Summer 2012
  Royals, Spas, Fashion and Inspiration
by Victoria Bullis

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My Hotgossip column is revamped!

I am now featuring four sections: Fashion includes fashion events, new trends, bargains and giveaways. Spas features unique treatments (and ingredients), products, tips and recommendations re world class spas. Royals of the World reports on the goings and comings of members of royal families around the globe, perspectives on royalty from readers who live in countries without royal families, and much more. Inspiration is taken from a wide variety of topics I work with both on radio and with my clients, meant to uplift the reader; information includes seasonal tips, how to create more happiness or peace of mind, prosperity and relationship-improving tips.

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Countdown clock to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London ...

In addition to other honorary titles bestowed upon them, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have become official ambassadors for Team GB and Paralympics GB in 2012.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attending Olympic Gala

Zara Phillips comes from a lineage of Olympic athletes: her mother Princess Anne competed at the 1976 Olympics; her father Captain Mark Phillips won gold in 1972 and silver in 1988.


Royals have long been a part of the Olympic Games. Here are some members of Royal Families who have participated in Olympic events over the past hundred-plus years.
Count Hermann Alexandre de Pourtalès: from an ancient Huguenot family. He won gold and silver in sailing at the 1900 Olympic Games; he was the first royal to become an Olympic champion. His wife, Countess Hélène de Pourtalès was a sailor on the same yacht, becoming the first woman to compete at any Olympics –as well as the first female Olympic medalist.
Count Alexander Mercati: from Greece. He competed in golf at the 1900 Olympics.
Prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia: from Germany. He competed at the 1912 Olympics, winning bronze in the Equestrian jumping event.
King Olav V: from Norway. He won gold in sailing at the 1928 Olympics.

Constantine II: from Greece. He won gold at the 1960 Olympics in the Dragon class sailing event.
Juan Carlos I: from Spain. He competed in sailing at the 1972 Olympics.
Queen Sofia of Spain: from Greece. She took part for Greece in sailing at the 1960 Olympics (sister of Royal Olympian Constantine II of Greece and married to Olympian King Juan Carlos I).
Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma de Mallorca: from
Spain. She participated with the Spanish Olympic sailing team at the 1988 Olympics (Cristina is the daughter of Olympians King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain).
Harald V: from Norway. He competed in yachting events (as
did his father before him). He competed at the 1964, 1968 and 1972 Olympics. As Crown Prince, he carried the Norwegian flag at the opening parade of the 1964 Games.
Anne, Princess Royal: She competed as a member of the Equestrian team at the 1976 Olympics.
Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg: from Denmark. She competed in dressage at the 2008 Olympics and was awarded bronze.
Prince Albert II: from Monaco. He competed at every Olympics from 1988 to 2002 in the bobsled event. There is another Olympic link in this family (Albert's grandfather John Kelly won both the single and double sculls at the 1920 Games). John Kelly's son John Jr. (Albert's uncle) also competed in four Olympic Games.
Princess Haya: from Jordan. She competed on the
Equestrian team at the 2000 Olympics in show jumping.
She was also the flag bearer for Jordan.
Prince Faisal Al-Shalan and Prince Abdullah Al-Saud:
from Saudia Arabia competed on the Equestrian team at the 2008 Olympics.

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US Flagship Location, New York

I have wanted for nearly a decade to meet Nicky Kinnaird, founder of Space NK Apothecary, UK based skin care boutiques.

I had worked with a client to help her realise that the skin care line she hired me to help her develop would be perfect for Space NK; she did end up having her line placed in Space NK Apothecary.

A few years later my close friend Sally Farmiloe (Editor of Hot Gossip) published a coffee table-type book on beauty; I encouraged her to interview Nicky for it.

Plus I have long loved both the shops (especially the one next to Harrods and the one near Westbourne Grove...) and the venues in larger stores (such as Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge and select Bloomingdales around the US) -- and have dropped a small fortune in many of them!

From time to time Nicky does events at Space NK shops.

When I learned that Nicky was to do an event in June at the Sherman Oaks (Southern California) Space NK shop inside Bloomingdales, I immediately booked an appointment to meet her.

When Nicky does an appearance at a Space NK venue, you can reserve a 15 minute session with her, with purchases totaling US$50. This is well worth doing if she comes to one of her shops in your area: she gives personalized analysis and suggestions (without any sales pitch) and is also open to answering questions about her business philosophy or story. This woman has a brilliant left brain (ie business) as well as a highly evolved right brain (sensitive, creative) --- as I mentioned to her.

Flagship Location in New York

Nicky is a wonderful, warm person: she is kind, non-judgmental and truly wants to help women transform themselves.

