November 2006
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It is not part of The Slender Gourmet Health and Fitness image to be, not walking, but limping around the Grand Hotels, posture crouched with round shoulders and slack tummy muscles. This is what happened to me. Ankle Replacement was the answer.

At Stanmore Orthopaedic Hospital one of their top Surgeons performed the Op. Three nights in a big leg Cast and then to Harts House Nursing Home at Woodford Green (near Epping Forest). A lighter weight Cast and then learning how to use my crutches.

Harts House is a lovely old Manor with spacious rooms and a veranda, which opens on to beautifully, kept gardens. Physiotherapy, and gradually I was able to use the Crutches and teach my legs and feet how to walk again.

Harts House Nursing Home, Harts Grove, Woodford Green, Essex.

A couple of weeks later and then to a hotel where I relaxed and enjoyed fresh sea air and gastronomic pleasures.

BOURNEMOUTH was the answer - 7 miles of sandy beaches – I couldn't resist a mini-dip in the Ocean – up to my knees letting the gentle waves caress my ankles. A long strip of seaweed provided a decorative bandage for my swollen ankle.

Heathlands Hotel, 12 Grove Road, East Cliff, Bournemouth.
Tel: 01202 553336


Scenically gorgeous, situated amidst tall pines and gardens that border the East Cliff. Breakfast was heavenly. For Lunch I enjoyed the Chef's Classic, a 4-egg Omelette with a choice of fillings, being indecisive I had everything, served with crunchy fries and petit pois.

Dinner, my favourite was, Grilled Gammon complimented by Pineapple Fritters and a piquant Sweet and Sour Sauce.

Desserts titled 'Naughty but Nice' included a 'Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy' – I leave that to your imagination.

The Carlton Hotel, East Over cliff.
Tel: 01202 552011

Is very grand – commanding a wonderful position on the East Cliff that offers picturesque views of the Coastline. The Restaurant is spectacular with glamorous ceiling Chandeliers. Ideal for Wedding Receptions – the Manager told me that they average 36 a year – I can't wait to get married – please E-mail your proposals.

In the meantime, the Menus are full of mouth-watering delights like Home Cured Bresola – Individual Beef Wellingtons and Sweet Potato Crusted Sea bass. Desserts include Dorset Dreams.
That night, I fell asleep with a contented youthful smile – dreaming of the next extravaganza.

HAPPY BUBBLES – and plenty of them - Joan

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