Winter 2013
  Modern Nutrition & Healthy Living
by Valerie Austin

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1. Valerie Austin and Carol Connors co-writer of the theme to 'Rockie' pictured after interviewing her for our documentary on cancer.
2. Kirk one of our key cameramen on set filming both our Cancer documentary and our Condo documentary back-to-back a busy day indeed
3. On board a luxury fishing boat, seeing the sites and passing the super yachts moored at the port
4. Sally Farmiloe signing her new book "My Left Boob' at Stringfellows nightclub. It was crammed with drinks galore and a splendid evening.
5. A private charity event at the Duke of Westminster offices in Mayfair, Jane Asher was one of the celebrity speakers looking trim and lovely. The Duke is a Patron of Arthritis Care.
6. Sally and Valerie Austin at the Conservative lunch with David Cameron as the guest speaker. Sally organized a super VIP table next to David Cameron.

Since I have been so involved with working with my friends who have cancer there is more than usual in my column on the disease but I feel it will be helpful for many of you who have had to go through the traumas as I have.

It has been a busy time with putting on my third 'Austin Hypnotherapy Conference' at the Imperial College which I am delighted to say was a success and at the same time getting deeply involved in helping cancer sufferers via a documentary film. We are filming in readiness to submit to the Cannes Film Festival in June and it was also inspiration for my latest 'Cancer and Hypnosis'. Since my co-producer and partner Inger Garcia had our first documentary 'Condo Commandos –One vote away from Hell' accepted for the short film corner in 2011 we believe we stand with a fair chance of being accepted. We were in a line of 20 chosen out of over 18,000 short films submitted. We also was the winner at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival last year. Here is the trailer:

It is great weather here in (consistently) sunny warm Florida while most places are still in the thick of winter. We are nicknamed 'snow birds' which is for those of use who chose to live in Florida for the winter months to get away from the UK's cold, cold winters. This makes it a pleasure to go round interviewing for our cancer documentary. At one interview there was a demonstration to stop animal cruelty and encourage people to be vegans and not wear clothes from animals. It can be a very healthy diet for pets as well as people. Yes, pets too need help with their diet if you don't want them dying prematurely, so don't forget to feed your pets healthy food and not give them unhealthy tit-bits at the table or you may be giving them a death sentence.

The party scene here is always great in the wintertime with dancing under the stars and fabulous boat parties. Carol Connors kindly popped in for a quick interview at our film studios talking about when she was diagnosed with serious skin cancer and gave some fascinating tips on how to get through the trauma. She brought in the example of 'Rocky' and his determination to win under any circumstances. Since she co-wrote the theme song to the film 'Rocky' it seemed just right. She said there is no excuse for abusing your body and it is your responsibility to be healthy. I have known Carol for some years now and I cannot think of anyone who has more energy.

Research says that Google is rotting our memories:

Psychologists Daniel Wegner and Adrian Ward, wrote in the journal Scientific American: 'Our work suggests that we treat the internet much like a human transactive memory partner.

They believe that young people today have 'worse memories than their parents. The reasons given are people's reliance on the Internet resulting in forgetfulness. In a new research found that we are now much worse at remembering facts because we have become lazy. We know we can find the information we need on the internet which can give us instant answers, but the downside is that this reliance on the internet and search engines has made us forgetful.

Another worrying side effect, according to the Harvard University team, is that people are tending to view the Internet search engines as an extension of their own intelligence, rather than a separate tool and they believed their own brain power is more significant than others who used their own knowledge to come up with the answers.

Staying healthy and for Cancer sufferers:

Apart from the obvious good diet and healthy exercise (that you are able to do to help rather than hinder), Professor Kefah Mokbel, a surgeon at the private London Breast Clinic, said he is writing to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt as he believes that lives can be saved if the NHS gives out free vitamin D to ladies. It is known as the sunshine vitamin and would only cost 12p per person per day. He claims this would reduce their chances of developing breast cancer. He said: "It is established science that women who have higher Vitamin D levels have a better chance of beating the disease. Studies also show that women with higher Vitamin D levels are significantly less likely to develop breast cancer in the first place."

Every year 50,000 women in Britain are diagnosed with breast cancer, and the disease claims almost 12,000 lives annually.

Healthy Bones we all need:

Vitamin D is best known for its role in helping build and maintain healthy bones. But scientists have discovered it is also essential for the immune system and regulating how cells divide. Both are key to fighting cancer.

Research at the Harvard School of Public Health in the United States says that 'being "D-ficient"' may increase the risk of a host of chronic diseases – including osteoporosis, heart disease, some cancers and multiple sclerosis – and infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and even seasonal flu'.
Prof Mokbel said his tests showed that half his private patients were Vitamin D deficient and a third were severely deficient.

