February - March 2014
  Royals, Spas, Fashion and Inspiration
by Victoria Bullis

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There have been so many changes in the royal family in the last few years. With the probable changing of guard in the monarchy and the birth of Prince George, I thought it would be interesting to review some old photographs of important members of the royal family.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles gives chase to an Ayrshire calf that broke away from him while he was holding it during his visit to the dairy farm at Balmoral Castle in 1957. The Queen has taken her family to Balmoral almost every year since becoming monarch. She founded the Balmoral fold of Highland Cattle in 1953 and it now has 29 cows.

Picture: THE TIMES

A 14-year-old Prince Charles is given a skiing lesson while on holiday at the Swiss resort of Tarasp in January 1963. This was the first year he took to the slopes, and has since taken regular skiing holidays. On this occasion he was staying with Prince Ludwig of Hesse.
Picture: Associated Newspapers /REX

The Prince is pictured with the Queen, Princess Margaret and Prince Andrew in the royal train en route to Sandringham in Norfolk for Christmas in 1962. Earlier that year, at the age of 13, Prince Charles had started at Gordonstoun, a public school on the shores of the Moray Firth in Scotland that his father had also attended.
Picture: Reginald Davis/REX

Prince Charles goes on safari in Kenya in 1971. He is joined on the trip by Princess Anne.
Picture: Reginald Davis/REX

Lord Mountbatten, cousin of the Queen

He was the last viceroy of India.

Lord Louis Mountbatten and Lady Edwina Mountbatten.

Lord and Lady Mountbatten with Gandhi in 1947.

Princess Margaret

On her wedding day to Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960.

Serving her royal duties in World War 2 with Princess Elizabeth and pigeon!

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Look for my next spa review in the upcoming issue.

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During these winter months the lack of sunshine means a lack of vitamin D, which can cause depression. The most topical stories in the UK and US for the last couple of months have been water related. Whether it is rain, snow, storms or flooding, it has comprised the continuing major stories. When people are faced with enormously difficult conditions such as these it affects and permeates every aspect of their entire life; people are unable to travel due to train tracks being flooded or worse and the danger of increase road accidents etc; power outages; more flus or viruses; lack of mobility related to entertainment, shopping, meeting with friends, events etc.

Front page of London's METRO 13/2/14

In addition to the personal traumas such as these affecting virtually everyone, there are enormous economic consequences. Sales of everything from food to clothing to business events to other everyday purchases such as DIY products, petrol and every facet of entertainment create such havoc that every strata of life and culture is permeated.

Individually and collectively all of this--greatly enhanced by all the media's non-stop stories about tragedies affects each of us to our core. Misery-upon-misery-upon-misery constantly being bombarded upon us, are actually re-circuting our nervous systems to expect misery for ourselves.

Even more importantly is an underlying aspect of everyone's depression and apathy which has to do with the very quality of water itself. Water innately has to do with emotion. The more that we are reminded constantly about negative aspects of water i.e FLOOD, STORM, SNOW, the more our emotions are adversely affected.

A few ways to keep your emotions up are;

1.) Stop watching the news about tragedy related to what is going on with the weather. Of course if you need to know if a train is running at a different time etc--that is different.

2.) Watch comedy: sitcoms, movies, chat shows etc.

3.) Wear bright colours even if at home. Clothes have an enormous effect on us; also even if you can't go out don't stay in pj's all day. That unconsciously makes us think that we are ill--especially as many people around us are ill.

4.) Be conscious of what you eat. Some foods will elevate your spirits whilst others will make you feel worse. Try to stay away from carbs, greasy foods, processed foods and even salads. (which are entirely too light for cold water.) Eat hearty foods such as stews which in cold weather are actually life-affirming.

5.) Even though many people realise we tend to sleep more when we are depressed, during this time sleep is actually advantageous--I don't know why but it is! We heal ourselves physically and emotionally during the hours we are asleep so if you are stuck at home, extra sleep at this point can be an extra tool.

6.) Spend more time with your pets. Pets of most types yearn for more attention from their owners anyway. This is a known fact that we even live longer and stay healthier when we have pets.

And, keep remembering that good weather is coming!

Here are some websites I have researched that may help you elevate those winter blues-



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New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week celebrated the best of their designers for this years autumn/winter shows. Taking place between 6-13 February, Bryant Park was flooded with the top industry people of today, from designers to models to bloggers.

Donna Karen celebrated 30 years in fashion, exhibiting an array of her classic separate pieces to more glamorous dresses modelled by Karlie Kloss.

Marc Jacobs created a futuristic and dream like performance. The set consisted of white clouds hovering above the audience's head with a serene and calming soundtrack playing throughout. The collection started with a colour palate of nudes and ivories and uncomplicated dress silhouettes. As the show progressed, amongst this pastel palate, leather and more solid pieces; such as the bomber jacket were introduced. Jacobs' show offered an opposite opinion to the other designers this season, even incorporating trainers, which may have been a nod to the recent Chanel couture show in Paris. Here is a link to watch the Marc Jacobs show live.marcjacobs.com

The most common trends from this season's New York shows include prints including plaids and aztec, leather and feathers and tones of the calming and neutral sort; i.e. beige and lilacs.


London Fashion Week

'Behind the Scenes' of a model's life--from our very own fashion foodie columnist and runway model Jade Farmiloe:

The castings that lead up to the fashion shows are incredibly exhausting and are as hectic as the actual shows. A model has to run around the city to meet different designers, but only has limited times to do so. So if you are held up at a previous casting and miss the next one there is nothing you can do! Frustratingly there is a chance that the casting you were held up at may not cast you, so it really is a gamble! The assumption that modelling is a terribly glamorous job is not entirely true. A model spends most of her time queuing than anything else!

Here is an example of a queue at LFW castings!

Proving that we really are in a world of technology and social media, Giles Deacon had his models walking down the runway filming the front row on an iPhone, which would later be uploaded onto Instagram!


Whilst Topshop arranged for five lucky winners to watch the live show using virtual reality 3D glasses whilst sitting in the Topshop window of Oxford Street!

At time of print, as London Fashion Week comes to a close and we prepare for Milan Fashion Week we reflect on how talented these well known, as well as up-coming, designers really are and look forward to seeing what comes next!

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