October 2004
  Crime, Safety & Protection


At the time of writing, Ken Bigley, a British engineer is being held hostage in Iraq by a Muslim fundamentalist group. They have already beheaded on camera two American men who shared a house with Ken in an upper class district of Iraq, a strange place to choose to live as it is outside the allied zone of protection for foreign workers. My sources inside the SAS and Delta forces tell me they are frantically searching for the location of where Ken is being held in a desperate bid to save his life. Thousands of leaflets have been released in Baghdad offering a reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Ken and his captors. Like the rest of the UK I pray they get to him in time, in case they are too late then I pray our elite forces hunt down his captors and bring them to justice, in whichever form that takes.


Tony Blair is quite mad - I have decided as he is banning fox hunting in the UK, a sport and basic necessity of many farmers to rid them of foxes which are vermin in a fur coat and can wreak havoc in a farmyard! This month saw the country folk of the UK march on parliament and clash with the police. I watched the riot on TV and was still out on who started what so I decided to talk to cops who were there. They tell me that there were several fanatics and known trouble makers in the crowd and basically they started pushing the crowd towards the line of cops and the cops started pushing back, both sides suffered injuries. Middle England marched and the Met Police marched back, amazing then that the hunters are complaining of police brutality.


How embarrassed was I to watch a man dressed as Batman scale the front wall of Buckingham Place and lay siege to a ledge for hours as he pleaded his case as ‘Fathers 4 Justice’, an organisation that wants just what is says on its banners. How red faced were the Police and army personnel on duty at the royal palace? Luckily they quickly established ‘The Fathers 4 Justice’ campaigner was who he says he was and not an al queda suicide bomber undercover.

The next day five young men walked into the Houses of Parliament and invaded the chamber of the floor! Again they could have been terrorists, and to make matters worse, the day after that a newspaper reporter walked in to the palace of Westminster posing as a waiter who carried in his unsearched bag a pretend bomb - and then went on to serve the deputy prime minister on the terrace restaurant.

It is now time to hand over the safety and security of our royal family and members of parliament to the army. Let the police do what they do best, patrol the streets of London preventing and detecting crime, not baby-sitting the royals and MP's.


Please be aware of a new date rape drug that is currently doing the rounds, it is in the form of a cigarette that has been dipped in embalming fluid and then dried, it has the same effect as the other date rape drugs, Rophenol and GHB. Dizziness, unconsciousness and loss of memory, so please - as well as watching your drinks in bars and clubs do not accept cigarettes from strangers.


Well I have had a very busy month both with helping on the script for my TV series and doing my real job as a bodyguard. Having put in a few twenty hour days I could do with a rest and as October is my birthday month I am hoping to get away for a few days on my own. Him at home has left me for good this time, he can’t cope with the Hollywood crowd and events I have to attend as part of the PR side of my life, so now I am free and single again. Any offers?

Until next month stay safe

Jacquieline Davis

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Available at www.luckypress.com & www.amazon.com
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