June 2006

OVER STORY: This month our cover features another super image taken by our star photographer JOE ALVEREZ. What a star he is! The image is of another star, HALLE BERRY appearing in the new film THE X-MEN.

I've christened this month, the month of June, as 'HAPPY MONTH', a time for smiling and being happy, sunshine or no sunshine. My philosophy has always been, 'A smile costs nothing but means a lot'. How true that saying is. So I have lots of ideas, dear readers, for making this a very special 'Happy' month for you too.


YANKEE CANDLE, a passion for fragrance. Cheer yourself immediately up by lighting precious smelling candles. You know how nice it is to soak in a hot tub with perfumed candles scattered around the bath (and this applies to our male readers too). Yankee Candles offer some of the very best candles in the UK, such fabulous fragrances to make your home a happier place. Try LOTUS BLOSSOM, COUNTRY LINEN or LILLY in their luxury 'Housewarmer' collection, just so many different fragrances, you'll be lost for choice. Large (and they really are) jars are £16.49, medium £13.49, and for smaller jars £7.15. Try CLEAN COTTON or go mad with LEMON ZEST – so tangy! Or try their samples and other amazing products. I love Yankee Candles and so will you! And you can now buy on-line and have them delivered to your door. So start getting into that happy mood by visiting their exciting website. www.yankeecandle.co.uk and placing your 'happy candle order'.

Yes dear readers, now is the time to be happy, and OPI have launched their very special' FEEL GOOD' range of nail product, and that makes me very happy. Their fabulous lacquers, which I won't be seen without these days, are from their DESIGNER RANGE. Gorgeous, glamorous dazzling diamond dust with pigments so saturated by colour that they actually glow. This is what I call WOW FACTOR! These lacquers will really turn heads, and they are simpler than ever to use because they have a new special flat brush for easier application. And the colours are divine. OPI are renowned for their state of the art hand and foot products - but these are the best yet! Don't take my word for it, pop over to the LENA WHITE website and have a look for yourself. Lena White is the UK distributor for these fabulous products. www.lenawhite.co.uk here you will be able to find a salon in your area that stock these products which will give you that special Hollywood look.

While on the subject of nails; if yours are not too good, why not try SALLY HANSEN NAIL REVITALIZER which keep your nails healthy and naturally beautiful in no time at all. The solution contains agents that brush away discolourants and work on unsightly ridges. And it's very easy to apply – and very reasonable at only £5.95. For stockists or more information visit www.sallyhansen.co.uk

I've promised myself that I will get lots and lots of fresh air in my lungs this month and to start with I intend to walk (fast) through Hyde Park at least once a week (well, it's a big park and this is quite a goal for me). Having decided that fresh air and some exercise is going to make me a healthier person – it makes me extremely happy! But I have some wonderful comfortable very special active temperature control leggings designed for athletes – well if one is going to exercise one must do it in style! These amazing clothes called ARMOURFIT by Canterbury of New Zealand, regulate your temperature however demanding your sport. And guess what - you don't sweat! Well the sweat actually goes away from your body into the air! And they are so chic! And you won't believe how comfortable they are. Once tried, I'm almost sure you will never wear anything else for your exercise or sport. Visit www.armourfit.com to enquire about stockists in your area.



TULIPS by Peter Arnold with Foreword by Sir Elton John: What a fabulous book this is! Don't you just love tulips! This hardcover colourful coffee table gloss features a divine collection of this amazing flower in all its glory. Images from seventeenth century Holland to present day contemporary, it's all here. And no better person to present the foreword than flower lover SIR ELTON JOHN, who also happens to be a friend of Peter Arnold.

Arnold is a talented photographer who is well known for his fine art and pictorial images, it is understandable therefore, that we should expect nothing less than perfect - and we are not disappointed. Arnold has captured the very essence of this rich and colourful flower, and this beautiful publication will no doubt join his other books by becoming another best seller. TULIPS is dedicated to Her Majesty, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, who likes Peter Arnold's work considerably. The book is a perfect gift for that special friend.

TULIPS by Peter Arnold is published by teNeues, hardcover with 129pages and 111 colour images. www.teNeues.com

PARTY by Kim Einhorn: You may not be able to throw such an expensive and large party as the Beckham's 'Fabulous and Full Length' do, which took place at Beckingham Palace last month, but if you are intending to stage an event – or two – or more – and want to learn how to do it yourself, then look no further! PARTY is a fabulous book by Kim Einhorn and is the party knowledge- and you should have it. This is a real party bible for anyone with an interest in staging events. Kim Einhorm, co-founder of Theme Traders, an events planning business, is a star! This large glossy book has 240 pages of fabulous images and masses of information. As a party girl myself I appreciate this kind of book and really do find it very valuable. Kim teaches readers everything they need to know, from writing invitations to making guest lists to event venues and so many other things that go into planning that special party or event. And if you really can't be bothered to throw your own then why not checkout THEME TRADERS and let them take the strain! You can also buy the book at their website. www.themetraders.com

PARTY by Kim Einhorn is published by Theme Traders. www.themetraders.com A percentage of the profits go to POD, a charity for sick children www.podcharity.org.uk

TOTALLY TAKE THAT, The Unofficial Guide by Emily Penn: Before their split in 1996, boy band TAKE THAT were the tops as far as British boy bands went! And for sure they left an impact on many a young life, and so with this thought in mind I was interested to review a book entitled TOTALLY TAKE THAT, The Unofficial Guide, published this month. It's a fun interesting book ideally suited to fans old and new, with an abundance of facts and images about the band. If you want to get backstage and learn about their humble beginnings and how these five handsome young guys made it to mega stardom, then you should invest in the £9.99 for this somewhat glossy stylish and quite large paperback.

I once spoke to Jason Orange on the phone when I invited him to one of our charity events. But the most famous of these lads is of course Robbie Williams, who has done very well for himself since the tantrums and final departure from the band in 1995. And the others? What became of them? Well, you can read all about how grown up they have become and all about their totally private lives – all in TOTALLY TAKE THAT The Unofficial Guide published by Penguin Group available in all good book shops from June 1st and at www.amazon.co.uk But who is Emily Penn?

Until next month...
Georgina Bruni
Editor in Chief

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