June 2006

Hi everyone!

Well the Eurovision is over for another year Lol! Who would have thought Finland would have won it, never mind, Lordi a heavy metal band. Well my predictions for DAZ were correct, I think it will be many years after the war has finished in Iraq, that we will be able to get a reasonable result. One thing I must say, we won in a perverse way, in that all the songs had some 'modern' feel to them, which of course came from the modern European states' developed music: which meant for once that the entries were all of a reasonable standard, which I must admit surprised me. Well let's look forward to 2030!

The budding musicians and arties that read my column might find this next two items interesting.

Kavit Haria, a specialist life coach for the personal and professional development of musicians and founder of InnerRhythm http://www.innerrhythm.org announces the Music Success 101 seminar. The event will take place at the Oasis North London on 24 June, 2006. Aimed at serious amateur and semi-professional musicians, the event will focus on Kavit's five principles for music success: proffering the truth on music success, strategizing for success, dealing with fear and self doubt that can limit creativity, as well as tips on how to build confidence and, most importantly, how to get more gigs! The course is suitable for musicians whose success has been hindered by performance anxiety or concentration problems. It will also reveal how to create emotive performances, improve audience rapport and how to be effective at communication in order to secure regular performances. It will benefit any individuals who are unsure of how promote their music.

Kavit Haria, founder of InnerRhythm, comment, "We have imparted our life changing knowledge to musicians all over the world. The seminar shows that musical success relies on a healthy mental foundation and how to create consistent results time and time again through practical strategies." Evelyne Brink, singer-songwriter, London, comments, "The event I attended was a great workshop for goal setting and fear busting. If you feel you get held up by fears and or something similar, you'll definitely be interested in Kavit's coaching techniques." InnerRhythm pledges its commitment to participants of the Music Success 101 seminar by offering a full refund to any unsatisfied clients.

Music Success 101 takes place at the Oasis North London, Unit 2000, Regis Road, Kentish Town, London NW5 3EW from 1.00pm to 5.00pm on Saturday 24 June, 2006. Tickets cost £35. For information on how to attend, phone 020 8816 8773 or email [email protected].


Landor Records, the independent classical label, launches its second competition in partnership with Abstract Securities, a major UK-based property development company.

Unique among classical music competitions, The Abstract Securities Landor Competition follows the example of pop competitions like 'Pop Idol' in offering a prestigious recording contract to the winner. This year's panel of judges will include such classical music luminaries as soprano Dame Anne Evans, violinist Peter Cropper and flautist Philippa Davies. Major UK festivals have come on board with performing opportunities for the 4 finalists and a new 'Abstract Securities Prize' will add to the glittering array of awards on offer.

'I think what makes this competition so special', says Guy Harvey, Chief Executive of Landor Records, 'is the fact that we don't impose any limits, whether on age or genre. The aim is purely to find a perfect marriage of talent and repertoire that can enrich the world of classical recording. With the help of our sponsor we are also able to hold this year's final at Cadogan Hall on 21st November, which obviously adds considerably to the competition's prestige.'

Last year's winner, pianist and YCAT artist Libor Novacek releases his first CD for Landor Records this month. His programme of Janacek, Debussy, Ravel and Martinu has been described in BBC Music Magazine as 'a performance of real power...a cd to savour'. His follow-up disc, of Liszt, is already in production.

'Winning The Landor Competition and joining the Landor roster has been a huge milestone in my career.' said Libor. 'Landor Records are different in that they work closely with me to help me find my own voice and to perform the music that I have a real affinity with. '

2005 finalists, The Arada Guitar Duo, also release their debut this month, of original 19th century music for two guitars. 'The Arada took us by surprise' says Guy. 'They had such instinct for this rare music and so impressed the panel with the exhilaration of their performances that we felt we just had to release this material. We hope to be similarly surprised by some of this year's entries!'

The deadline for applications is Friday, 7th July 2006. Application forms can be downloaded from the Landor website (http://www.landorrecords.co.uk).


THE HAZE, www.thehaze.com hotly tipped new rock band hailing from Glasgow, took to the road again in May on a series of live dates. The tour followed the hugely successful outing the band undertook last March.

The five-strong band have been together for almost two years now and have already played all the essential venues in their home city having previously stormed the Coca Cola Centre stage West-coast "unsigned" category.

Led by the distinctive lead vocals of James Cairns, The Haze combine the contemporary feel of artists such as Kings of Leon with an earthy nod towards Led Zeppelin and The Doors.

Their live shows combine the brooding menace of the latter with soaring guitars that lift the music into a different arena. Add their unique backline-heavy rhythms and you have a truly powerful sound that combines strong melody with heart-driven riffs. Tracks such as Ghostdancer (as featured on this month's Zero magazine CD), Lord, Preacher and Just To Hear Them Say are solid proof of that.

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