May 2010
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I have been doing readings for approximately 25 years now. If you'd like to find out more about me, click on the tab to the right. Or you can go to my website Also, Google me!

Every month for approx 17 years, I have written a monthly 'blog' on the site: I always channel the content; my Spirit Guides tell me exactly what we are all meant to know for that month, to maximize efforts and avoid pitfalls.

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Mercury is now in Retrograde. If you are not certain what this means – please read ahead!

Any planet is described as being in 'retrograde' when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This has to do with the rotation of the earth and its relation to the other planets in the solar system. One way of describing this that it's a bit like travelling on a road while observing another car beside you: if the other car slows down or if you speed up, it seems as though the other car is moving backwards ... Planets are never actually retrograde: they just appear to be that way, due to this optical illusion. The duration of Mercury Retrograde is generally from 3 to 3 ½ weeks per time; it occurs 3 times per year, or approximately every four months. Mercury went into its retrograde phase 17 April; it will go 'direct' (ie, returning to its regular cycle) 11 May.

Mercury is thought to rule thinking and perception, processing and disseminating information as well as all means of communication, commerce, education and transportation. Because of this Mercury has a major effect on people who work with their voice, written or spoken: radio hosts, authors, bloggers, commentators / presenters, film critics, public relations gurus, solicitors, actors, journalists, travellers and so on.

Mercury Retrograde tends to wreak havoc with both personal and business communication, including negotiations and trade (purchases and acquisitions). It also creates glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, cars, buses, trains and flights. Getting back to normal transportation-wise as the result of the chaos caused by the recent volcano action in Iceland has been much more intense due to Mercury being in Retrograde. Over the 20 years I have been on radio stations I have witnessed many dozens of equipment failures in broadcast studios and /or at their signal towers, including some towers literally falling down completely – while Mercury was in Retrograde!

When Mercury is Retrograde it is wise not to make any important decisions, or to sign any contract such as a real estate agreement, a marriage contract, job offer, car purchase, etc. It is important not to move, take a big trip or begin any new venture.

If you absolutely must do so, make sure you pay extremely close attention
to the fine print!

What Mercury Retrograde is good for is cleaning out closets, cupboards, the garage (... I means this literally!); it is also an excellent time to do research, get one's cv / resume together ... It is generally a good time to lay low and prepare for the surge of new, high-powered creation energy once Mercury goes direct. This is just a thumbnail sketch of what goes on when Mercury is Retrograde; there is a great deal more to it.

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This is the third year of 'BritWeek'™ in LA ... each year the contributor and events lists get bigger and bigger. It now even extends beyond a single week. The entire series of events celebrates British connections with the Los Angeles area. These include sports (BritNight with LA Galaxy Football team), fashion events (The BritWeek Fashion Show and British Designer Awards), car rallies, plays, music (including this year, a Jeff Beck concert), art exhibits, film screenings, business mixers, pub and restaurant news and much more. Richard Branson flew over for the gala dinner on 22 April. Each year is more exciting than the previous one: I predict this will be a permanent feature in LA each spring.

As friend of mine is one of the creators of BritWeek™, I have become active in many facets of this year's events. A few of the aspects I have been asked to participate in are related to fashion events, food tastings, and spas / beauty.

A fellow journalist who spends a lot of time in London and I went to various restaurants together, checking out each's bangers and mash. She is doing a feature herself on this classic British dish. Paula and I both agreed that those served at the '4' restaurant on the top floor (4th!) of Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills are about the very best we've ever had! I love the way Adam St (the private club off The Strand in London) makes theirs – but Neiman Marcus' surpasses theirs! We requested that they be kept on the menu permanently. BTW, I used to have a Q&A column in Paula's in magazine, LA Splash.

I'd like to know your favourite restaurant/pub for bangers and mash! Please send to [email protected]. I may feature it in an upcoming issue; someone presented this to me as an option with what would make a nice prize.

