August 2004

Hi everyone, some of you will be going on holiday or have been, either way I hope you have had or will have had a great time. This is the time of year that very little happens in the Music Business, as most people tend to be away from their desks.


8th August
The Fantastic Vanessa Amorosi (23)
Dave " the Edge " Evans (43)

9th August
Whitney Houston (41)

16th August
Madonna (46)

22nd August
Tori Amos (41)
John Le Hooker (87)

25th August
Billy Ray Cyrus (43)
Elvis Costello (50)

28th August
Lee Ann Rimes 22)
David Soul (61)

29th August
Michael Jackson (46)

Kylie Minogue

The Sun reports that 25-year-old DJ Sassy, whose butt is plastered on giant billboards across the UK, is hoping that it will encourage a trend towards a curvier look, arguing that Kylie Minogue's "tiny hips" make her a bad role model for teenagers. "I don't rate Kylie's bum - she hasn't got one," said Sassy. "In the US, people like to see a proper behind but in this country it's been different - no hips and big breasts. But the role model seems to be changing back again to the more womanly Marilyn Monroe style."

Which I must admit I totally concur with Sassy J


I hear that Madonna is on holiday in Florida with her children, as she was seen paddling in the water on Miami beach! I wonder is she is writing the musical score for he open secret film, which she is producing and will no doubt appear in, as a follow up to "Desperately Seeking Susan". Who knows ? Well at least she should get a good tan in Florida at this time of year !


It's interesting that movie bosses have axed the duet that JLO did with husband Marc Anthony, as they don't want her marriage to overshadow the movie. I suppose it goes to prove the point, that is the actor with the biggest name sells the movie and not how good the script/story is !


It appears that SUPERGRASS are going to play in OXFORD, their home town, in aid of charity. At the tiny Oxford Zodiac on August 22. Proceeds from the show will be split between two charities, Christian Outreach - Relief and Development, and The Fortune Centre Of Riding Therapy. Both are charities close to the hearts of the band.


Well it would appear that Charlotte Church has finally grown up! She has been on holiday in Ibiza with her girlfriends. She has made certain that people know she's there! Fair play to her! God ! The way the media goes on about her, you would think she is a saint! She is an 18 year old girl and she certainly isn't as bad as some girls when they go abroad!


PEACHES has joined headliners THE WHITE STRIPES for the TENNENT'S VITAL
festival in BELFAST on 25th August..

She follows the New York Dolls and Blanche at the Botanic Gardens

Jurassic 5 have also been revealed as support for The Darkness on the second day of Tennents Vital, set for the same venue on August 30.

You can get your tickets from ticketmaster.


14th August - An Evening with Van Morrison - Princess Theatre Torquay

Tel +44 (0)870 241 4120 or +44 (0)870 444 5556

A few dates are left that aren't sold out on Dido's tour they are :

17th August - London Brixton Carling Academy

18th August - London Brixton Carling Academy

27th August - Cardiff International Arena

28th August - Glasgow Secc

ANGEL CITY Featuring Lara McAllen

The new single featuring the fantastic vocals of Lara McAllen is due outon the 27th September. The tile is " Do You Know " which is the marryingup of two tracks, with the music being inspired by Robert Miles' "Children " !

This should be the third Top 20 for this young starlet, who's Albumshould be out in October, and of course will feature the first threehits and no doubt the ones to come!


It just goes to show how precarious and fragile the music business iswhen record company Telstar has go bust - after spending over £1milliontrying to revive Posh Spice's singing career. Once Britain's largestindependent record label, they collapsed with debts of £7.5millionpounds.

Hit records by R&B Mis-teeq and the Cheeky encouraged Telstar to launcha massive campaign to give Victoria Beckham chart success.

The company invested £1.2million promoting Posh's singing efforts. Buther first single flopped and her album recorded by US hip-hop star DamonDash never saw the light of day - costing Telstar a small fortune. Telstar, formedin 1982, was famous for its compilation albums and "cheap and cheerfulcheese" records, like Jive Bunny which sold over three million copies.

Although, their other company, Wildstar, which is 50% owned by CapitalRadio, and lists Craig David along with it's roster, is doing fine JMakes you wonder what has been going on, doesn't it? Well that's lotthis month, sorry it's so short, keep the e-mails coming in [email protected]

And don't for get to check out the following sites :

For the budding artiste and songwriter

Also don't forget the song for little Sarah, who was so brutally murdered

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