November 2007
  Crime, Safety & Protection


I am sad to report that several bodyguards, police officers and security personnel were last month killed in a bomb blast in Karachi, Pakistan. The escorting convoy was for Benazir Bhutto, the exiled ex Prime Minister who had returned to her homeland to back up the current leader. Bhutto's armoured vehicle was hit by a suicide bomber and although the mainframe of the vehicle remained unscathed, the windscreen was blown out and the sap team vehicle (security advanced party) was blown to pieces, killing all inside. Although I am not a fan of this woman (see my book, The Circuit) I am horrified that her returning has been the result of so many being killed, 126 to date. My thoughts are with the families who are mourning.


Now as a confirmed smoker I detest the smoking Nazis who can tell me where and when I can smoke but, for those of you who don't know, the law has now been changed to protect young persons. It is now illegal to sell cigarettes to anyone under the age of eighteen; this has been raised from sixteen.
I would never dream of telling anyone that smoking is cool because it isn't and the more young people who realise this, the better. I know it makes your clothes and hair smell and, as a bodyguard who has to keep fit, I have to work harder than my non smoking colleagues to keep up my level of fitness. But I fear my freedoms are beng gradually erased by our nanny state.
We are also apparently a nation that is becoming obese and should do something about it; I find that a bit rich coming from our new Prime Minister Gordon Brown as he and his wife Sarah are not exactly super slim! Practice what you preach, Gordon, please!


November the 5th means flickering flames on the bonfire and watching large fireworks whizzing around, but it can also mean badly burned children and garden shed fires. Please do not allow your kids to purchase or play with fireworks or fires. Every year the emergency services are called out to hundreds of injuries and garden sheds burning. Second degree burns are the most common in these types of injuries: they are painful and disfiguring. Think before you blink.


Having spent the last few weeks in Los Angeles I have come home to the real world, back to the four cats and him at home all demanding attention in equal measures. If I stroke the cats he gets jealous, if I stroke him the cats sulk! So back to work on surveillance is the easiest get out for me. Sitting in a car for twelve hours a day is not glamorous but rewarding in its own way when your target (sorry - the politically correct word for 'target' is now 'subject of enquiries' or SOE for short) appears and you are off, adrenaline pumping, all thoughts of Felix cat food and 'where 're my socks?' gone.The game is on and you are part of it.


I am now running surveillance and bodyguarding courses which will soon be SIA and EDEXEL accredited. So if you want to become part of the circuit, work long hours, fly around the world at a moment's notice and probably end up sitting in a car for hours on end, email me. I Can't make you James Bond but you will earn a good living and make great friends.

Until next month stay safe
Jacquieline Davis

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Available at &
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