Anya Hindmarsh

In addition to the quest for LA's best bangers & mash Paula and I visited a number of shops, including Anya Hindmarch's shop on Robertson – her designs keep getting better and better. I especially love her canvas and patent leather tote bags (see photo at right) extolling Britain's classic adages. After we talked so glowingly about BritWeek™ events the manager-and-shop's-creator said she was going to discuss with Anya having a much bigger presence next year (I found that many British designers featured something about BritWeek™ in windows, but very few people working inside the shops knew anything about it). Reiss, Christopher Guy, Smythson's and Jigsaw are some of the shops we checked out. I plan to mention to one of the organizers how much more could be created if the shops were approached with ideas re how they could participate differently with giveaways, venue events, pairings with restaurants, etc.

At the time this column is being put to bed, I am hoping to see Peter Gabriel at the Hollywood Bowl on 7 May!

If you are interested in taking part in next year's BritWeek™ or know someone who would be, I will put you in touch with a connection who can help make it happen. Contact me at [email protected] .

As I write this column BritWeek™ is approximately half over ... I have many places to go and much to do! Including tea at The Penninsula (Beverly Hills), visiting London Sole on Montana Ave; Aspry in the Beverly Hills Hotel; Temperley, Paul Smith and Alexander McQueen on Melrose Ave; plus Stella McCartney on Beverly Blvd.


When asked to interview Zandra Rhodes I got very excited. I had met her on two occasions in London while attending events with my friend Scott Wimsett. On both occasions Zandra invited us to come to her studio in East London. I have regretted more than once not following up on it with her. I mentioned this to her while we were chatting about her life in London; she graciously re-invited me to visit her there and told me to bring along my friend Scott as well.

Zandra is a main attraction for this week's BritWeek™. She is featured in Nieman Marcus; several major window displays on Wilshire Boulevard contain her stunning collections. In the couture section, immediately in front of escalators to that floor she has a very well placed display of both her latest collections as well as a retrospective of now-vintage lines especially mink and other furs; this is where I went to interview her.

Zandra was just as delightful to talk to as she was at the events in London. We hit it off.

One of the things I asked her in the interview is whether or not she has an inexpensive line in addition to her couture collection ... I mentioned those Kate Moss, Twiggy and others are doing. She replied, "I am doing duvet covers and sheets for M&S (Marks & Spencer), as well as anything from TP to raincoats to wellies for Milletts." She stated that she has a line of children's wear currently in production for M&S; I immediately was able to tune into it visually, and saw how popular it would be; really adorable clothes.

When I asked Zandra what other ideas she had re creating new lines she commented that she would like to do much more licensing in the US, but she feels frustrated that it seems to be so slow going. I told her that I felt she just needs the right people to help her. If any of my readers know anyone who might be interested or have ideas on what she could do to further this along please email me at [email protected].

We began to discuss her philosophy of design and life itself to which she stated, "It's simple, you have to follow what you believe in or of what importance is you?"

At one point I told her she was very intuitive. She laughed and asked, "Have you ever heard of Ena Twigg?" I said "No, the name didn't ring a bell at all." She continued, "Did you ever hear of Bishop Pike in San Francisco when his son went missing?" I was surprised to be reminded of this; I responded, "Yes I do. I was going to school at the time in the San Francisco area and it was in the news for months." When I asked who Ena Twigg was Zandra replied, "She was the medium contacted to find the son." And then she said, "Ena was my aunt." I was fairly blown away; I responded that intuition or psychic ability does tend to run in families. To which she replied, "I can only claim her as a relative by marriage." I told her that that may be the case, but she still has to have major intuition to have designed the lines she has over all these years.

I hadn't realized that Zandra spends a lot of time in San Diego. Her life partner, formerly very senior at Warner Brothers, does not want to travel. So when she is in San Diego, she does not venture out much. Paradoxically, she did say she goes to England every 3 weeks ... When we met in Nieman Marcus she had just driven up to Beverly Hills from San Diego, a journey of 2 ½ hours.

At one point, I asked her if she had had or was planning, any retrospectives as many designers have been doing. She said, "Yes, I have one that just opened up in San Diego. It is a collection of the costumes I designed for Aida in Opera Pacifica back in 2004."

The retrospective is entitled 'Verdi's Aida Through the Eyes of Zandra Rhodes' and is showing at the La Jolla Athenaeum Music and Arts Library. It contains sketchbooks, costume drawings and outfits that Zandra had created for that particular opera. The concept for her design originated from a trip to Egypt in 1986. It was on that trip that she became fascinated with Egypt's colour palette of turquoise, gold, orange and ultramarine. (The day I interviewed Zandra she was wearing Elizabeth Taylor-as-Cleopatra eyes, drawn from using ultramarine eye shadow; her nail polish was also ultramarine)

I asked Zandra if she would like to provide a quote for my readers. She immediately said:

Zandra is absolutely an icon. She was a lot of fun; I enjoyed interviewing her and will definitely be staying in touch.

