December 2004 - January 2005
  Crime, Safety & Protection

'Tis the season to be jolly, lots of balls and lots of holly, well balls definitely as I have four to attend this month. As I write this I am sitting here dressed like the fairy on top of the Christmas tree waiting for my Prince Charming and his carriage to arrive to whisk me away to a ball. My biggest worry is my Kubaton and rape alarm will not fit into my tiny evening bag, so what can a girl do in this predicament? stick them down my stocking top so they cannot be seen but I am confident the feel of steel against my thigh will help me should I be attacked on the way home from the ball.

Honestly being a security expert is not easy, I have to constantly practice what I preach but then again I guess it keeps me safe, and I hope if you follow my advice you too will have a merry festive season and a great new year. Do not get in a mini cab unless you have booked it with a reputable firm, try and use black cabs where ever possible. Do not leave your drink anywhere that someone can put a date rape drug in it. Do not take cigarettes from strangers these too are now used with a date rape drug. Do not put your handbag on the back of a chair. Stay with friends when out and do not leave them, even if the man you meet is drop dead gorgeous and offers you a lift in his Porsche, he will still be lovely the next day when you call him.

I hear the Metropolitan Police are now running a five week course at Hendon training school and then putting Police officers on to the streets to learn the art and craft of Policing. What a short thrift these new recruits are getting, the course is usually eighteen weeks and it is intensive. teaching arrest techniques, life saving, how to deal with domestic situations are just a few of the items student cops had to learn. But now the powers that be think it would be better if they learned all this on the job, I hope none of the students get hurt but sadly many of my ex colleagues think the inevitable will happen. It is just policing on the cheap.

Our troops both British and American are in Iraq over Christmas, I hope you all take the time to think of them and their families at this time of year, sadly several of our troops have been killed whilst storming Fallujah and getting rid of the insurgents and their families will be spending a sad and lonely time around the festive season.

Anyone watching 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Does Sophie c*** head Anderton ever shut up about her past, although she really broke the mould when she said she did not like Paul Burrell the former Royal Butler as he sold stories about the royal family, yep Sophie and you sold stories about your ex boyfriends, Kettle, Pot, Black, my dear girl.

So until next year have a safe and happy holiday season

Jacquieline Davis

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