June 2005
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Losses in Iraq

Sadly I have to report the deaths of two of my colleagues and the injuries of several others.

My friends and colleagues were on protective detail duty (bodyguarding) in a car convoy when a cowardly suicide bomber pulled along side and blew them up on a busy road in Baghdad. They all worked for an American security company called CTU who I am honoured to say I have been associated with for fifteen years. Headed by ex Delta Force original member Don Feeney. I have worked all over the world with these people and was devastated when I heard the news, which came to me whilst I was at Police Memorial week in Washington DC. An Iraqi website claiming responsibility also claimed that they had killed members of the CIA in the convoy. They are wrong! They have killed hard working trained men working for a private security company. I hope our forces and those of our American allies now go and give the insurgents a thoroughly good arse kicking.

Michael Jackson Trial

The defence has now called it's last witness and hopefully the jury will reach the right verdict, that of Guilty. Apparently Jackson is selling his Neverland ranch to pay for his defence lawyers and all the staff that trail along behind him to the court house every day. Having listened to most of the trial I am of the opinion he should be kept away from children and put away in prison to serve a sentence of not less than five years.


I have warned in this column before of the perfume scam where a woman is approached in a car park and offered cheap perfume, she is asked to sniff the handkerchief it is on, it is not perfume but ether, waking later to discover her handbag or car has been stolen. It has been brought to my attention that this scam is now very current and is happening in supermarket car parks. Please ladies, if it sounds to good to be true then it is too good to be true.

Nuisance Neighbours

A good friend of mine is suffering at the hands of nuisance neighbours, they intimidate her and her family by shouting obscenities as they leave their house and throwing dog poop in her garden. My friend has reported the incident on many occasions to the council and the Police, although she feels she does not want to waste Police time. The neighbours have even put a hose pipe through her bedroom window thus flooding the room and damaging the ceiling beneath it. Last week she received a letter from social services claiming she had been reported for beating her children, she then received a visit from the RSPCA claiming she was beating her dog. Having satisfied both agencies she was guilty of neither my friend wanted to know why her neighbours could not be done for wasting police and social services time. It's just a neighbour dispute she has been told time and time again by her local council, this poor woman cannot sleep, she is a nervous wreck and to compound it all has been told she has a blood clot close to her heart.
Appealing to the neighbours has not worked; they truly are the neighbours from hell and should be either evicted or served with an ASBO (anti social behaviour order). My friend has put her house up for sale but with the new laws surrounding house sales she is obliged to tell possible buyers about the neighbours. Obviously her house is still on the market.
What right do people think they have to make their neighbours lives a misery?

Well, bodyguarding season is in full swing and i am run off my feet, I am even instructing on bodyguarding courses in the next month. If you require any information on these courses drop me an email.

Until next month Stay safe

Jacquieline Davis

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