December 2006 - January 2007
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Him at home has retreated into his cave this month because I beat him in a competition! Honestly if you can out drive or out shoot a bloke they take it so personally and disappear into a mammoth sulk. Add to that the fact my feline boys (namely Uzi SAS and Delta) take precedence over him on the sharing the duvet argument and he is in a proper strop. Men, can't live with them, but we can annoy em. So whilst he sulks and skulks around the house I am out and about filming and going to parties.

Last month I attended one of Georgina Bruni's little soirees and had a great time doing the charity raffle with a very good looking guy called Leee Paul. How come I never get to bodyguard good looking men? I had a quick dance with Nick Pope, who is a nifty little mover I have to say, and then a twirl round the dance floor with a guy who kept telling me he was my biggest fan. To be honest, after him telling me my life story I felt he was more like a stalker, but hey ho a girl has to get out of the house.

I am hoping to be away for the festive season so if that works out I will tell you all about it on my return, but if I end up staying at home then I may well wrap him at home up and post him off to Lapland. I wish all of you a great time and a big thank you to our troops out in Iraq and Afghanistan who will not be with their families during the happy season. I also wish all the Police officers and emergency service personnel who have to work all over the holidays a happy new year and thank you for keeping us all safe.


As you know, in November an ex KGB Russian spy was poisoned in a London sushi bar for possibly getting too close to the killers of Anna Politkovskaya a Russian reporter who was murdered whilst trying to gather evidence against President Putin, and a deal in Chechnya. Is London becoming the capital of spy killing? Don't forget a few years ago when another spy was stabbed with a poisoned umbrella and it was just a year or so ago that I personally heard a Russian tell one of my clients "The president wants this to go away". They were talking about an oil deal and I had surveillance operatives surrounding a London hotel to make sure we followed off the Russian. I have to say it ended up well for us, although it didn't take us long to spot the Russians watching my client us watching the Russians and the British security service watching us all. With the latest Bond film, Casino Royale, out, it all looks like a good couple of months for spies. Honestly I could write a book on spying in London, mmm maybe not a bad idea.


Please readers even if you do not have much money, do not buy knock off fake goods from Market stalls, Chanel perfume, Gucci bags, none of them are real and they just fund organised crime. Every time you purchase a pirate DVD or fake belt you are putting money in the hands of terrorists and people traffickers. If you want a really cheap and useful gift for yourself or a friend, go to my website and look at the on line shop where you can purchase books, rape alarms and useful gadgets. I’ll even give you a 10% discount if you mention you read about them in HOT GOSSIP.


If you are going to the January sales then be careful of pickpockets and shoddy goods, keep your money and credit card separate and do not take cash out of a cash machine in the middle of Oxford Street. Get your cash out before you leave your home town, that way none of the organised street gangs can target you and follow you from the cash machine and rob you. Be careful where you park your car and never put it next to a van if you can help it, also be aware of yet another scam where a piece of paper is placed under your rear wiper, you only tend to see it once you are in the car you then jump out to remove it as it is blocking your view while out of the car the carjacker will jump in and drive off leaving you standing in the space where your car was. If you see something under your wipers leave it there and then drive to a well lit place with people around, get out of the car taking the keys with you and lock the doors before retrieving the blockage.

So until February have a great holiday and stay safe

Jacquieline Davis

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