November 2006
  Crime, Safety & Protection


Last month someone informed me that people applying for jobs at British airports were only being given a six year background check, so I decided to test this for myself to see if it was true. I applied for a job at an airport and was invited for an interview. Firstly I had to sit an exam - so I entered the exam room with about fifteen other people and duly sat at the desk allocated to me. I began writing (you could hear pens scribbling in the hushed tones of the room) the training officer sat at the front of the room behind a bigger desk than ours, I' m sure it was psychological. After about ten minutes I looked up as the room door opened, a male walked to the front of the room and whispered to the trainer, they then both looked at me, then they both approached my desk and asked me to step outside with them, my fellow candidates were all trying to sneak a look in my direction to see what was going on.

Outside the room the male held up a sheaf of papers thrust them under my nose and said, "Is that you?" On examining the paperwork I could quiet clearly see my face peering out at the top of the page! They were copies of Hot Gossip UK articles I had written. "We would like you to leave," they both said in unison. What could I say, but fair comment and captured. I have been writing for this magazine for eight years now so I suppose it would only be a matter of time before someone recognised me. But you can't blame a girl for trying.


Merrick McDonald, who used to be a bodyguard for the Beckhams has been killed in a car bomb in Baghdad. He had been out there for about eighteen months working as a private BG for one of the security companies. Another sad loss.


I don't know about you but I m sick and tired of the parking attendants who can't speak English and the Police Community Safety Officers who recoil at being spoken to harshly.

I live in a resident parking permit area which operates between 9am and 9pm. Like all my neighbours we have a permit for which we pay £25 a year. If you have a second car you have to use visitors vouchers for which we have to pay. The other day I saw a parking attendant writing my neighbour out a ticket I pointed out to her that he had a valid permit which would not run out for several hours, she still wrote him out a ticket. When my neighbour returned and saw the offending yellow sticker on his windscreen he was pretty annoyed and went around the town looking for the parking attendant. He found her and asked her in a very reasonable and respectable manner why she had issued him a ticket when the permit was there clearly to be seen on the side window. The parking attendant, who I have to say was very rude, shouted into her radio for urgent assistance, saying she had two very aggressive people standing by her and wanted assistance. I must admit we all looked around for who she was talking about - then realised it was us. Her supervisor arrived and calmed her down and told her to walk away, he then tried telling us the attendants were never wrong. When I produced photographic evidence which was timed and dated of the permit on the van he went quiet. Perhaps these attendants and PCSO's should have some training in how to deal with people and what the word AGGRESSIVE means.


Over the years I have been approached by several companies asking me if I would back their product, unless I use it myself I would not dream of promoting anything that may not work. Well, for the first time I m shouting about the new key-ring personal attack alarms (see Picture) Designed to attract attention and disorientate attackers I think every teenager, female, nurse, should carry one. You can buy them from my website

They come in a range of funky shapes and colours and may well save your life. With Christmas coming they make a great stocking filler.

Until Next Month
Stay safe
Jacquie Davis

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