August 2004
  Crime, Safety & Protection

James Hewitt, the so called Guards Officer who used to date princess Diana is caught with cocaine sitting outside a London bar. He and his girlfriend were grabbed red-handed at a pavement table with the A Class substance, how lucky a photographer who happened to be passing saw it all and phoned the Police. Hewitt and female were arrested and spent the night in the Police station, bailed to return in a few weeks.

How arrogant is this twit to sit in central London at a pavement table and take cocaine! He deserves all he gets and hopefully a few of his cronies who I know snort white powder may get caught too. Talking of drugs, I hear the model Sophie oh woe is me Anderton has been asked to do the reality TV show I'm a celebrity get me out of here, please, I will pay to keep her in there. Here is another girl who is delusional about her constant, I've given up drink and drugs.

Cocaine is not for the elite and rich and famous - it destroys lives and we need to be aware it permeates all classes of society. Just say no is a great idea, but teenagers come under peer pressure, maybe we should teach our children about individuality and standing up for what they believe in and not letting them join the masses of sheep that are in our schools. By sheep I mean how many times has your child come home asking for a pair of trainers that cost a hundred pounds because all the kids at school have them. Instead of saying oh yes dear I do not want you to feel left out we should be saying, No sorry I want you to be an individual and would have to work a lot of hours to pay for those trainers that you would wear for two months before they go out of fashion. Teach kids what is right and what is wrong at home before they even get to school and then tell the teachers how you want your child to be taught the same at school.

Binge drinking has got way out of order in England because again we are not keeping tabs on teenagers and believe it or not they are the biggest binge drinkers in the country. Every Friday and Saturday night thousands of fourteen to twenty year olds go out and buy alcohol from off licences and then roam the streets in packs being noisy loud drunk and disruptive. They cause criminal damage to shops and passing cars and houses. I promise the next bunch of them that stand outside my house on a Saturday night I will go and stand outside theirs on Sunday morning at 6am and play heavy rock music until their parents complain.

As August is holiday month do not forget to cancel your milk and newspapers, a telling sign to burglars that no one is home when there are four pints of gold top and several days newspapers sitting on the front door step, fit window locks and use them. Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your house and inform the local police station you are going away and who will have a key to your house in case of emergencies.

I'm off to Iraq to make a documentary about bodyguards being sent there from the UK and USA, so providing I do not get sanded in or shot down I shall write again next month.

Stay safe

Jacquieline Davis

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