October 2007
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Fabulous Jewellery Experience

I went to a fabulous London Fashion Week evening at HGUK Editor, Sally FN's 'jewellery party' for ADELE BLOOM (07976 728880), a designer who buys and sells beautiful costume jewellery. What made it so great was that, apart from the turn out and Sally's caring hosting, I came away adorned with three great pieces of jewellery which were incredibly cheap without looking it. I will be wearing them at my Palm Beach functions with pride.

Are your children (or you) behaving badly because of what you're eating?

The problems caused by harmful supermarket processed food are an almost daily feature in the media. I have been warning people for the past four years and I am relieved that it has finally come to light about just how much our food is being tampered with - meaning we can do something about it. I recently attended PATTI BOULAYE's concert ar the Royal Albert Hall with Sally FN and I was delighted that the caterers, LEITH'S,had organised organic food. Thanks Sal.... thanks, Leith's........

I was beginning to think I was on my own and even questioned my motives. Is processed food so dangerous? If so, why is it allowed? Are the food producers really so greedy and powerful? It seems the answers to these questions are definite 'yes'es.

I have watched people's body shapes change drastically during the past five years. Many ordinary folk are so obese and misshapen it is frightening, with men having massive, hard, protruding stomachs larger than I could ever have believed possible. You just need to look at old newspaper cuttings of gatherings and old TV programmes to see that it was unusual to be obese just 10 years ago. A friend I have known since the 80's has a great personality but has always been very obese, causing people to stare at her because of her size. Now she looks quite normal. Her size hasn't changed but everybody else's has.

Some people may think that they are getting away with it because they are slim but their arteries may be being blocked and they may be in serious danger of contracting heart disease or diabetes.

It is still hard to believe the amount of sugar we consume, hidden in supermarket foods. Likewise the quantity of salt used to hide the sugary taste in savoury foods. Both salt and sugar are poisonous in large quantities and even small amounts can be dangerous.

One frightening fact illustrating the dangers we are facing is how much sugar is consumed by the average family. We are not talking about sugar in your tea or coffee but what is hidden in your food.

Recent research shows that many of us are consuming 12lbs of sugar a month which is devastating to our health as well as causing dental decay. One family of five featured in an article was eating an incredible fifty pounds of sugar a month.

Sugar is more dangerous than fat because it is processed, meaning the body finds it hard to cope with and to know when we have had enough. Highly refined sweetened food contains no nutrients, causing blood sugar to rise, producing tiredness, lack of concentration and irritable behaviour. The good news is that by just reducing your intake you can lose the desire for the next sugar fix.

Junk Food:

I was very impressed by a T.V. program featuring a female boxer in excellent condition who agreed to eat junk food for three months. She was superbly fit when she started and it showed how her health greatly deteriorated.

It was staggering that after only one day of junk food her stomach had ballooned with the huge amount of salt and preservatives contained in this sort of food. She couldn't believe it. Throughout the experiment she experienced a lack of energy, headaches and a "couldn't be bothered to do anything" feeling, even when it came to going out with her friends. After the trial her cholesterol was very high, she felt lethargic and had gained three inches on her hips apart from an overall increase in body fat.

Parents have been told to avoid artificial additives in drinks, sweets and processed foods. There is now explosive evidence about their effects on children's' behaviour.

The Government's Food Standards Agency lists tantrums, poor concentration and slow progress at school as some of the effects of these harmful foods.

Are you ready to 'sue' the food manufactures for damaging your children?

If you are, then Southampton University has paved the way and even suggested it would be possible with the new research showing the damage that can be done. They indicated that food manufacturers may be sued by parents in the same way tobacco firms have been pursued by cancer victims in the US.

Already our main supermarkets are looking to get rid of certain additives by the end of the year. Sally Bunday from the Hyperactive Children Support Group explains that the reaction to the artificial chemicals can be "horrendous in terms of mood swings with crying, screaming, inability to sleep and even physical reactions such as difficulty in breathing and skin rashes". It is suggested that additives may be responsible for the high rise in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is up 90 fold since the early 90's. Instead of drugs prescribed by physicians it is believed that a return to natural food can cure the child. Check out Sally Bunday's website for more info at http://www.fabresearch.org/view_item.aspx?item_id=294. If it affects children so much it would be reasonable to believe that it may also be subtly affecting 'you'.

