverly Hills area.


The Shop at Spa Montage

The Relaxation Room

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SO many celebs go back-and-forth between Hollywood and London that it is almost seen as "normal" these days. One of the new celebs to do this is Hot Gossip fav -- Liz Fuller...! She is currently in LA to do a Reality Show; I am so very excited for her! We have been trying (...countless times it seems) to 'do lunch' -- as Hollywood folk traditionally say! She is now busy filming so it will be another week or two before we finally get together; I will definitely report on it all next issue!

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One of the latest places that is representing my Spiritual Jewellery is the Quiet Mind Bookstore at Agape Spiritual Center, in Culver City, CA. While this may not seem as though it is very exciting -- it is.

I have been attending services there for eight plus years, and volunteer in a few different ways. I long ago let go of traditional religions; I have continued to go and volunteer there as the Rev Michael Beckwith (from the book/dvd The Secret) consistently has such amazing insights that I am drawn to returning to hear them week after week.

There are three services each Sunday plus one on Wednesday evening. The Center holds 1,500 people; it is full to overflowing at each service. Literally hundreds of people go through the bookstore before during and after each service: it is a very happening place. It is also extremely popular online. An amazing number of celebrities attend these services. In the last couple of weeks I have seen John Legend and Chaka Khan...

Rev Michael's brother Akili and mother Alice run the bookstore: in addition to every kind of spiritual book you can imagine the shop sells high end gift products -- including my bracelets. I'm very proud of having my jewellery there...Alice is quite choosey!

Chrissie, who is a godsend, assembles my designs. BTW each of the bags strewn across the workspace are filled with different semiprecious stones.

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Everyone loves receiving surprises. So I tend to offer something in the majority of my columns for my readers to receive (and am always interested in hearing what someone would enjoy to donate as a gift! If you have something you think my readers would like please send me an email [email protected] ...I don't expect or ask anything for this; I just enjoy people looking for something fun to receive from me when they read this column). In these somewhat financially challenging times, I also love promoting people and their products ...many have said to me over the years that I missed my calling by not doing PR! (I actually have thought that myself on more than one occasion...)

Autumn's giveaway is a pet portrait being donated by someone I have known for many years, a successful artist in the Washington DC area, Stephanie Gleichsner. This portrait will be a 16 x 20 inch oil on stretched canvas. Stephanie will also include two hand-painted greeting cards of the same image; she is very well known for bespoke greeting cards.

Stephanie has offered a few times to donate to my giveaways and this issue seemed to be a perfect time to offer it. This can be a pet you have currently, one that you lovingly remember -- or the pet of someone you would like to surprise during the holidays.

To receive this lovely commissioned piece, please email me [email protected] telling me whose pet this is, its name and a little information about it and why you would like to receive the pet portrait. Please include a picture of the pet. I will pass the information onto Stephanie: she will choose the winner.

e-mail: [email protected]

mob: 001 703 943 8263

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I have known Arielle since the early 1980s when she was making the rounds of bookstores with a then new author, Deepak Chopra ... I knew immediately that she was going to be big in her own right! She is not only responsible for making Deepak famous, but also the two authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield. As well as many more. Her book The Soulmate Secret is a best seller worldwide – because what she discusses in the book works! Arielle does seminars on creating one's perfect partner; she just did a big one in Ireland in June.

In the 1990's Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield convinced her to have her own series of books similar to the Chicken Soup books. There were six in the series, entitled Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul; I have stories in five of them. Arielle is an absolute master at helping people connect with their soulmates. Her husband Brian is a wonderful man and a true life partner. Arielle and Brian live and work in La Jolla, CA.

TIP #6

Many years ago, I came across an art magazine article with a photograph of a large vase with a crooked crack down the middle of it. Someone had placed this broken, cracked vase on a pedestal and it was highlighted by gallery lighting. The headline read “The Art of Wabi Sabi.”
The vase in the photograph was, in the world of Wabi Sabi, even more beautiful and valued because of the crack, because of its imperfection.

It would take me another few years to realize the true significance of what I read in that article two decades prior…that Wabi Sabi was the answer to the universal dilemma and struggle of living and ultimately loving another person! (A flawed person, I might add, but aren’t we all?). Wabi Sabi was the answer to finding beauty and grace in things modest, humble, and unconventional. It was the way to finding these things even in the ordinary. Simply put: Wabi Sabi held the key to everlasting love.

The truth of how this art form relates to soulmate love didn’t come right away. Still, the impact of seeing Wabi Sabi as it related to beauty and life was immediate for me. So many things began to make sense. I mean, I knew I wasn’t perfect and wasn’t capable of perfection, but I had never entertained the idea that not only should I NOT strive for perfection, but that my imperfection is and was in its own way more valuable than perfection itself. In terms of my own personal growth and wisdom-seeking, this was a huge emotional and spiritual payday! I decided then and there to become a Wabi Sabi artisan.

