October 2007
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Maddy McCann

This little girl is still missing after several months; now her parents are being pulled through the mill by Portuguese detectives as they struggle to come up with evidence against the couple. To be honest I do not know any more than I have read in the press and heard on the news and in a professional light I can pick holes in both possibilities, i.e. did the parents do it or was she abducted? For Gerry and Kate McCann to have killed their daughter they would have had to have done it before the alarm was raised.They have been under intense scrutiny from the Police and media ever since so I am not sure how they would have disposed of the body after it was known Maddy was missing. The press reports say that DNA was found in the hire car they had hired twenty five days after the event; believe me that would have been a messy job, as the corpse by then would have been almost mush. I am still convinced that paedophiles who operate in the area and in Southern Spain had a hand in Maddy being abducted. Sadly only time will tell.


Blackwater Security, the company that has most of the US Government contracts in Iraq, is in serious trouble. After a major firefight in Baghdad which left eight civilians dead, the Iraqi Government want to throw Blackwater out of the country. There are over one hundred and eighty thousand private security personnel operating inside Iraq - thats more than the Americans troops in the country.

Over 400 security personnel have been killed in the last two years in Iraq but we don't get to hear about them. I personally know many good security officers who are working out there but for every good one there are ten 'cannon fodder', untrained and underpaid. They think they are going to Iraq to earn good money but many of them do not get to come home. It's about time the security industry and the big companies who are making big bucks do something about the situation which is only getting worse whilst the companies are getting richer.


I have just spent the past month in the USA in North Carolina where I got to see friends who are home from Iraq on rest and recuperation and in Los Angeles where I am setting up a new office.

The hotel I stayed in was the Mondrian on Sunset Boulevard, famous for the Sky Bar, where all the luvvies hang out. I only stayed two days as I could not abide the staff's attitude: they think that they are far more important than the guests - you know the type, all designer work suits and attitudes to match.
First I had dinner with Eric Haney who is the executive producer on The Unit, the show I rave about all the time. Eric was looking well and is thrilled that the Unit is being shown in the UK.

Then I spent time hanging out on the set of The Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt. What a great girl she is - genuine and lives in the real world, not the LaLa Land of Hollywood.

I was invited up to Paradise Cove in Malibu by another friend and who should be moving in next door but Britney Spears! The poor girl had a rough time recently over the MTV awards, as she did not come across in a positive light. But at her new home (which I have to say is gorgeous) she was happily playing in the garden with her children - whatever you say about her she seems to be a good mum.

But her scummy ex husband Kevin Federline is trying hard to prove otherwise: he has hired an ex Mossad investigator to dig the dirt on Britney. If she is clever she will stay sober and stay at home until it all dies down.

I also had lunch with Thomas Carter, a well known film director and made the mistake of saying how I loved George Bush! I should really learn to shut up when talking about American politics with Americans: they obviously know much more than I do and Thomas certainly put me right on a few things. I still think he is a good looking guy though, even if we do disagree about George W.

Last but not least, whilst sitting in the hot tub of the Los Angeles Hilton, a hotel where the guests come first, I read Chris Ryan's new book Strike Back and what an excellent read it was too. Typical of me to get so engrossed in one of his books - I came out of the tub looking like a prune!

On the plane home I read Piers Morgan's new book Don't you know who I am? I laughed at his description of Hollywood and its people because it's exactly as I found it to be the first time I ventured out there on a TV project.

On getting home I was invited to Bafta to see Murphy's Law, the show about an undercover detective. The consultant on the show is none other than a good friend of mine Peter Bleksley. Having seen the new series I can tell you that you are in for a treat. In fact it's one of those "I'm not going out tonight because Murphy is on"! See TV listings for start date.


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Available at www.luckypress.com & www.amazon.com
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