While there I decided to ask Nicky if I could interview her. She graciously agreed and I spoke with her at length the next week while she was in her New York office.

I found Nicky to be such a wealth of practical, pragmatic information, that I have made an unprecedented decision -- to feature a Spa-section article in two issues. In my next issue I will be focusing more on the history of Space NK, Nicky’s philosophies (such as “Failure is not an option.”) and my in-depth interview!

While there I was encouraged to book a complementary facial for another day. If in the LA area, I highly suggest doing the same; the esthetician Stephanie is excellent. No pressure, just a suggestion when booking that it would be good to purchase perhaps two products; including makeup by Terry there are several that are inexpensive. I am being absolutely honest when I say that the facial was one of, if not the most, fun experiences I have ever had during a facial: I got to select any products from any line that I wanted: a mix-and-match that I have never previously experienced. And I LOVE trying different products, almost with a passion... Stephanie even recommended that we try out a product that sells for US $700!

“Who really buys from just one brand? Take a peek inside any make up bag, or check out your bathrooms and you will quickly see that they are populated with products from many different brands. People buy products that are best suited to them regardless of company of origin. This is a huge part of the Space NK philosophy,” says Nicky.

When in that particular Space NK connect with Alex the manager or Samantha, a specialist; both are generous with samples to try at home and lovely to work with.

001 818 325 2483 (from the UK); 1 818 325 2483 (from within the US)

Brentwood Country Mart

One of the newer Space NK; this is one of the shops I frequent located in Brentwood. It is located in the quaint Country Mart; it is the only shop of its kind around. It is ideal for women searching for high end all natural products that combine the best organic compounds.

Beautannia Brighton collection

Nicky’s uplifting, joyous scent collection includes a fragrance for every occasion

Laughter by Space NK

For more information on the brand, follow Space NK on Facebook or Twitter (@Space_NK) or visit: or

Check out more of Nicky’s products:

You can also follow Nicky through her blog at:

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Through a mutual connection, I was able to meet the designer of the hot Finnish brand Ivana Helsinki, Paola Ivana Suhonen. We met in Beverly Hills to discuss her Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

The reason I am highlighting her this issue is that I am very impressed with who she is as a person, her ethos, the whimsical way she connects with aspects of nature for each of her collections, and my sense of the fast track she is on.

This collection relates to an important story from the designer’s childhood weekends in the 70`s, spent with family and friends in a country home
near Helsinki. "In those beautiful 70's houses, homes of
colorful wallpapers, places with turquoise pools, trays with heavy red candles, bowls of raisins, I spent my childhood weekends under the dark wooden table, listening to my mom and dad being part of those passionate conversations.”

Paola related how difficult it was, as Finland was newly free from Russian control, very rural and very poor. The family is very tight-knit. Her parents were Bohemians, and the sisters grew up with their parents' friends being dressed in wild, colorful costumes; their free-lifestyle gave the girls a sense of no-boundaries which Paola incorporates into her designs. Taking over their father's jeans business established in the late 1950's, Paolo and Pirjo transformed the manufacturing into the high end fashion look that it now is. Paola is the creative force, while her older sister directs operations. Their father, who still dabbles in their business a little bit (now retired) and the sisters' mother, a psychiatrist, also plays a
small role in the business. They have a manufacturing base and two stores in Helsinki, with their flagship store in New York (251 Elizabeth Street). Japan is the main market for these designs.

The collection is rooted in two original prints: Tapiola and Kapiola.

The names of the prints affectionately reflect and highlight acclaimed areas near Helsinki that have been influential to the aesthetic of the collection. The collection offers a balance of heavier corduroys, delicate lace pieces, and the brands signature fuzzy cardigans made of handcrafted yarns.

Each collection contains approximately fifty pieces; this was an abbreviated collection. "It's all about dresses," she confides. As she approaches each new line, she relates it to going into a candy store: there are so many things to choose from, and no one has to have the same 'contents.' She takes her inspirations from what she likes, from art, her early lifestyle (Bohemian) and anything that appeals to her. She has designed very unique accessories such as bracelets, scarves and necklaces to accompany her dresses; one bracelet design she had manufactured by a carpenter! Paola is also very unique. She has studied art and is just now completing her studies in cinematography at AFI (American Film Institute).

Ivana Helsinki is an independent Finnish fashion brand. It combines rough Slavic melancholy and pure Scandinavian moods, the balance between arctic summer nights and winter sadness. Creator Paola Ivana Suhonen is a Helsinki born designer, artist and filmmaker. She is the only Scandinavian womenswear brand to be accepted into the official International Fashion Week Calendar and has been featured in several alternative projects that combined fashion, design and modern art. All Ivana Helsinki clothing and knits are manufactured in Europe.