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles, Beverly Hills

I have several clients from London who stay in this uber-chic Beverly Hills Four Seasons. I have even met a few of them there, for tea, lunch, etc ...

So when I was asked to review a BritWeek™ participating spa I immediately decided to contact the one in the Four Seasons, as I had heard many great comments about it. When I spoke with spa manager, Derek, he was very open to participating in my review. While we were discussing the various treatments they specialize in, one immediately 'jumped' out at me: The Manipura Experience.

The term Manipura means shining jewel in Sanskrit.

'Manipura' has to do with the solar plexus chakra having to do with health and vitality. The solar plexus (manipura) is the most sponge-like of all the chakras; it absorbs both toxins (such as positive ions from computers etc) more than any other chakra, as well as people's lower vibrational feelings – including anger, jealousy, victimhood, despair and apathy.

One of the great things about this particular treatment is the product line, Ila . Owner Denise Leicester not only designed which totally organic ingredients are used in the Manipura treatment, but also has her own melodic Sanskrit music playing during harvesting of the ingredients and during their blending. The same music is played in the background throughout the treatment. The synergistic products work at very deep levels to restore, nurture and rebalance the massage recipient. Her products are made in very small batches in the Cotswolds. Denise oversees every aspect of their growth and harvesting: production takes place in a series of very old converted farm buildings.

To order products or find out more about the company and Denise go to or email [email protected]

Very soon after the treatment began I absolutely knew that that the therapist, Bethany is a great healer. Even though the spa manager Derek suggested I just allow myself to receive what the treatment had to offer, I did ask Bethany to explain some of the unique aspects of both the product line and treatment.

The treatment begins with a Himalayan salt scrub that purifies, detoxifies and stimulates the lymphatic system (...the Himalayan salt emits negative ions that strengthen the body's energy field, as well as exfoliating the skin).

The Manipura massage that follows stimulates various marma points, re-energising the solar plexis via a unique massage to the abdomen.

I really did leave in a state of bliss. So much so that I felt the need to walk around for approximately 20 minutes, before getting back into my car and driving for the 45 more minutes to my LA home ... I heartedly recommend this treatment the next time you find yourself in Los Angeles.

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I was so impressed with the quality of the treatment ingredients in the Gold Rush Renewal at 'Sense,' the spa the Rosewood Sand Hill corporate retreat center in Menlo Park (, that I asked the spa manager if I could talk directly to owner of the skin care line, Laura LaRocca. I was given her telephone number and we've been chatting ever since. What an amazing woman. I really mean this. We have discussed skin care products at some length and are even planning to get together soon over lunch or a coffee!

Laura mentioned to me: "I drink colloidal gold. I've had two kidney transplants. When I was diagnosed the first time I went to every doctor, veering towards eastern medicine. One doctor suggested drinking colloidal gold for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial benefits and also for mental clarity. When you retain a lot of water and toxins in your system you tend not to have much focus. So I gave the colloidal gold a chance and I felt it helped. So when I was doing research for the LaRocca line, wanting to stay as natural as possible, I found studies that suggest gold metal mixed with the metal ions found on the skin create a charge which helps stimulate cellular regeneration as well as boost collagen."

I resonate with what Laura stated. I began using colloidal gold (internally) at least 15 years ago, possibly 20. Gold is an essential component of our bodies.

*See an exciting offer below, from LaROCCA skin care, exclusively for readers of this column! (

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As I've been mentioning recently I'm seeking out interesting contributors to this column, from a wide range of topics. All my life it's been important to me to pass along to others what I feel is worth-while information ...

I'm very excited to have as a first contributor, Mindy Gibbins-Klein. Mindy is a very well-known writer's coach; she is an accomplished author, seminar leader, publisher and has many coaching programs tailored to aspiring authors. I've known Mindy for a few years now, as we are both active members in (a UK-based, great social network for entrepreneurs). I constantly hear from other members what a miracle worker she is.

