November 2003
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Hello everyone and what a great month October turned out to be! I had my book launch at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, lots, and I mean lots of press and photographers turned up to take my picture in various poses, some of them I knew having elbowed them out of the way at many book signings and red carpet events which my clients have attended. I apologised to all present if I had ever been rude or hurt any of them. One British photographer who now works in the USA said, "No problem tomorrow we get our own back when we have you standing in the middle of 5th Avenue during rush hour posing for us." Get their own back they did, although I had one problem with one photographer at the launch who he kept trying to take pictures of me, with him almost laying on the floor. Maybe I was being paranoid but I had on a very expensive very short blue velvet cocktail frock and as it was a bit clingy I decided not to wear anything under it. Could he tell I had no knickers on as I had no VPL or was he just odd, anyway after the third attempt of him squatting on the floor whilst I stood, I threatened to drop kick him if he did not back off, the rest of the press laughed but he knew by my tone I was serious. He left after quaffing the champagne and truffles.

The day following the event I did a photo shoot for PEOPLE magazine; the back drop was the meat packing district in New York, right next to Stella (my dads famous) McCartney's new shop. The photographer, Eric Ogden, was wonderful and we had a great time even, if it was getting cold and dark after five hours of posing.

Friends in New York then took me to Soho House the sister club of the famous London establishment of the same name, were I met Bianca Jagger in the restaurant and Moby in the bar, although I had to ask someone who he was. Great city, great hotel, great night.

I have a safety question for Virgin Airlines: on checking in at Heathrow (my publishers booked and paid for the flight) I asked if I could have an exit seat as I am tall; they normally oblige but on this occasion they told me I would have to pay an extra fifty pounds. Apparently you now have to pay for the privilege of helping to assist any of Virgins passengers in the event of an emergency. But, what if a disabled person agrees to pay the extra fifty pounds for an exit seat: what will Virgin do then? Surely you have to be fit and healthy to sit in an exit row. So are Virgin going to allow disabled people to do this or will they in effect discriminate against them? Either way I am going to be using my favourite airline, American Airlines from now on. They don't charge you for the exit seat extra inches and the service is second to none.

Secret Police

Much has been said about the BBC documentary, "The Secret Policeman. An undercover reporter joined the police service and secretly videoed new recruits making racist remarks, he said he joined to find if the police service was institutionally racist. I do not think it is. What the recruits said about various ethnic minorities was awful and I was ashamed of them, but these were racists that had joined the police force, not new recruits being turned into racists by the police force, and there is a difference. The Greater Manchester Police and the Metropolitan Police force are holding enquiries, and so they should, they should also sack the trainer who was shown smirking when the Asian recruit was back classed for five weeks.

Talking of black and ethnic minority Police officers, one of them who serves in London is a good friend of mine: she tells me she suffers more discrimination because she is female than the colour of her skin.

November is bonfire time and fireworks light up the sky, please be careful and do not leave them around children or animals - they can get badly burned.Uzi and Doris, my two pussy's, hate fireworks and cower under my feet when they go off. So please spare a thought for animals.

Dodgy Vodka

Vodka from eastern block countries which is contaminated is flooding the market in the UK, I have now seen several teenagers with these bottles sitting in parks and on street pavements, some of these teenagers are as young as fourteen. The vodka is being sold very cheaply under the counter which is why the kids can afford it but it has been contaminated with a white spirit which can and does make them violently ill. BEWARE.

Until next month Stay safe

Jacquieline Davis

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