May 2007


Dear Readers

Here we are with our May issue of HOT GOSSIP UK and what a great read it is. All the latest news and gossip about your favourite celebrities from Joe, celeb fashion and beauty, etc from Sally, nutrition and healthy living from Valerie, from Jacquieline crime updates and of course lots more within our virtual pages. I must give a big thank you to my deputy editor SALLY who is doing a marvellous job editing the magazine whilst I am away from my desk. THANKS SALLY, YOU ARE A STAR!

So I am writing this shortened version of SPOTLIGHT and hope that I can be back next month to update you on all the best products and books that have been waiting for my reviews.

Meanwhile enjoy the weather (so good for this time of the year) but also remember that we must take care of our delicate planet. So whilst we make plans to turn Britain's run down coastlines into holiday hot spots, do read up on global warming. Seriously, I hear through the grapevine that city folks are on the move – to the seaside no less! Yes, in the next few years you may see hotels springing up on the 'Costas Del Britain' and more and more people buying property at these soon to be popular holiday resorts. Remember you heard it here first!

A big thank you as always to our contributing editors for all their effort, to Graham our web designer, our publisher Knight International, and not forgetting you dear readers for all your support over the years.

See you next month
Georgina Bruni
Editor in Chief

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