Everyone is doing a lot more writing these days: from emails to Twitter to Facebook to blogs to Ezines, etc. the written word is taking over from the spoken word in social communication as well as business. People are finding it easier to communicate these days via email vs. communicating by voice, as one doesn't have to get as emotionally involved if communicating through a computer.

Mindy frequently states that each of us has a book within us.

While Mindy and I were discussing how fast the written word has become so important these days I decided to ask her if she would be open to giving some tips each month re how to master the art of communicating on paper (so-to-speak!) in today's changing world of language; I know that Mindy is an absolute master of words. She agreed.

I am very excited to present Mindy's first segment, below! ( ...Please send your questions and comments about whatever you feel you need help with for upcoming issues, to me at [email protected] ).

TIP #1
Write for the right reason. When I say 'right' reason, people immediately think I am being judgemental and saying that some reasons are right and some are wrong. Not at all. What I am saying is that some reasons are right for you and some reasons are wrong for you. For example, I sometimes get clients who say, a bit sheepishly, that they really don't want to make a lot of money from their books. They are writing for very personal reasons, such as wanting to leave a legacy for their children or really wanting to help people. Why be sheepish about that? Those are very altruistic reasons. The other side of the spectrum has people saying that they have received some communication or attended some event where they heard they could make a lot of money by writing books and ebooks. Yes, you can make a lot of money, but in my opinion, if that is the main driving force behind the project, the content won't necessarily be the best that it can be. Furthermore, if a writer feels s/he should be thinking commercially about the book and they don't really feel that way, this can create a conflict and an unsatisfactory feeling, which makes it difficult to write much less promote one's work.

Here is more in-depth information about Mindy:

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is founder and director of REAL Thought Leaders, The Book Midwife® and co-founder of Ecademy Press business publishing. She is a highly sought after speaker, who presents workshops and training programs to top business leaders.

She has an MBA in International Business from University of Bridgeport, and has taught post-graduate courses. She is a regular columnist for several magazines and online publications, and an author / co-author of four books, including the highly acclaimed 24 Carat BOLD and BusinessWise which reached the number 2 position in Business Books on Amazon.

Mindy has an exciting next Coaching Course begining on 8 May! In this course Mindy will help you complete your best book in 90 days ... Email Mindy re your interest in this unique course: [email protected]

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I have donated hundreds of sessions to both silent and live auctions for more than 20 years. I have also donated vouchers (in US called gift certificates) for "goodie bags" dozens of times. I am always happy to provide a donation of one or more of my sessions or vouchers for "goodie bags" for any charity I am asked to donate to. BTW I have been told that at the most recent auction Target stores did for The United Way, there a bidding war for one of my readings! ... I have been donating sessions for a few years to Target's joint ventures with United Way.

I will provide a blank certificate that can be enlarged for presentation purposes or made into vouchers. If you have an upcoming charity event I will be happy to provide at least one complimentary session. Let me know what your charity function is, and whether you would prefer having a silent auction donation of a reading, or gift vouchers for a "goodie bag" to me at [email protected] .

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LaROCCA skin care ( has generously offered to donate several products in May to you the reader! (Please see above, my comments re her product line – as well as how I found out about her while in a spa treatment in April's edition of this column.)

Here is what LaROCCA is offering:

• C-Gold Gel – it has 15% vitamin C and numerous anti-oxidants (I ordered this myself and absolutely love it! I can actually feel the gold entering my cells as I apply it)

• Vitamin Repair Mist - it stops sun from damaging the skin.

Plus 2 brand new products just having been introduced at the end of April ...

• LaROCCA Lash – this is a lash enhancer that comes in black, brown, green, blue and purple (you can decide which colour you'd like)

• PM Lash - a nighttime treatment in clear

Here is how to be the recipient of this goodie bag ... be the fourth person to tell me what the energy of gold means to you: email me your comment at [email protected].

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Included in the February / March issue was the giveaway of 2 rings – one with a garnet stone and the other with an emerald. Unfortunately, the rings had not arrived across the pond from the US by the time the column had to be filed. So look for the winners' stories on love and luck that won the rings for them ... as well as their comments in the next column.

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VICTORIA's latest UK write ups:

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I look forward to reading your comments! [email protected]

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