June 2004
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Just back from Washington DC and Police Memorial week where we remembered the many Police officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. Whilst in DC a Maryland Police Officer was killed and two others injured, all in separate incidents in the same week.

On returning to England a Police officer was stabbed to death in the West Midlands. UK COPS is a charity set up to help those left behind deal with their loss, thankfully a British newspaper, The News Of the World, advertised the small Badges/pins we sell at UK COPS to raise money. If you would also like to help by buying a pin please go to the UK COPS website www.ukcops.org

And thank you from me.

Two more British civilian bodyguards were killed in Iraq this month, the toll keeps rising and I keep hearing stories from there about untrained personnel being sent out to the battle zone. For Goodness sake when are the British Government going to licence security companies like they do in the USA. We need to have strict rules about training and who can and cannot be in the security industry. As it stands at the moment any one coming out of prison yesterday can open a security company tomorrow. Not good enough Mr Blair do something!

Identity Theft
I did my usual - getting on the plane to the USA and promptly fell asleep. My friend sat next to the window, I sat in the middle and another woman who I did not know sat next to me. On waking my friend asked me to introduce her to the woman on my right, I had no idea who she was and asked my friend why she thought I knew her. My friend said, "I saw her filling out your landing card so you must know her." I looked across and saw the said card which had been filled out in the name of Jacqueline Ann Davis with an October birth date: imagine the women's surprise when I asked her if that was her name - and when she said yes I introduced my self to her. This is a harmless but true story of a coincidence - but Identity theft is on the increase, make sure you shred or burn any bank, credit card or utility bills there are unscrupulous people who will go through your rubbish bin to retrieve this information to steal your information and identity. Only this week I had an email from a company who was trying to sell me my own name for an email address. So be careful and beware.

Having watched the season finale of Law and Order, Las Vegas and CSI I wonder how I will cope on the odd occasions I get to watch Television, but now I can say Wait for my TV series, yes THE CIRCUIT is going to be an American series and I am delighted. Stay tuned for further information as and when I get it I shall keep you all posted on who what where and when. Any suggestions on who should play me?

Until next month
Stay Safe
Jacquieline Davis

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Available at www.luckypress.com & www.amazon.com
Price US $14.95

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