June 2006
  Crime, Safety & Protection

It has been a very busy month! I had colleagues visit from the USA and they wanted to go off and see Paris, so I drove to the Euro tunnel, drove the car onboard and within 30 minutes was on the motorway in France.

We had pre-booked to stay at the Holiday Inn, which according to them, was 50 metres from the Champs Elysees; no problem as I know Paris quite well, having worked there many times on Close Protection and Surveillance jobs. We reached the Eiffel Tower at 22.00 and I drove along the Champs, which to my surprise was full of French riot Policemen, officially knows as the CRS. I drove around the Arc d' triomphe several times looking for the hotel, after the 27th time of saying, 'Ooh look it's the Arc d'triomphe again', I felt like I was in National Lampoons European vacation film. I gave up and stopped at a night club to ask the way to the hotel.

The doormen informed me it was five miles away. At one twenty in the early hours of the morning we eventually found it tucked away in a back street, in a not very nice part of town. My colleague jumped out of the car and hammered on the hotel front door, which was locked. A very sleepy night porter informed us parking was ten minutes away and we had to carry our own luggage. We had checked with the hotel before we left the UK on the parking situation and were informed we could park at the hotel.

I was not prepared to compromise our safety by parking ten minutes away and then walking around a dodgy part of Paris to the hotel at that time in the morning, so we jumped back into the car and sped off to find ourselves outside the Hilton Arc d'triomphe hotel which really is a short walk from the Champs Elysees.

I ran in begging the receptionist for help and told him of our plight and within minutes I had a hotel suite. The porters took our luggage and a concierge parked my car in the hotels underground car park. The suite was fabulous, as was the room service, we checked out next day leaving our car in the car park and wandered around the tourist spots. Colleagues loved it all and we then left to drive back towards the Euro tunnel for our return journey next day.

I then went to Washington DC for Police Week, met lots of colleagues and friends from around the world, and stayed in the capitol Hilton Hotel just down from the White House. Unhelpful staff and dirty rooms - but the front of house security staff were great, well turned out and very helpful and good at their job. Made me feel safe at least.

After a few days in Washington I went to North Caroline with the intention of sitting on the beach and relaxing.

Due to my new TV show for Channel 5 the relaxing did not go as planned as I was on the phone and email constantly receiving various jobs that had come in for the show. Thank you everyone who sent in the their conmen, stalker, Fraudsters stories.
We are investigating them now and will liaise with you shortly. Please keep them coming, between us we can obtain justice for the hundreds of innocent people out there who cannot get the Police to take on their complaint due to lack of resources.

Must go now as I am currently filming
Until next month stay safe
Jacquieline Davis

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