Late Summer 2013
  Modern Nutrition & Healthy Living
by Valerie Austin

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1. One of Sally Farmiloe's many famous get togthers covered by OKAY magazine with Valerie Austin pictured with Leslie Nicol the actress who plays the cook on Downton Abbey
2. The Heritage Foundation's tribute to Erick Sykes with a memorial unveiling of the plaque ceremony before lunch with so many actors and celebrities. See how many you recognize
3. One the beautiful charity dinner at the Royal Hospital Chelsea such a pleasure to dine. Marie Curie always has elegant events
4. The Two Cities luncheon with guest of honour David Cameron
5. Olive Oil tasting at the Ritz
6. David Cameron at the Two Cities Luncheon

Socializing and doing the rounds:

Lots of partying this summer and my feet have hardly touched the ground. Our marina was putting new pontoons in at the height of the season so our yacht was left without power for three weeks so we were literally forced to go to Puerto Banus to stay and I have to say this was not at all difficult. The fact is that it was cheaper than staying in London so we had a great forced holiday and loved Malaga and the surroundings. Well of course with me being a Leo and liking sparkle and glitter there was plenty of that in the most expensive port on the Spanish Riviera.

My husband and I love to people-watch from the port of Peurto Banus dining in the many cafés and restaurants. It was a perfect vantage point where we saw the most delightful and attractive people walk by or drive past in their many exotic cars including at least eight Lamborghinis in just one week, each a different colour. The old town of Marbella is enthralling with the elegant beautique shops where the shoes and handbags are incredible.

Fortunately it was before the scare in Spain where it was reported that hospitals were getting their own credit card machines as they were not accepting health insurance or EU Health Cards and people would only be treated if they paid. I hope that eases off so we can return without worrying about what would happen if we had a health problem.

With a little research we were able to find organic produce there and were delighted to find a good bio/organic section in the local supermarket. However, it would appear that the information about storing water in plastic bottles had yet to reach the local organic shop, as they didn't stock water in glass bottles.

Southern Spain is known for its fish and we discovered some nice restaurants offering 'fresh' sea food. We happened upon a small restaurant whilst walking around Marbella offering a good menu at a reasonable price and the food was freshly cooked and you could see what you were going to eat instead of just choosing from a menu.

I had some splendid parties throughout the summer, with a conservative lunch with David Cameron as the guest speaker. We were not given the venue until the day before for security reasons. The guest list was incredible with forty tables filled. I have to admit David Cameron's speech was flawless and certainly off-the-cuff warming the audience with his humor. He was on the next table to us (thanks to Sally for out VIP table) everyone wanted a picture taken with him so I leaned over and asked him if I could have a picture with him for 'Hotgossip' when he was free. He actually came over to me as he was leaving and charmingly said he was ready for the photograph; he had remembered.
There were also many charity events with a few at the splendid Royal Chelsea Hospital which is always so elegant with incredible food. Looking out into the gardens with the row of canons is a reminder of old times.
One very interesting PR party was at the Ritz, promoting olive oil where we were invited to circulate, tasting the different (and some extremely expensive) brands of olive oli from all around Europe. It felt strange to sip at the different oils, not quite as enjoyable as wine of course. But unlike wine tasting no one was spitting out the oil.

One of Sally Farmiloe's events got me in OKAY magazine pictured with her that has got all my friends and clients a buzz.


We are really going through some very interesting times with new technology just rushing forward at an incredible pace whilst at the same time we seem to going backwards in education and babying criminals.

At the same time one report suggested that pickpockets and thieves should not go through the pain of 'jail' even repeat offenders and serial thieves. Elsewhere technology was pointing out that we will soon not need a body, just a brain, as the body is becoming obsolete. Well at least that will stop the need for pick-pockets and muggers to be jailed.

Cancer - The Shocking Disease of Our Times.