Macrobiotic diet

At the beginning of the 80's John Denver became a follower of the Macrobiotic diet. When on the road he hired Ron Lemire to cook healthy food for him and his band. They quickly found that they had more energy and stamina. When they returned home this new found energy and stamina started to dissipate so he adopted the Macrobiotic diet both at home and on the road.
A member of Michael Jackson's band told me when he was being interviewed that Michael and his entire band ate organic and healthy food so they could perform at their best. Michael needed to be on top form for his energetic performances.

So if you are juicing think about the very important bulk that you are throwing away which is needed for the system and if you remember, it was "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" not half a dozen.

And the best thing about this diet it is easy, fights cancer and is very inexpensive.

30ft Away is not safe enough from a Smoker:

Even being 30ft away from a lit cigarette puts you at risk of dangerous passive smoking as a cigarette can pollute the air for such a distance.
Researchers measured the amount of the polluted fine particles per cubic metre of air and found that prior to the cigarette being lit the background level was around 35, the threshold set by the US National Ambient Air Quality Standard. 
The study by Seoul National University, South Korea, published in the journal Nicotine And Tobacco Research, measured air quality at various distances from a lit cigarette on a rooftop. Smoking was simulated by a machine which mimics the inhaling and exhaling of fumes.
At 3ft from the lit cigarette the levels averaged 107.3 and were highest at 3,254.6 when the monitor was downwind. At 29ft 6in away (nine metres), the level was still as high as 99.1 - a very sobering thought.
The researchers said 'No safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke exists and and breathing even small amounts can be harmful to human health.'

Sally Farmiloe's Cancer Help with Hypnosis
I am especially proud of my work with our editor Sally Farmiloe whilst I was in the UK. She has been exceptionally brave with the return of her cancer. However, the good news is that she has been able to pull through some very aggressive medical procedures, proving that sheer determination and a will to live is paramount for cancer survival. We (Sally and I) worked on helping her to sleep as this was very important for her and of course the healing and she was able to fall asleep with the hypnosis either via phone or one-to-one at the hospital. That is the beauty of hypnosis - you can create a trigger so you can work a client via phone or Skype. I have just spoken to Sally and she sounds so much better and she is now up and editing and putting the finishing touches to this edition of Hot Gossip proving how much better she feels.
With so many of my friends diagnosed with cancer in both the US and the UK I have been kept busy. Visiting hospitals has since become part of my practice. However, this extraordinary experience, combined with numerous interviews with researchers and medical experts in the field, has allowed me to put together a new technique to help cancer sufferers that is workable and trainable so hypnotherapists can help friends and relatives as well as clients. I have already trained a team of ten therapists who are able to now offer their help to charities. Already personally knowing so many experts in the field has been a tremendous help, especially when shooting my documentary with my partner and cancer survivor Inger Garcia and also for my book on cancer, 'Cancer and Hypnotherapy'. They give me the real story without the 'official line' regarding traditional treatment. I am not just looking at the alternative in the film but also the medical treatments.
The whole experience has given me a much greater understanding of this disease and I found that the more seriously ill someone becomes the more the simple things in life become vastly important, such as being able to sleep and even eat healthily. It really is these little things that healthy people take for granted. Sleeping and healthy nourishment is an essential part of the healing process and that is where hypnosis becomes the 'star' therapy; nothing can beat it – it is streets ahead and safe, a marvelous complimentary treatment.

It was actually my friends having cancer that was the reason for me focusing on how hypnosis can help and with my hands-on experience and twenty-five years as a hypnotherapist trainer I was able to create a remarkably simple strategy to aid their recovery. The secret was basic hypnosis - nothing fancy and the same with the diet. With this formula you can do so much with little effort for both the cancer sufferer and the therapist. Saving time is extremely important for very ill people as they have so little energy to spare or even to put into the therapy. This is why using hypnosis 'remotely' via telephone or skype is a vital ingredient as the person concerned can stay at home (and in bed if necessary) and still receive quality treatment. I am now teaching Skype courses on how to use Skpye using hypnosis and if you would like to learn hypnosis to help people or as a profession I have 7-day courses each May. Just email me for information of go to my website.

You can check about my training on a new career in hypnosis on
Or email me at [email protected]

Editors Note: VALERIE AUSTIN is an author of six successful self-help books including SELF HYPNOSIS (Thorsons), journalist and trainer with an international reputation in the field of hypnosis. Her best-selling books and training help people achieve their full potential. She founded the Austin Corporate Stress Management Company focusing on reducing stress and anxiety amongst executives and CEO's. She is also founder of UKRAH (1992) The UK Register of Advanced Hypnotherapy. Valerie has also worked as a consultant in hypnosis at the Priory Hospital, the UK's equivalent to The Betty Ford Clinic, which specialises in food addiction and alcohol abuse. Her work in the film industry (Hollywood) interviewing movers and shakers, producing TV news segments and publishing celebrity magazines in London gave her invaluable experience for her current Harley Street practice.

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