December 2004 - January 2005

Hi everyone, it's amazing how time flies! I can remember going to the same parties that I have been invited to this year as last, and yet it seems like yesterday! It is also a year since one of my dearest friends died and no doubt many of you will have lost loved ones over the past year. I hope that next year will help to heal the wounds from loosing someone close to you.

Again, last year I wanted to see less violence and wars in the world; however all we seem to see is more violence and more wars. I will not take sides in any of the 'wars' as I have readers from all walks of life and all sides and I do not believe that I have the right to voice my opinion on who is right and who is wrong. However, I do believe that we the ordinary people could do more by voting in elections. If we do not like either of the major parties then vote for one of the alternative parties or independent candidates, at least that way you are not wasting your vote. After all why are many of the wars being fought for so called 'democracy'. If after you get it you allow the same type of person that you supposedly fought against get back into power by voter apathy.

Just take a look at the people in the Ukraine taking on the government over the corrupt elections, that is what we should all be doing the world over and then hopefully we would have less war, as 99% of the people would have exercised their right to vote, thus weakening the major parties power. So that's my message for the New Year and I wish happiness and health to all my readers no matter what race or creed you are.

Now on to the music!

Keeping on the peace note a new CD was released on the 25th November 2004.

For anyone who doesn't know who Damilola Taylor is, he was a young African boy who was brutally knifed to death, in South London. I won't go into how or why as I don't know the full facts, but it appears to have been racially motivated.

The London Evening Standard got together with Urban Voice and put a free CD out through the paper and for every newspaper sold they donated 10p to the Trust. That is commendable.

Artistes appearing on the CD are


For more information on how to get a copy of the CD and donation information e-mail: [email protected]

A Few Tours


1st December Regent Theatre – Ipswich
4th December - Plymouth Pavilions – Plymouth
6th December - N.I.A. Academy – Birmingham
7th December - Colston Hall – Bristol
9th December - Carling Apollo Hammersmith – London
10th December - Carling Apollo Hammersmith – London
11th December - U.E.A – Norwich
13th December - Corn Exchange – Cambridge
14th December - Brighton Centre - Brighton

Jools Hollands

3rd December - Carling Apollo – Manchester
4th December - Carling Apollo – Manchester
5th December - National Indoor Arena – Birmingham
8th December - Newcastle City Hall – Newcastle
9th December - Newcastle City Hall – Newcastle
10th December - Clyde Auditorium @ Secc – Glasgow
11th December - Clyde Auditorium @ Secc – Glasgow
17th December - Hallam Fm Arena – Sheffield
18th December - International Arena – Cardiff
19th December - Brighton Centre – Brighton
21st December - Colston Hall – Bristol
22nd December - Colston Hall - Bristol

The Prodigy

2nd December - Academy – Birmingham
3rd December - Brixton Academy – London
4th December - Brixton Academy – London
6th December - Apollo – Manchester
7th December - Apollo – Manchester
8th December - Academy - Glasgow

Wet Wet Wet

1st December - Brighton Centre – Brighton
2nd December - International Arena – Cardiff
4th December - Metro Radio Arena – Newcastle
5th December - Hallam Fm Arena – Sheffield
7th December - Evening News Arena – Manchester
8th December - S.E.C.C – Glasgow
9th December - S.E.C.C – Glasgow
10th December - Exhibition Centre – Aberdeen
12th December - N.E.C – Birmingham
13th December - National Exhibition Centre - Birmingham
14th December - Arena – Nottingham
16th December - Odyssey – Belfast
19th December - Wembley Arena – London
20th December - Wembley Arena - London

Angel City

Lara McAllen

The New Angel City single 'Sunrise' is due to be released February 14th 2005! The Album is due out on 21st February 2005!

The vocals are provided by the beautiful Lara McAllen who is a firm favourite of the fans! She was also nominated as Best Dance Artiste in the recent Smash Hits Poll.

She held her birthday party recently and it certainly was a star studded event, with members of Blue in attendance, also certain corners ho keeper from Corrie was seen patiently waiting a the bar to be served, whist young girl fans were desperate to be photographed with him! I didn't realise he was so tall!

Rob Davis and his wife were seen sharing a joke with Lara, looks as if there will be a serious writing partnership between them on, as they get on like a house on fire!

Dannii Minogue
Well it looks like we will be all doing the opposite to Dannii's recent single title 'You Won't Forget About Me' after only 3 weeks in the charts it disappeared out of the Top 40. Maybe it was the anti-Midas touch of Bruce Elliott Smith. His BS saying he had written the song and produced it obviously didn't help the track, another failure to be added to his list.

Well that's that's lot this month, sorry it's so short, keep the e-mails coming in [email protected]

And don't for get to check out the following sites:
For the budding artiste and songwriter

Also don't forget the song for little Sarah, who was so brutally murdered

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