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by Victoria Bullis

I have been doing readings for about 25 years. To find out more about me please visit my website (You may also want to Google me - I've been involved in media for 22 years, and there is a lot of information available...)

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When little Prince George was born on 22 July this was not his first time on Planet Earth. In fact this was not his first life in England. Baby George has had at least eleven other lives in Great Britain: two in Wales, one in the north of Scotland, one in Northern Ireland, the rest scattered throughout England. In one of his most recent lifetimes he was a fisherman off the Devon coast; this was in the early 1900s. He was born just at the time that Queen Victoria was literally dying.

There is no coincidence that this took place (there never is): He needed to have the experience of what it was like in the late Victorian era.

On a cosmic level it was determined at least twenty-five hundred years ago that he would live in England at a particular time to effect great changes for the country. Twenty-five hundred years ago he was a part of a migration to England and wielded a great deal of power over the newcomers.

Between these lives George experienced approximately eleven other lifetimes in Great Britain plus five in its colonies beginning with Queen Elizabeth I. He was a tea planter in Africa and was in the East India Company in India in the early 1800s where he had a great deal of clout.

Obviously with each of these lives he was a man. However as with each of us he also experienced some of his lives as a woman. In another English life he lived in Cornwall; he in that lifetime was a woman and an Irish servant in a manor house. George in that lifetime as a woman had two children from the head of the manor—her descendents are currently wealthy landowners still in the Cornwall area. In other words little George as that particular woman had two illegitimate children and has dozens of descendents alive today. Each one has something quirky about his or her little baby toes especially on the left foot: that came from who she was then. And at some point little George will be in the same village or some event as these very offspring and/or will pass by them. Sometimes I call this a little bit of cosmic humour.

George's lives though have been mostly mundane. As with all of us! He was a farmer, fisherman off the coast of Greece, a foot solider in the Austro-Hungarian empire, was a nun in a convent in Scotland and so on. It is very easy for me to see one's extraordinary or even unusual lives as they are few and far between. George was the municipal chief in Alexandria in the tenth century AD. In that lifetime he commissioned artwork from various parts of the world for several palaces that he brought to Alexandria; several pieces still remain in a major building-- probably in a museum.

He was an early American patriot. He was sent to America as a Hessian recruit but did not see much battle. He loved this new country enough and saw its potential he left again to desert his regiment, moving to what is now the Canadian border to become a small farmer. There are hundreds of descendents from that lifetime within fifty miles of Niagara Falls.

More on Prince George's other achievements coming soon...

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Variety's 'Power of Youth' Event

A colleague of mine was one of the key organizers of this fun event in late July on the Universal Studio's 'backlots' (these are the actual sets where movies are made: there are entire Old West-type towns, New York-type cities, rural villages etc). This function was organized around the set of a traditional American town square. This Power of Youth event recognized teen celebrities for their philanthropic work including Quvenzhane Wallis (she won an Academy Award this year), Abigail Breslin, and Tyler Posey. JCPenney provided fashion styles for the honorees and their photo shoots.

The current and up-and-coming actors all wore JCPenney styles including Dreampop by Cynthia Rowley, Arizona Jeans and Total Girl.

These and many, many other young stars stopped by the JCPenney booth to pick out one of the many patterns available for a custom silkscreen t-shirt. The t-shirts were a huge hit—almost every one of the several hundred 15-year-olds and under were wearing these t-shirts by the end of the evening!

Two of the other celebrity attendees I saw that evening were Patrick Schwarzenegger and Rico Rodriguez—Manny from Modern Family. He is an adorable, very sweet 'tween'. And has the same personality as his character on the show.

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Look for my spa review in the upcoming issue!

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This is back to school time throughout much of the world. Parents hope their children will do well, not be bullied, will get along with their teachers, stay safe and well.

The reality though is that all of these components are rarely entirely in place throughout the entire school year. Flus abound, children do get hurt feelings and not all teachers treat each child in the same manner.

Most parents when considering purchasing a home factor in the caliber of the schools in the area. However assessments made re whether a school is perfect or not for their offspring are based on facts such as scores, the performances of both past and current students and the ranking of each school.

Many things do happen that have nothing to do with the data for any given school. By the way my first career was as a primary school teacher. I taught eight-year-olds in San Francisco. Over the more than twenty years I have been doing readings I have had countless children as clients. Bullying is one of the areas I have worked with both parents and children on re how to deal with it and transform it. I have worked with parents in many more areas of their children's lives than this one but this particular issue is endemic pretty much everywhere in the world.

I am also fortunate enough to be able to talk on many radio stations at the beginning of each school year. Generally parents call in and ask what to expect re little William's school year ahead: I cover what to watch out for, what to go for (certain sport or other activity), how to get along with the teacher in the best way possible and so on. This is something I love doing; in fact it is one of my favorite topics to be interviewed on in radio.

What I say to parents when I work with their children or with them re their children, and what I say on the radio as often as I am allowed to is that parents in this day and age must use better intuition about everything related to the school year—and every single day during it.

This includes which house to purchase, what schools are in the vicinity that their children will be attending and how they feel about those particular schools in general for their children. Then it is important each morning before the child goes off to school to do what I call "an intuitive check" to see how you feel about that day ahead. From how the journey to the school feels, what goes on during the day, and how the journey home feels. Intuition is the only mechanism that each and every parent has to guide them re how to not only ensure the best performances for the year but also whether it feels safe to send the child to school that day even if the child is not ill. Terrorism is obviously is one reason; another is possible occurrences on the child's journey to school or home.

In addition, I feel extremely strongly that it is vital for parents to teach their children how to use their intuition better than most parents generally know how to do. This includes anything from teaching them who to trust on the playground to how to ask the teacher for extra help or even re their own journey home at the end of that school day.

More on how to help children develop intuition in upcoming issues...

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