June 2004

Letter from the Editor
Last month just flew by - one minute it was 1st May, the next 1st June! Where did it go?

Last week I enjoyed, I have to say, a really fun night out with my girlfriends HILARY PROCTOR and TONI LOVE. But we didn’t get much further than Knightsbridge! We met up at HARVEY KNICKS FIFTH FLOOR bar – last time I will go there, dreadful place – and they even charge for nuts!!! From there we went to the MANDARIN ORIENTAL HYDE PARK hotel where I enjoyed the best COSMOPOLITIAN I have ever tasted – all thanks to JEREMY JONES the manager of this really lovely bar. You must try it, super restaurant as well, I hear, although I admit to not having eaten there – yet. 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1. Telephone 020 7235 2000.

From there we trotted off to JOSEPH, 28 Knightsbridge. We had never been to this newly opened cocktail bar and brasserie (one of London’s best kept secrets – so far) but what a charming place it is. WILLIAM, the manager, was very hospitable, showing us around and we shall certainly visit again. I shall be reviewing the food for next month. Tel 020 7823 1750. Great for private parties – call now! From there we went off to Hilary’s private club, a casino called the PALM BEACH. Wow! I even won at roulette!

A prestigious dinner debate at the ARMY & NAVY CLUB, St James’s, a couple of weeks earlier was a very different affair, so were several of the parties I attended – but I have to say it makes a really nice change to have a girlie night out – and worth that little mention.

I would love to write about all the wonderful places I’ve been to during the last month but the truth is that I’m soooooo past my deadline with this copy that I simply have to save that for next month. But I’m sure you’ll really enjoy all the news and gossip from our fabulous editors.

Have a great June


Editor in Chief


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Created by Dave West who, in 1989 began his preparation to establish a commanding presence in what was to be a new market resulting from the enactment of the Single Market Treaty. His NO FRILLS approach, allied to the retail philosophy of STACK HIGH AND SELL IT CHEAP is central to the company's culture and has ensured that the store has achieved the objective set in 1989, that of a commanding presence.

Today's store is probably the largest independently owned retail outlet of its type in the world, offering wines, beers and spirits from all major countries, and as a result of the quality of the products allied to their retail price, it enjoys an enviable degree of customers.

In addition to the outlet in Calais, EastEnders also has a retail outlet on the Franco-Belgium border retailing tobacco products, same emphasis on keeping the cost down, and is in easy reach of Calais.

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