I found it relatively easy to practice Wabi Sabi. I could choose to enjoy and appreciate the little quirks and imperfections of my friends, clients, and employees. Or, I could choose to eliminate them from my daily life altogether. Once I manifested Brian—my soulmate—I wanted to see if two people could apply and integrate the deeper principles of Wabi Sabi into their relationship, while still preserving the juicy joy and magic that brought them together. This became my mission and also the topic of my next book WABI SABI LOVE: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relationships (HarperOne, January 2012)
I can’t wait to share more about Wabi Sabi Love in the coming month’s. I’ve just launched a new website and blog about Wabi Sabi Love. Please visit and you can download chapter one for free and see if you choose to become a Wabi Sabi Love artisan!

What Wabi Sabi parts of yourself can you find beauty and perfection in?

Arielle Ford
Gaiam, Director of Affiliate Marketing
[email protected]
WK: 001 858-454-3314
MOB: 001 858-775-3318


I am so happy to have Emma Fairclough's additions to the Words From The Wise! She is lovely, sweet, charming and witty. I have been receiving her daily emergizers for several months now, and they put a smile on my face each morning. Emma agreed to be a contributor to this section right at the deadline for the column, so I suggested that she send along for this edition a few examples of her work. Next edition will contain more info!

TIP #1

Ok so lets challenge a few opinions now shall we. Now is the time for you to stop being selfish and to start putting yourself first. Yes you read that correctly! I truly don't think we realise how we hurt our loved ones when we don't look after ourselves, and our exhaustion leaves us as mere shadows.

It's little things like taking the day off, treating ourselves to that extra special dessert, or getting that massage to relieve our daily stress. It's selfish to keep putting others before ourselves because eventually we're going to run out of gas, and what help are we then?!

Step away from the mayhem, invest in some quality 'me time' and come bouncing back with even more energy than before. That's the winning formula and that's what true selfless people will always do.

Look after them of course...but first, look after YOU.

And so the daily Emergiser™ was born. (

Every day you get a quirky little feel good message from me. Some of these messages will inspire you, some will be fun and make you smile and others will simply confuse the hell out of you! Life is hard enough as it is so the daily Emergiser™ is there to break it up a little for you, make it a tad easier and who knows, maybe even give you a giggle or two.


TIP #7


Are you finding enough time to write? Most people don't. Over many years of coaching aspiring authors, I have heard all kinds of excuses, but it all boils down to one idea: you need to make time for your writing. Notice that I said make time, not find time. You won't find any time anywhere. You need to consciously carve that time out of your busy schedule to ensure you deliver your book.

Successful authors treat their writing seriously, like the business project it is. They make sacrifices and make it a priority so that it actually happens. You may need to get up early or stay up later for the duration of your book project. You may do well setting aside 3-hour chunks of time before, during or after the business day and even at weekends. I don't recommend spending more than 3-4 hours at a time on the writing because you will become less effective and all the other things you have to do will be mounting up the whole time. But do put the exact times in your calendar. Don't leave it to chance and don't add "write book" to an already full "to do" list. That will just create pressure and stress which won't help your flow.

You may find you need to skip business or social gatherings that are not absolutely critical. You may need to explain to family and friends that your book is a top priority and other things have to go on the back-burner.

Books don't write themselves. In my experience, with the right level of planning and focus, you can write a full-length non-fiction book in about 100 hours. The problem is most people do not set aside the 100 hours to make it happen.
[email protected]
WK: +44 (0)845 003 8848
MOB: +44 (0)7764 163312


I am thrilled to have Beverly Hills Skin Care Expert Nerida Joy on board. Nerida Joy happens to be MY skin care expert, and she is amazing. She has spent countless years continually researching ingredients, products, techniques and all other aspects of 'skincare/ beauty' and she is an expert consultant TO Guthy Renker (the major producer of infomercials, many of which are on skincare lines). Her knowledge level in incredible.

She has a vast list of celeb clients, all of whom tout her abilities publicly: Jennifer Garner, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Isla Fisher, Catherine Deeley, Kate Beckinsale, Reese Witherspoon, Miranda Kerr and Tyra Banks.

Nerida Joy is a kind, lovely woman, sophisticated spiritually and I am very happy that she without hesitation agreed to provide a tip or two each month for my column.

Nerida Joy is now on the Editorial Advisory Board for NewBeauty magazine and blogs on the DailyBeauty Line-Up Topics under 'Expert Insight' for

TIP #5

Steam showers are great for increasing blood circulation, improving perspiration for easy elimination of toxins and for promoting the performance of cell metabolism. Lukewarm vapor mist (steam) is a benefit not only because it sloughs off dead surface cells but also because it helps open follicles for a deeper cleansing and elimination of dirt, debris and grease. But keep in mind that too much steam will make your skin dry. By stimulating the sweat glands to perspire, the steam pulls water from the skin, thus causing the unwanted dehydration.

e-mail: [email protected]
WK: 001 310 777 8897

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