April 2007
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you got all the chocolate eggs that your hearts desired.

The estranged wife of Sir Paul Mccartney is now really annoying the Sussex Police with at least four 999 calls to them in the past few weeks. She says she is being followed or feels her personal safety is at risk when on at least three occasions it was nothing more than paparazzi waiting outside her house. To be honest the Police really do have better things to do than to go running to her abode to move away photographers.

In a recent interview Heather bleated on about having no security or bodyguards because Paul refuses to pay for them, yet in the same interview she talked about how much money she earned before she met him, so why doesn't she pay for her own security?

I am sure that whenever she has their daughter Bea, Paul arranges security even though Heather might not be aware that they are there. Believe me, they are shadowing Paul's daughter everywhere. But why does Heather think she warrants such a high bodyguard presence for herself? Admittedly she has had a few death threats but they were from Paul Mccartney fans who are fed up with her dragging Paul's name through the mud. I think Heather is lonely and has fallen into the trap of thinking the bodyguards she had were her best friends. It happens a lot to bodyguards: we are the closest thing sometimes to an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. But, believe me, as soon as a new best friend enters the picture the bodyguard will be relegated back to the ranks of servant. I've seen it happen a hundred times.

I just wanted to say hello to all our troops who are still serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and to let them know that we are thinking of them. Apparently the insurgents are now using chlorine bombs which can cause terrible injuries as they explode and dissipate: yet another weapon that is causing more damage to their own people as well as to ours. Suicide bombs continue to kill more Muslims than army and security personnel in Iraq, whilst in Afghanistan the Taliban have taken to kidnapping journalists again: terrible.

In this month's postbag I have been asked what to do if I think 'my teenager is stealing.'

Firstly when your teenager is not in the house go and search their room and see if you can find any clothes or accessories that you know you have not seen before or have not purchased.

I really do not believe a teenager has a right to privacy. I know they would disagree but, for their own safety and security, parents have to search their rooms and computers on a regular basis. It doesn't mean that you have to tell them you are doing it but it will keep you informed as to whom they are talking to on the Internet or if, as in this case, they may be shoplifting.

If you do find unexplained items, then confront them when they come home, sit them down and try to talk about it. Of course they are going to either deny it or stomp about feeling indignant and hard done by, but you may have saved your teenager from falling into a life of crime or at the very least from a visit to the Police station.

I am off over to Los Angeles very soon for more talks on TV Dramas.Whilst there I shall go and see Eric Haney who writes The UNIT; if you're not watching it on Bravo then you don't know what you are missing. At the very least I shall interview some of the male cast (the ones with nice bums and great thighs of course!) and let you all know how I got on.

Until next month, stay safe and keep the letters coming
Jacquieline Davis

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