Photography Provided By Ivana Helsinki.

Jacqueline Kennedy was instrumental in helping wives of key leaders be able to play a significant role in the world themselves. She truly understood the value that television was beginning to make in 1960. In addition to that she was both a socialite and early fashionista. She combined all of those elements to parlay her position into one of world prominence in her own right. Wives of Heads of State throughout the world have followed her trendsetting. Most wives of Heads of State have gone for opulence as a way of empowering women to have a bigger role than they would have if they had not been glamorous.

However Michelle Obama in 2009 and Kate Middleton in approximately 2010 separately from each other, decided to make a different statement: Michelle began purchasing from stores such as Target while Kate shops High Street stores.

Due to the recent and continuing economic situation throughout the world, up and coming royals have understood the power of being one with the people; in this case dressing as a ‘regular person.’ Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama have championed a new concept re current fashion – and that to come. People understand this, relate to it -- and have made them each more popular and interesting to follow due to it.

A long time ago, I developed a sense of who will be up and coming designers... this evolved from the eight years I spent living in Hong Kong.

I used to spend countless hours scouring every conceivable factory outlet for all the major couture and other designers (who were then having garments made in Hong Kong )... as did virtually everyone I knew back then.

I also took numerous trips to Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore -- where jewelry, shoes and other major fashion accessories were being produced. This was not just a hobby, this became a passion!

To this day, I still seek out bargains in fashion, jewelry, handbags and other accessories wherever I travel...

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For more than sixteen years I have been writing tips and information on what we are meant to know and do in our lives at any given point, firstly in magazines and newspapers, then also on my website, and in recent years in blogs.

Prior to that for many years I did weekly-to-monthly seminars in my office in San Francisco: each attendee received a handout with similar tips, suggestions, affirmations and information related to what the particular topic that seminar was covering.

So, what I am trying to say is that writing pertinent information (virtually all of it being via channeling) relating to a specific timeframe is pretty much second nature to me at this point!

Regarding this summer's inspired writing there is much more going at this time and on more levels than I have ever written about previously.

This does not have to do with just the Jubilee, the Olympics, the increasing strife in Syria, the extreme weather conditions across the UK, the US and other parts of the world--but a great deal more.

The big picture re all that is occurring relates to the fact that this IS 2012. There are cosmic ramifications (ie, the earth's destiny, plus the played-out-down-here ones (such as climatic aberrations). This summer marks the half-way point in this extremely significant year; a lot of momentum is building.

There is an old adage 'As above, so below' -- a simplistic way of seeing what is going on (meaning cosmic plans played out here on earth).

I learned a very long time ago that if we each flow with what is cosmically meant to happen (ie, the 'As ABOVE' part...), life will work well----or at least a great deal better than or those resisting necessary changes, trying to hold on to objects, people, beliefs and more that no longer serve us.

ONE of the 'higher' reasons for the deluges in the UK, the massive forest fires in Colorado, tornadoes throughout a lot of the US, and the hurricanes followed by debilitating heat waves all along the East Coast of the US (plus droughts elsewhere in the world) has to do with the transformative nature of raw elements. Fire as well as incessant rain acts as a cleansing mechanism: for the actual land, what is on it as well as our issues and outworn postures re how we think life is meant to look. Wind (tornadoes) is a Divine symbol of 'blowing up' (or out) in a split second anything thought/believed we needed to live, enjoy life or live for.

These 'acts of God' (a term used for insurance purposes, and others- -- but also LITERAL ...) come at times when we are meant to shift to new paradigms, new evolutions.

If you decide to flow with what is intended to occur, your life will be
different from those who can't understand that we are all in the midst of dynamic change or who refuse to adapt or grow.

This summer we are meant to let go of old issues, possessions, relationships and thinking. If you let go of, say items in your closets, garage, etc--you will actually be safer when other climate conditions crop doesn't make sense, but it is the ' BELOW' part of that adage. The same is true with old relationships that prevent you from growing as a person (naysayers, people who try to stop what you want to do or achieve, through their words--or energy blockages), jobs and ways of handling situations.

I always say, 'Everything counts.' Even the smallest of attempts to change add up, and soon create a more harmonious life: even if this seems implausible. Try tossing a few things each day (from cupboards, closets, under the sink, and so on): your INTENTION (intentions are exceedingly powerful, will help a great deal towards actually creating what you do intend); letting go of unnecessary even negative attitudes and items kicks into action a powerful principle of the Universe (I will bring this up again!): It goes like this, 'The Universe abhors a void.' When you create spaces in any aspect of your life the Universe fills the voids left with new energy, items, people and so on. It is a big aspect of feng shui as well.

"The man who moved a mountain was the one who began carrying away small stones."
- Chinese Proverb

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