June 2004
  Food & Wine

CHEZ GERARD, 1 Watling Street, St. Pauls, EC4.

Tel; 020 7213 0540 www.santesonline.co.uk

Recently opened CHEZ GERARD Restaurant, offering eye-popping glimpses of St. Pauls Cathedral, launched itself with a magnificent 10 Course Dinner, Champagne and Wine, to celebrate a 1OO Years of ENTENTE CORDIALE between England and France.

Intrepid Diners might be nervous faced with the prospect of 10 Courses, but provided you are happy to spend between 3 and 4 hours appreciating the aromas, presentation and taste subtleties of each dish, it is a Gourmet’s Delight. I wish it could happen every week rather than once every 100 years.

From the 10 Courses I particularly savoured the Salade de Celery with green apple, pommel and coriander. Before and after the Salad were 2 fishy Dishes and then, to refresh the palate, a Lemon sorbet with lemon Vodka. That prepared my taste buds for the Tournedos Rossini topped with foe gras. To finale, poached Plums in red wine with damson Sorbet.

As The Slender Gourmet, I did not leave e the table feeling ‘over fed’. I hope CHEZ GERARD will include some of these Gourmet Delights in their regular a la Carte Menu. If so, I shall be back on a regular basis.

THE BENTLEY HOTEL, 27 – 33 Harrington Gardens, London, SW7 4JX. Tel: 0207 244 5555 website: www.thebentley-hotel.com

Tone up before dining, visit the Kalon Spa and luxuriate in their authentic, gold mosaic decorated Turkish bath followed by an aromatherapy massage given by Sarah.

You will then feel svelte and fit ready to revel in CHEF ANDREW TURNER’S Grazing Menu, in the recently opened 1880 Restaurant where you dine beneath chandeliers in palatial splendour.

But before, relax in the plush red, velvety lounge and listen to the pianist whilst sipping a glass of TAITTINGER and studying the Menus Besides dedication, the Chef needs artistic inspiration to create Grazing dishes that combine, presentation, aroma and contrasting textures and flavours.

It is a Gourmet’s Delight - on your first visit you may find it difficult to decide from a selection of six Grazing Menus, which one to choose. Both Andrew and the Head Sommelier PATRICK SALLES have foreseen this Gourmet’s dilemma, the solution is to graze from the a la Carte, in miniature, and have a glass of wine, selected by Patrick, with each dish. Dishes like –Rabbit Veloute, confit Pork, onion and Tarragon Pushovers. Foie Gras, Mango and crushed potatoes, sauce Perigourdine. Scottish Halibut with Asparagus, Frogs Legs and garlic, Sauce lie de Vin. Seared Celtic Sea Scallops, cauliflower and broccoli, white sultanas and capers,

Save tummy space for a Selection of French Cheeses specially selected by the Maitre Fromager served with a choice of Alsace Jelly, homemade biscuits and wonderful Country Bread.

Passionate about Desserts – the Crème Brule 1880 might be your fulfilment.

Many thanks to the Restaurant Manager, CONOR O’LEARY, and his attentive staff, for looking after us so well.


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