December 2005 - January 2006

Hi everyone! Firstly may I start by wishing everyone and their families a very happy and healthy Festive Season and New Year, as this will be the last column until February!

Also let us remember all those that have passed from this earth, as they will always be in our thoughts.


Just a few moans this month LOL

Firstly, I never did get the TDK CD printer resolved, so I have bought a Primera Z1. It's a lot more expensive than the TDK, but it does print in four areas on the CD. Let's hope it is more reliable than the TDK. I will keep you posted.

I have been having a lot of trouble with BT Broadband. I have spent hours talking to them at '4p" a minute but it just keeps crashing. In a conversation with an engineer the other day, I was told, 'I can see that you are connected, it can't be BT's Broadband that is the trouble it must be your computer." Then he put the phone down after I had waited over an hour on line to speak to him! I tried it on my spare computer and guess what, it didn't work on that either! After numerous times closing the computer down, it eventually went back on line. I am not the only one having this trouble, so it is a load of rubbish for them to say it is my computer. Which means everyone else's computers are faulty as well! If you have had trouble with BT Broadband, let me know!

I got so fed up with it all I thought I would ring BULLDOG to get hooked up with them. Would you believe it I sound like Victor now) it rang and rang and the answering service came on and I was told to check the website out! What is the point of spending millions on advertising campaigns and then not answering the phone! It makes me laugh, they pay these executives hundreds of thousands of pounds to run companies and they can't see that your business is done by answering the telephone!


JOE BROWN AND MARTY WILDE have rescheduled their date at Corydon's Fairfield Halls, the original date being postponed due to Marty Wilde losing his voice. The new date (if you are reading this before this date) now takes place on December 30

Joe Brown and Marty Wilde, rock icons and British pioneers of rock 'n' roll, are currently on a very special joint headlining tour. The dates, titled "Together Again", follow last year's hugely successful outing and are as a direct response to ticket demand.

The combination of Marty Wilde and Joe Brown equals unparalleled entertainment and musicianship and audiences up and down the country have been greeting them with standing ovations.

I have seen both of them separately but never together and they are both fantastic showmen.

I suggest you go and see them

Tickets are on sale now priced £17.50 - £25 (subject to booking fee) from box offices - 020 8688 9291


James Bourne
James Bourne was both confused and befuddled as where to sign, when a fan presented him with an inflatable doll at the Signing of Son of Dork's new single, Ticket Outta Loserville, at the Virgin Megastores in Canterbury.

What will fans ask him to sign next? LOL




In February 2002, the name "The Itchy Tits All Girl Punk Show" was born, a love child (spontaneously) by the band's first ever drummer, (they are on their third!), in a boring music theory lesson at the college where all four girls in the initial line-up attended.

The concept of the Itchy Tits began as a comical rebellion against those stereotypical male 'muso' types who take themselves and their music very seriously and are often very reluctant to entertain the idea of female in their genre unless it is to offer them sexual services.

The niche in the market for an all girl band that can play hard and well is a widely recognised fact around the common rooms of the music industry. The Tits have already had a few TV appearances on shows like 'Faking it' and 'Brainiac', and had five of their songs featured on a feature film 'Mothers and Daughters', (although they haven't been paid yet!)

Early next year, see an Itchy Tit tour around the UK, and their first national record release from their own independent label 'Mammory Music'. Can this DIY all girl band prove themselves in this man's world?

Check them out on

That's the lot until February, keep the e-mails coming in [email protected]

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Also don't forget the song for little Sarah, who was so brutally murdered

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