July 2005
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Michael Jackson

I'm sorry, but what was that jury on? How on earth with all the evidence could they come back and say Jackson was Innocent of all charge! A witness had said she had served alcohol to a minor on Jackson's plane yet the jury even let him off the offence of supplying a minor with alcohol. Then they had the temerity to say they believed he had been guilty on previous occasions of pedophile behaviour. I bet Saddam Hussein asks for his trial to be moved to Santa Anna California.

Licensing for Bodyguards

Does anybody know what the new licensing laws are going to be for bodyguards? I have now heard at least five different versions which include several from the new government licensing authority, the SIA.
I have been told all bodyguards will have to be licensed by September. When a BG telephoned the SIA to ask how they were going to Police the licensing, they said that they thought they would stop BG's at airports as they come through customs with their principal and ask to see their licence. The SIA obviously have no idea what they are doing, personally if I saw a stranger coming at me when I was with a principal they would be moved out of the way, as any reputable bg would be thinking the person was a threat to their principal.

I asked what would be the requirement to gain a licence and I was told one hundred and fifty hours of a BG course, which is about right for a three week course. No criminal record for a year. A year? It should be no criminal record full stop: although the SIA has not fully decided this yet. However, what about those of us who did courses over twenty five years ago and have been in the industry ever since. What about the ex SAS guys who did their course in the regiment; are we going to have to do another course? Bear in mind those of us with a lot of years in the industry are now also the instructors on courses! So who will instruct the instructors? I find it unbelievable that it is now July and yet the SIA cannot tell me what the full licensing requirements are for September and how much it will cost.

Doorstep conmen

I am getting very huffy with some well known power companies who get offended when they turn up at your door to read your meters and moan when I ask for their ID Cards. Common sense think, as meter readers tend to turn up without an appointment. Lots of, 'Do I look like a conman?" comments from the meter man. 'Hey', say I, 'If you know what a conman looks like you should have joined the police force.' Please always check the identification card of anyone that says they are from the water, gas or electricity board. If you're suspicious, close the door and dial 999. The police will not think you are wasting their time.

Happy Slapping

The new craze of happy slapping involves teenagers going around in a gang and then slapping an innocent passer by and recording it on their mobile telephone video, they then pass the video around to other teenage morons at school. Last week an eleven year old girl in North London was raped by a gang of happy slappers, they recorded the rape on the video feature of a mobile phone and again emailed it to other slappers.

This has to stop now!

Parents please take the telephones off your kids now - and go through the text messages and video clips and if you find anything indecent have the decency to give your kid a bloody slap and ground them for a month.

Bad Neighbours

Thank you to the hundreds of people who emailed me with their neighbours from hell stories, some people truly are the scum of the earth and deserve every ASBO coming their way.

Until next month stay safe, keep children away from paddling pools and garden ponds unless you are with them every second they are out by them.

Jacquieline Davis

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Available at www.luckypress.com & www.amazon.com
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