Cancer is becoming the most talked about disease, which is starting to frighten and affect almost everyone, and of course our Editor Sally has been battling for some time now and her book will very shortly be published on the subject. She is very strong and very brave and will aggressively fight it. If cancer hasn't affected you by now it is likely to in the near future If the statistics are anything to go by. The number of people diagnosed with cancer is growing each year at an alarming rate. It could be any of us, our relations, our friends or even friends of friends who receive this terrible life threatening diagnosis and if you are not already aware of the treatment and what a cancer sufferer and the people around them have to go through I am sure you will soon know every terrible step.

As a therapist and councilors, whose vocation is to help people I advice that all therapists should consider learning how to help their clients who have been diagnosed with cancer. In our professon we can generally deal with the psychological effects of our client cancer sufferers and their families and friends but what about the physical effects, which are now proving to be greatly helped with hypnosis? Just some of the advantages of using hypnosis include relieving the stress, reducing the healing time and distress and even shrinking tumors.

With my hands-on experience as a cancer carer for my attorney friend and witnessing what a change of life and an ordeal it was gave us both the nudge to look deeper into what more can be done. We have taken a year to cover fact finding alternative cancer conferences and medical conferences in the US, interviewing top cancer researchers, surgeons and doctors for their views and it is amazing what we have found out. For example, how food and exercise can help considerably and how hypnosis is necessary to make incredible changes. We are now filming for our next documentary based on the information we have gathered on cancer that we hope will also get chosen for the Cannes Film Festival.

At my September Hypnotherapy Conference I'll be revealing what the experts and medical doctors feel about current treatments and showing how alternative treatment can be a savior, by helping to increase the survival rate.

Why focus on Cancer therapy? My Story

"I had never considered working with Cancer until one of my closest friends and a colleague was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer with a 15% survival rate. Inger Garcia is an incredibly skilled criminal attorney and my co-documentary film producer and a big part of my life in the US.

When Inger received this life changing news she had to more or less close her businesses. Then a miracle happened with the use of hypnosis. Because she was unable to have chemo or radiation before her operation for two months she used specially adapted self-hypnosis every day with special techniques intended to reduce the size of the tumor and changed her diet to predominantly organic food.

After her surgery the surgeon told her that her tumor had reduced instead of grown in size and that she was now stage 2B, which meant she now had an 85% survival rate as opposed to 15%. We were ecstatic. Also the surgeon said she had never seen anything like it when she got to see the tumor.

Throughout her ideal I became her carer and sat beside her for the chemo treatments, whilst talking to the medical team giving their advice. I was introduced to the top people in Cancer research and spent hours interviewing specialists, each with their own point of view and ideas regarding alternative treatments. Interestingly, what all the specialists agreed on was to have less stress and even more critical was a healthy diet and that is where hypnosis excels. As doctors are not taught about nutrition they referred patients to nutritionists but few of them knew which foods fight cancer and this is very important.

Advanced Hypnotherapy and nutrition for cancer therapy is a new combination which is already proving to be a winning combination. My own hands-on experience with cancer therapy is ground breaking and documented and I will be sharing some of the information at the conference and teaching it in-depth at a specialist workshop. The good news is that anyone can learn something that could mean the difference between life and death for a loved one.

The Incredible Hidden Power of Mesmerism

Nowadays we are more aware of the dangers of anesthetics and how they can affect our bodies and health for months after operations so it's no wonder people are turning to more traditional and alternative methods of pain-free surgery.

In the 1850's James Esdaile performed over 3,000 operations using mesmerism as the only anesthesia. Not only did the patients feel no pain but also there was a most interesting side effect from the use of mesmerism. The post surgery mortality rate was reduced from 50% to 5% and this was in India, a tropical country, in the 1850's. I have taught therapists to work with the surgeons in the operating theatre and indeed the patient had a painless experience with the only anesthesia being hypnosis; what other therapy is so powerful.

