October 2003
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Anthony King, a Brit living in Spain, has been arrested for the murder of several young females on the Costa del Sol, Spain's southern holiday destination. King, who has 'previous' for such attacks in England and has served prison time for it, changed his name in 1996 after leaving London and going to work as a barman on the Spanish mainland. †His girlfriend, who I personally think is a brave woman, became suspicious when he arrived home in the early hours with blood on his clothes claiming he had been in a car accident, but had in fact murdered a twenty two year old Spanish female. The girlfriend put his name up to the Police as a likely suspect. Scotland Yard are now sending officers to interview him as they await DNA samples taken from him and other unsolved murders in Spain and England. I happen to know from other enquiries they might want to talk to him and a few of his friends about a few other incidents involving the trafficking of females.

Walter Mitty syndrome can strike the most unexpected people: take for example a columnist, now deputy editor of a magazine, who is claiming he was with the security services at some time or another, and by security services I man cloak and dagger James Bond stuff, when in fact no trace of him can be found as a member of the Civil Service or Ministry of Defence, yet he insists on going around calling himself an expert on espionage. And he even popped up on television recently as an expert on such matters! I nearly choked on my Cocoa when I saw him on the nightly news buffooning on about the subject in question. I laughed even harder when I realised that everything he was saying had already been written, and was available on the Internet, and he was not the author. So who is this mysterious character, a bottle of bubbly to the first person who emails me with the answer. And no It is not Geoff Hoon.

Women being attacked are on the increase. We need to be aware what is going on around us so we can protect ourselves and our family and friends. If you are going out at night to a club please do not leave a friend behind if she is drunk and has decided to stay with the man she had the last smooch on the dance floor with. She may make a scene as you try to drag her from the club into a waiting pre booked cab, but believe me she will thank you in the morning.

Had a nice evening out with friends at the Windows Bar in the Hilton Park Lane London again this month. The staff are fabulous and you really should go and see the view of London.

Two moans this month: company's who do not call you back when they say they will, and credit card companies who keep putting up their interest charges.Tesco is getting a tut tut from me I am still awaiting a phone call from there financial department despite several telephone calls to them. Another annoying thing is credit card company's who send me letters telling me they are putting up the interest rate again. How much more do they want out of us in charges? I know this is not really crime safety and protection but I feel like I am being robbed blind. †Sort it out.

A bit of Gossip: a well known model claims she is pregnant to hang onto her football lover! Wait for the news that sadly she had a miscarriage (she isn't even pregnant) but he doesn't know that!

When you are reading this on October 1st I shall be in New York at the launch of my book and video, wish me luck.

Until next Month stay safe

Jacquieline Davis


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Available at www.luckypress.com & www.amazon.com
Price US $14.95

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