August 2007
  Crime, Safety & Protection


Two sixteen year old British females are currently being held in the Drugs department building in Ghana after being found with several kilos of cocaine at Ghana main airport. Both girls were carrying laptop bags stuffed with the drug when stopped by customs officials before boarding their plane to England. They said two men had asked them to take the laptops back to the UK for them; this was a lie as there were no laptop computers in the bags. During a police interview the girls admitted meeting a man in England who had offered them a free holiday in Ghana; they were then given the bags by two unknown males at the hotel where they were staying.

The girls' parents thought they were both on a holiday in France.
How many times do we have to spell it out to young people? Drug smuggling is a crime and if caught you will pay the penalty of the country where you committed the offence. This can be long periods in jail in some countries or hanging in others.

Parents, please check where your kids are going before they leave home.


During July the British security services arrested a man at the London Hilton on Park Lane who had come to kill a former KGB agent who was given asylum by the British several years ago. This man was a friend of Litvenenko, another Russian who was famously killed here by polonium 210 poisoning last year.

President Putin has refused to hand the killer of Litvenenko over to the British authorities so Gordon Brown ordered the expulsion of four Russian diplomats from the UK.

I know that the Russians have become very powerful in London during the last few years; their money is buying them access to many people and to places where they could not have gone before. Many security operatives on The Circuit are bodyguarding them and others are working on surveillance teams following them about.

I fear that Putin has pushed Russia back to the old days. Let's not forget he was a former KGB Colonel and all the relevant players in the above stories are ex KGB agents as well.


I had the pleasure last month of running one of the first surveillance courses in the country where you can gain a level three qualification. It won't be long before the SIA licence surveillance, just as they have every other area of the security industry.

The course lasts for five days and is very intensive, taking in walking drills, driving skills and intelligence gathering. The six students I had were all very keen and very good; having set them tasks, they fulfilled them beyond my expectations. I was lucky to get Peter Bleksley(, a former Scotland Yard undercover officer and now author to act as the person to be followed. He took the students from Brighton to Peterborough and back to London and underground over a course of four days. They each took turns in being team leader and had to keep Peter in sight at all times: not any easy task as he is such an experienced operator.

If you would like more details of the course please email me at [email protected]

August is a holiday month so take care when travelling. Remember to ask a neighbour at home to remove any newspapers or post that are stuck in your letter box, thus not letting the opportunist burglar know the house is empty.

Kerry McFadden, former wife of Brian from Westlife, was attacked in her own home because she left the front door unlocked whilst downstairs in a basement room; the attackers just walked in the unlocked door. So remember, if you are out in the back garden, close front room windows and lock the front door.

There is still no news of the four British bodyguards kidnapped in Iraq eight weeks ago; my thoughts go out to them and to their families

Until next month
Stay safe
Jacquieline Davis

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