February 2007
  Crime, Safety & Protection

So lets start the month with last months big news that Jade Goody is a Bully, and she rated headline TV News over hero marines (see item below titled hero marines) she along with other celebrities are in the Big Brother house to supposedly raise money for charity and up their personal profiles, also in the house is Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty a young good looking well mannered educated Indian female. The lack of education and tolerance on the part of Jade Goody has never been more apparent, she had sworn, shouted and treated Shilpa in an appalling manner as have fellow contestants Danielle. 'I'm the sacked Miss Great Britain', and Jo, 'I used to be in a band Mears'. The three of them have behaved like a witches racist bullying coven and I really hope the show is the end of their careers.

Whilst on the subject of cultural differences I was shocked to see that a new female recruit at Hendon Police college refused to shake the hand of Sir Ian Blair the commissioner as she is a Muslim and considers it offensive to touch a man who is not a relative or her husband. She has been allowed to wear a hijab instead of a hat but I wonder what will happen when she has to rugby tackle a suspect to the ground and handcuff him. I am all for racial integration in the Police service but not at the expense of colleagues lives who could be put in danger if this Policewoman does not do her job in backing them up.

I receive many emails and letters from readers who want to know how to spot if their husband is having an affair. Well, in my experience a woman usually just knows instinctively if something is going on but proving it is different. Check the mileage on his car and see if it is longer than normal. Get a peak at his mobile phone and look at the numbers dialled, if he has the phone bill sent to his work address that is suspicious. Does the phone at home ring only for you to answer it and the caller hang up several times, do a 1471 and see if the number has been withheld? Check his credit card statements to see what he has purchased and where, you know if he took you to a restaurant for dinner and the date, if there are other cosy dinners on the bill ring the restaurant and ask who he was with. Make an excuse by saying you left your scarf there or gloves and see if the waiter remembers what the woman looked like. Of course as a last resort hire a Private Investigator, who will get the evidence for you.
Above all don't panic and don't blame yourself.

Who was not heartened at the news that four British Marines strapped them selves to the outside of helicopters to go back into a battle zone to rescue their fallen comrade. The daring rescue took place in the Helmund province of Afghanistan, where a battle had raged, and lance Corporal Matthew Ford who had lead his troops into the battle had been seen to be shot, his colleagues decided they would not leave him there so they strapped them selves to the outside of Apache helicopters which cannot carry passengers and flew back in to recover what was now Matthew Fords dead body, they strapped it to one of the helicopters and flew back to their base. The four marines are heroes in my eyes and a bottle of scotch is sitting on my desk awaiting collection by them. Shame on the TV Media who led their nightly bulletins with the Jade Goody story and this item second.

I am hearing a bad story from colleagues working as Bodyguards in Iraq, they tell me one of the big British security companies is putting profits before life. I have seen a letter written to the security company in question by a bodyguard with twenty years experience. In it he sets out the following, that young soldiers with three years service are leaving the army to become private bodyguards, they go for their four week training which costs in the region of £4000 (four thousand pounds) but because they don't have that much money the security company is paying it for them, but telling them it costs £6000 (six thousand pounds) then sending them to Iraq and deducting it from their wages, so the poor saps are only getting about £150 a day instead of the four or five hundred they should be on. Not only is this wrong it is putting inexperienced operatives in danger. Iraq is like no other Bodyguard Job I have ever done, you are permanently armed and come into contact nearly every day with the enemy. The older more experienced operatives need to make a stand and refuse to have fresh trained 21 year old kids put on their team. Bullet catchers we may be and one day I may catch that bullet but I want it on my terms not because a security company is worried about the profit its shareholders want.

So until next month stay safe be aware and please keep the emails and letters coming, I shall do my best to answer them all.
Jacquieline Davis

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Available at www.luckypress.com & www.amazon.com
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