Research has also shown that patients using hypnosis for anesthesia have a quicker recovery rate and less post-operative pain. However, in a comparative study, 84% of subjects felt mesmerism was a deeper trance than hypnosis and the same study found that 68% of the subjects described a loss of sensation or analgesia in some part of their bodies and 9% reported spontaneous healing. All this with no needles and at a fraction of the cost of chemical anesthesia!

Mesmerism prevents damage from cell phone radiation
Today we live in an era of rapidly increasing Electronic Technology. Within that technology are hidden pollutants that many people are not aware of. Our bodies absorb these Electronic Pollutants from many sources including cell phones, computers, televisions, microwaves and electrical power lines. These electronic pollutants are known as EMF's, Electronic-Magnetic Fields. These EMF's negatively impact the cells of our bodies, which in turn increases free radical production. This causes the body to function at reduced efficiency and decreased energy levels, which can cause pain and various illnesses. Mesmerism restores the natural harmony of the body's energy field.

Anyone interested in learning more about the incredible hidden power of mesmerism can see Mesmerism expert James Pool sharing his knowledge at an exclusive lecture at this September's conference and at a special training in October.


Information on bee keeping and healing poser: My daughter-in-law's father was a bee keeper all his life and he would always use the Propolis from the hives to heal wounds that would not heal otherwise. He would take the Propolis around hospitals to help old people whose wounds had a tendency not to heal. You may find the ingredients in lots of face and body creams but it is such a tiny quantity that that I doubt if it will have any effect. It needs to be 'pure' and not mixed with other substances to maximize the healing. What is interesting is that this quality in honey has just been noticed by the scientists. It should have been made common knowledge. However propolis is very expensive because is not easy to produce and a very small bottle (around ten years ago) would be about £60. It can be taken orally for a variety of illnesses or spread on wounds for rapid excellent healing.

Doctors discovered the 'super honey' with amazing power to treat soldiers' wounds and kill superbug infections. The bio-engineered product Surgihoney was tested on babies, new mothers, cancer patients and the elderly for over a year in Hampshire hospitals. Wounds and ulcers, including those infected with the superbug MRSA, healed within days, while the number of women who suffered infections after giving birth by caesarean section has halved.

How ironic that modern medicine is discovering that a simple substance such as honey can combat superbug infections that are resistant to modern day penicillin.

With the selling of our medical records for £1 to private companies and the article about hacking your computer and spying on your life via your computer camera it seems to be our lives are no longer private.

A girl of only two years old was targeted by a hacker and spied on in her bedroom. What is frightening is the hacker could control the camera to spy on the baby and also use its baby monitor to talk to the little girl and shout at her to wake up while using some defamatory language. The hacker used her name which he could see through the camera on the child's bedroom wall. When the parents came in the hacker told them to get out and used foul language.

Although the incident was in Texas the experts are warning all owners to secure usernames and passwords for Forscam cameras which are sold in Britain. It was reported that the hacker had a British or European accent. The information how to access the cameras are shared on forums so I should imagine, since the incident has now be reported in major papers, it may entice more hackers to do the same - so beware.

It has been known for years that an internet users camera can be hacked so be careful how you dress (or don't) when you are on line as you never know who is watching...

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Editors Note: VALERIE AUSTIN is an author of six successful self-help books including SELF HYPNOSIS (Thorsons), journalist and trainer with an international reputation in the field of hypnosis. Her best-selling books and training help people achieve their full potential. She founded the Austin Corporate Stress Management Company focusing on reducing stress and anxiety amongst executives and CEO's. She is also founder of UKRAH (1992) The UK Register of Advanced Hypnotherapy. Valerie has also worked as a consultant in hypnosis at the Priory Hospital, the UK's equivalent to The Betty Ford Clinic, which specialises in food addiction and alcohol abuse. Her work in the film industry (Hollywood) interviewing movers and shakers, producing TV news segments and publishing celebrity magazines in London gave her invaluable experience for her current Harley Street practice.

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