Winter 2013
  Royals, Spas, Fashion and Inspiration
by Victoria Bullis

I have been doing readings for about 25 years. To find out more about me please visit my website (You may also want to Google me - I've been involved in media for 22 years, and there is a lot of information available...)

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As rumours are circulating about prince Harry's potential engagement to Cressida, I've decided to dig up some fun facts on Harry;


1. He goes by the nickname Spike.

2. He is an Arsenal fan.
3. His favourite film is Full Metal Jacket.
4. He has a keen interest in botany and loves studying flowers.
5. During his gap year in Queensland, he worked as a jackaroo on a ranching station.
6. He was captain of Britain's National School polo team.
7. Cousin Princess Eugenie introduced the Prince to Cressida and takes great pleasure in reminding him.

8. He is a great fan of Britain's Got Talent.
9. Harry played the tambourine for the video for the number one single 'Sing.'
10. In 2011, he trekked to the North Pole to raise awareness for wounded servicemen and women; this month he is making a trip to the South Pole for the same cause.
11. In 2010, he was in GQ's Cool List, beating Robert Pattinson and Barack Obama.
12. Harry only managed 2 A Levels; Art and Geography. He got a D in Geography.
13. His heritage includes German, English, Scottish, Irish and British-American.
14. When he was young he was a fan of the Spice Girls; his father took him to one of their concerts in Africa in 1997.
15. In 2012 he ran a race against Usain Bolt in Jamica.

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The Daniel Hersheson Spa & Salon is on the newly re-designed 4th floor of Harvey Nichols.

I have had treatments at Daniel Hersheson off and on for about 4 years. On a recent trip I went for a quick anti-jet lag appointment with my all-time favourite there, Anjou. She mentioned that she has been reading my column, and suggested I contact Debbie Thomas about her revolutionary skin treatments to see if I wanted to
mention her in my spa section. She was raving about Debbie so much, that I did.

Debbie Thomas has developed an incredibly advanced skin-care system. She has spent over 10 years developing her technique. While working for a well-known aesthetic doctor, who only did medical treatments, she realized that there was a place for sophisticated medical treatments (including machines), as well as holistic (much gentler) treatments.

What she has come up with is sensational. I can absolutely state that in all my years of getting facials she is the best I have ever encountered. I am not exaggerating one bit. Her bespoke treatments include red light therapy, hydro-dermabrasion (much easier on the skin than regular dermabrasion), micro-needling, radio frequencies and numerous more. She has peels galore; I had the salicylic acid peel. It does sting for a moment, but removes surface layers of skin, and leaves you with a smooth, healthy glow.

One thing I like about Debbie, she does not push any products on you (rare). And, she is not wedded to any one brand: she works with products from many different companies.

Debbie Thomas
Skincare Specialist Extraordinaire (I added the 'Extraordinaire' part!)
"These days people live much longer. 'Middle aged' is now considered to be over 50 ... no longer 40. People are taking better care of themselves, are generally healthier and more fit; they want a youthful and healthy look to reflect that."
Bookings 020 7201 8797
Mobile 07850 864111
Email: [email protected]
Debbie's fan page on Facebook

Debbie has kindly offered a Bespoke Facial of at least one-and-a-half hours to one of my readers. Here is what you need to do to this receive this amazing facial: the tenth person to email a copy of a valid receipt for any donation to a relief cause for Haiti receives the fabulous facial (£265 value). I will notify Debbie and have her contact the recipient directly, to book it.

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With the winter months, depression looms.

As I have mentioned before the concept of Happiness has now become something of a science. i.e; This is something that one can study, learn about, apply to one's life--and begin to therefore transform into one who has much more of this quality.

Why not begin now, during winter? After all this is the time of year where an enormous percentage of the population experiences some form of depression--from on going low level (much like a low grade fever…) to such despair that one needs to resort to medication. I have known for over 20 years that happiness is absolute within your grasp. For most of that time I have called it "your happiness quotient." Airy-fairy as it may seem, it is absolutely true.

Something I have known for saying a great deal (even numerous times in this column!) that "what you think you create" i.e.; as you change your thinking patterns you will change your outlook.

Here are some tips that will definitely have you beginning to feel perkier shortly;

1. Do wear bright colours, even if only a scarf: the most common colours worn during the winter are variations of greys and blacks…not known at all to inspire someone to be humorous! Even if yellow is not the colour of the season, wearing yellow actually does make you feel sunnier.

2. Purchase full-spectrum lightbulbs; they are not that expensive, last longer than regular bulbs and give the sensation of having sunlight in your home. Train yourself not to watch or read any news. News is never new: it is always about tragedy. Stay away from horror stories; read inspirational or uplifting books instead. This may take some re-training as virtually everyone focuses on what is going on currently.

3. If you can donate clothes you wore last year or previous years if you were depressed, had a tragedy occur, or wore them whilst battling some winter type illness. At the very least, have them dry cleaned: fabric of all sorts retains energy. So any sadness you experienced, especially consistently whilst wearing certain clothes will still be carrying that reminder and will start affecting you in the same way again. Better to buy very few pieces reminding yourself that this is the beginning of turning your life around as far as happiness is concerned, than pull out lovely things from your closet that will be counter productive to wear. Re-train how your brain and neurological systems "support your previous thinking." Do daily affirmations such as: each and every day I find myself waking up in the morning happier than I was the day before. I find myself drawn more and more only to good people, interesting information and positive vibes of all sorts.

4. Watch your diet. We are meant to have certain foods during each season. In winter we are meant to have hearty foods such as soups, stews, roasts and root vegetables. Stay away from salads and light foods that are meant for summer months. By eating these heartier foods you will feel more satiated which will help promote a feeling of well being.

As a book recommendation, I suggest a book entitled Happy For No Reason by Marci Shimoff. Available through

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If it's good enough for Cameron Diaz, it's good enough for you!

In light of what I wrote in 'Inspiration' here are some hot things you can do to your wardrobe to remain trendy and also enhance happiness.

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Here is Jade and I feverishly putting this column together at her mum's home in sunny West London!

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