October 2006
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Young Killers

In the last few months there's been a rash of killings amongst youngsters. My own nephew, who was only 29 years old, died from injuries he received from a juvenile, whilst he was sitting in a pub garden. The juvenile, a 17 year old has been charged with his murder. Sadly I had not seen my nephew for some years and I found a complete sadness came over me, and I can only imagine the pain his family are going through losing someone in the prime of their life for something so needless.

A couple of days later I read of a woman on her way to work, who was picked out at random by another 17year old and stabbed to death. Only last month a young girl died from stab wounds after an 18 year old male stabbed her to death over a kitten she did not want. A 21 year old father was one was shot as he went to confront a gang of youths causing a nuisance, and a 20 year old doorman has been beaten to death because he would not let in a gang of boys to a nightclub. What is going on?

Are drugs to blame for these people going out of control? Could it be the government's new policy to decriminalize cannabis? Personally I think it is! It's about time we woke up to the scientific truth about cannabis that it can harm your brain cells, and other harder drugs can let you get totally out of control. I am sick and tired of the soft policies that are being taken by the Police on behalf of the government. I want to feel safe when I walk the streets, or sit in a pub garden I don't want to have to keep wondering if the group of kids that have walked in are going to stop someone's life in their tracks. It's about time we all stood up and started to be counted.


I went to the Southampton boat show and was amazed at the lack of security and bag searches that didn't happen. The boats were of course fabulous, especially if you have the odd half a million pounds you want to spend. I went to look at the rigid inflatables or RIB's as they are known. Several years ago I did the round Scotland boat race in one, and on other occasions I have used one to escape from a country whilst rescuing a hostage. Not wanting to go the normal routine of the airport of course. I nicknamed one of the bars at the show CRO Central it was a hangout for villains with more money than class, I swear if anyone had done a police check at the bar Britain's 'most wanted' would have been there boasting about their new motor boat they had purchased - and they say crime doesn't pay.


According to the French Intelligent Service Osama Bin Laden has died of typhoid in the remote mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is amazing as I was told a couple of years ago he had been killed in a fire fight in the same mountainous region. Apparently American Special Forces had tracked him to a mountain cave, chatter on telephones had been monitored and it was established that Bin Laden was helping his cohorts to get their families out of Afghanistan and into Pakistan before the area became impassable due to heavy snow. Bin Laden was seen talking into a satellite phone when a sniper took him out. I asked my contact why the Americans had not made this public and I was told under American Army law two people have to verify a dead body - if this doesn't happen then the person is just "Missing".

When George Bush and Colin Powell were asked if it was true that Bin Laden had been killed, they both said he was "Missing". Although I'm told that George Bush had a wry smirk on his face when he said it.

Until next month stay safe be aware
Jacquieline Davis

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