November 2005
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Peter Bleksley is an ex undercover police officer who was a founder member of Scotland Yard's squad SO10, his second book 'Ten Most Wanted' published by Blake, was published this Month. Peter re-visits ten unsolved murder scenes which have taken place since the year 2000. With just a business card in hand Peter visited the murder scenes and interviewed witnesses of the crimes, including families of those who were murdered. He believes passionately that people who commit murder should be placed behind bars, not walking the streets, drinking in pubs and shopping in supermarkets. At his book launch he told me how he could not understand, with all the police and scientific evidence available today, how the murders have not been solved. We hear of people being shot, strangled, and set on fire and yet these cases remain unsolved, just another file on a CID desk. Peter told me he got more information from people with just his business card than he ever did with a warrant card. For the next few months I will be highlighting in this column some of the unsolved murders he is investigating. If you have any information, be it rumour or fact, send it to me and I will pass it along to Peter. People that are murdered are part of a community: most murders are solved with information from members of the public, so lets see if we can put at least one guilty person behind bars and give peace to one family who's love one was lost so suddenly.

On Thursday December 5th 2002 Wane Trotter a thirty year old male was making his way home from work to his house on the Farriers estate in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. He had finished a late shift at work and after catching a bus, walked down Dales Path towards his house. Several people in nearby homes heard Wayne shouting for help. People also heard a voice, possibly female saying, 'Stop it! Stop it! Leave him alone!' As residents of the estate rushed to see what the commotion was, they were greeted by Wayne Trotter who was ablaze. His whole body was on fire, and although helpful people eventually managed to extinguish the flames Wayne died later in hospital. It is unbelievable that no one has been charged with his murder! Someone shouted those words! 'Stop it! Stop it! Leave him alone!' If you know who this was, or maybe it was you, I do not believe you wanted this man to die, you must be in a living hell having witnessed him being set alight. Talk to Peter, he can help you and help WayneTrotters wife; children and parents get some much deserved peace.

TEN MOST WANTED published by Blake ISBN 1-84454-149-5 is available in book stores and on line at

According to a UK Sunday Newspaper I have recently been in Los Angeles bodyguarding the Saudia Royal Family, not sure where they got this from but I was actually in New York preparing for my forth coming television Show.

It rained for four days solidly before I was able to leave and go to North Carolina where it was 80 degrees - and peaceful. I got to watch Law and Order, a series ahead of the one being shown in the UK at the present time. OK. I won't spoil it and tell you when Jerry Orbach leaves.....

Until Next Month stay safe, stay away from fireworks unless they are part of an organised display, be kind to yourselves and those around you.

Stay Safe
Jaquieline Davis

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