Additives to avoid:

Additives - Used in - Problems caused

E102-tartrazine - Sweets, biscuits, mushy peas. - Hyperactivity asthma,

E124-ponceau 4R - Sweets, biscuits, drinks - Allergy, intolerance

E110-sunset yellow - Sweets, Ice cream, drinks - Gastric upset allergy

E129-allots red - Soft drinks, cocktail sausages - Some evidence of hypersensitivity

E211-sodium - Soft drinks, baked goods, lollies - Hyperactivity, asthma

Does it not anger you that food producers have chemically tampered with your food? Instead of enjoying an occasional ice cream, you are now aware that you are slowly endangering your health.

Be Careful with your organic choice in food.

When buying organic processed food you may find that, although it doesn't contain pesticide chemicals or dangerous carcinogenic additives, food producers are putting plenty of salt, sugar and fat in to make up for it. Supermarkets want shelf life and organic food manufacturers are complying, thereby risking your health. Some organic processed food has more salt, sugar and fat than their competition, meaning more calories and the risk of heart attack and diabetes. If it wasn't for the danger of the pesticides and additives, the non-organic processed food would be healthier. However, it seems to be a choice of what type of illness you want - heart attack, diabetes or cancer to mention a few. Do watch your labels. There are some good producers but they are very hard to find in supermarkets. There are very few organic breads without cheap oil added and we have found only one without an abundance of salt. You also have to look at the dangers of the raising agents, which makes producing your own bread rather pointless. Let me know if you find any healthy bread without salt, olive oil or other oil. It will probably only last one day but it will be healthy.

A Boost For Hypnotherapy:

If you are having surgery it may be wise to check out hypnosis. I organised a painless surgery in the UK last year using hypnosis instead of chemical anaesthesia. It was hard enough to find a surgeon to perform the surgery and then it was a last minute thing. As usual the surgeon was surprised it worked. I have encountered so much scepticism about the subject that, although very proud, I rarely even mention it.

Breast cancer operations savings:

However, there is exciting news from the US on surgery and hypnosis. Although not dealing with painless surgery, there were excellent benefits with just 15 minutes of hypnosis one hour before the operation. The study carried out by Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York consulted 200 women in their research. Some patients had hypnosis and others had a simple session with a psychologist to discuss the operation and their hopes and fears.

The team monitored how many sedatives and pain killers both groups needed during and after operations. Patients who had hypnosis said they felt less pain, nausea, fatigue, discomfort and emotional upset post-surgery and they healed faster. Using hypnosis saved the patient both money and time. They saved eleven minutes during the operation and reducing the amount of anaesthetic needed saved around $700. Since hypnotherapists charge much less than $700 for 15 minutes' hypnosis you would come out healthier and still saving money. This would more than likely be the same with any type of surgery.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the study and it is the latest research to show how hypnotherapy can help patients having surgery.
The head of the study, Dr Guy Montgomery said that hypnosis could prove a valuable new tool. Hardly 'new', I have to say! We hypnotherapists have known this but have not had the proof to show people. Remember it took many years for scientists to prove that a bee could fly. They knew it could but were unable to prove it.

Eds Note: VALERIE AUSTIN is an author of six successful self-help books including SELF HYPNOSIS (Thorsons), journalist and trainer with an international reputation in the field of hypnosis. Her best-selling books and training help people achieve their full potential. She founded the Austin Corporate Stress Management Company focusing on reducing stress and anxiety amongst executives and CEO's. She is also founder of UKRAH (1992) The UK Register of Advanced Hypnotherapy. Valerie has also worked as a consultant in hypnosis at the Priory Hospital, the UK's equivalent to The Betty Ford Clinic, which specialises in food addiction and alcohol abuse. Her work in the film industry (Hollywood) interviewing movers and shakers, producing TV news segments and publishing celebrity magazines in London gave her invaluable experience for her current Harley Street practice.

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