August 2005
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London Bombings

On July 7th bombs exploded on three London underground trains, and a bus, over fifty people died and more than seven hundred people were injured. Radical muslims have claimed responsibility. Tony Blair keeps telling us that it has nothing to do with our being in Iraq - sort of insulting our intelligence really. On Thursday July 21st the radicals tried to bomb another three trains in London and another bus, the detonators went off in rucksacks placed in train carriages but they failed to ignite the explosive, although this time the rucksacks were also packed with nails. The terrorists did this apparently because they disagreed with Tony Blair and his denial of associating the first bombings with Iraq.

In London we have been bombed many times before by the IRA, we pick ourselves up and carry on, I was very proud to see the people in London using the underground and buses as soon as they could after 7/7. Again we will not be intimidated by these terrorists, you cannot negotiate with them for they believe they will be going to a great afterlife with dancing virgins and all they want. Suicide bombers are new to us in the UK but I have to ask the question, why do the radical clerics that preach hate to these young muslims not go and blow themselves up if the afterlife is so great, the reason? they are cowards, they preach hate and revenge but get others to do their dirty work.

It is now known that the four suicide bombers came from Beeston near Leeds, there families reported them missing on the day of the London bombings as they knew there loved ones had travelled to London. A car was found at Luton train station with seven unexploded bombs still in them. CCTV footage shows the four men walking into the station with their rucksacks and boarding a train for Kings Cross.

All the families have denied knowledge of their family members intentions.

Over twenty five thousand civilians have been killed in Iraq suicide bombings since the war was declared over, but they are not committed by us they are committed by their own people.

God help them all.

As a reminder if you see any unattended package on the transport system, do not panic, move everybody out of the carriage and inform a member of staff as soon as possible.

I went to the book launch of Wensley Clarkson’s new book BINDON published by Blake, the do was held in a pub in Fulham complete with seventies type food, cheese and pineapple on sticks. It was a great night. John Bindon was a fulham boy turned boxer turned actor who went on to have an affair with our own Princess Margaret, the queens sister. If you want to read about the glittering seventies in London and how various actors got work then get this book, it really is a great read I could not put it down.

Chris Ryan's new book Blackout is due on the shelves in September, I have read an advance copy and have to say it is not as good as his last The Increment. Blackout is set in the Arizona dessert and to be honest the character Josh is a bit to good to be believed, we start with him lying in a ditch having been shot, along comes good looking female who happens to be a doctor and nurses him back to health complete with bedside manner, or in bed manner as she has medicinal sex with her patient who has conveniently lost his memory, something the author does frequently himself. I was slightly disappointed with the book, but maybe that is just because I am disappointed with the author's behaviour personally.

Until next month stay safe and be aware.
Jacquieline Davis

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