February 2007



January 2007 was a weird time in the UK. We all know that August is noted as 'The Silly Season' for journalists, a time when there's generally few headlines as most people are on holiday, including the government it seems. And it's OK to print silly stories. But I was amazed to see that in spite of the fact that our troops in Iraq should have had that privilege (see our CRIME section with JACQUIELINE DAVIES) most of the national press reserved their front pages for news of what was going on in the CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER house. For those of you who don't know what this is check out http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother/index.jsp This dreadful TV reality show should be axed for being a threat to society. This particular series, which took over our TV screens, featuring every night on Channel 4, and most of the time on 4's digital channels, is a disgrace to Brits. Named as a celebrity show, there really wasn't one amongst them. I mean, what true celebrity would make a fool of themselves by sharing their life for three weeks with the nation – being watched 24 hours a day by TV cameras. How desperate is that! So who are these has-beens (you need to be 50- 60 to know any of them) and wannabes (morons such as a footballers ex-girlfriend, failed pop singers, and former housemate JANE GOODY and family....excuse me! Goody was booted (voted) out for allegedly being racist to an unknown (at least in UK) Bollywood actress, and this story made headlines day after day after day....and was even brought up in Prime Ministers Question Time. Well unlike some of my eds and fellow journalists, I don't agree the remarks were at all racist – in fact I'm fed up with the term 'racist' being overused. Britain more than any other country has been jolly good to foreigners who decide they want to live here. But I do agree Goody has a disgusting foul mouth, and I mean disgusting. She is common and illiterate, and should not even be on our TV screens. Shame on the company Jean Christian who gave her a perfume contract for Shh ...(since cancelled) after all who would want to smell like this 'Ugly Betty'? Youngsters have other even less polite words for her perfume, naming it Eau de Bully.

This latest saga takes me back to a few months ago when that other shameful Brit, KATE MOSS, who Goody claims to be friend's with, made the headlines with her Cocaine drug habit. Moss was a regular cover girl for Vogue and other fashion magazines and was the icon for BURBERRY, CHANEL, RIMMEL and ROBERTO CAVALLI. Most dumped her, at least when the story broke, but were quick to take her back. Pity because Cavalli's goods ended up at TK MAXX, Burberry became a Chav label, and Rimmell is cheap anyway. But will Chanel ever recover? Coco would turn in her grave if she knew that her brand had been tarnished yet again. I mean it took several years for Coco's Chanel label to regain its honour after it was revealed that the French dame had been just too friendly with the NAZI's during WWII. Please save our youngsters from these people! It's no wonder we have kids who no longer think it's necessary to learn to read or write, but who think it's cool to learn only how to text (that moronic language that so infuriates me) and to look and act like the Goody's and Moss's of this world. Housemate DIRK BENEDICT was equally shocked when he commented about the Goody incident, "And this from a nation who gave us Shakespeare". Indeed! For more about CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER, and the real celebrities, do check our CELEBRITY section with JOE ALVAREZ, Joe is one of the UK's top media photographers and his column is a riot!

There's another programme that should never again be allowed on our TV screens and that's the dreadful CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER'S BIG MOUTH presented by RUSSELL BRAND, the 'former' crack cocaine addict boyfriend of – wait for it – KATE MOSS. This disgusting creature thinks it's cool to discuss his tiny penis on TV, and the language is positively revolting. Turn it off! In fact turn off Channel 4, which if you didn't already know, is a state owned channel. Is this truly how Britain wants the world to see us! At a time when the government is discussing how schools can teach our children 'Englishness', isn't it time that it began with TV programmes such as this and BIG BROTHER. After almost 40,000 complaints about these revolting programmes, I'm utterly surprised that Channel 4 and the powerful producers ENDEMOL are allowed to continue to operate in this media. No, Britain does not like BIG BROTHER anymore! The only reason it was viewed at all this time was because the press made a big story out of it!


Romance is in the Air

February is the month that brings us Valentine's Day, a time to celebrate love and romance, and we all need some of that in our lives, so why not make the whole of February romantic – why just settle for one day! Do something wonderful for your lover and those you love. In America people send Valentine cards to their children, and even their parents, and that's a really nice thought! Or you could make your own cards with a little help from some craft stores – be original. Or if you want to be remembered why not send a card from www.jacquielawson.com a fabulous virtual greeting card site created by talented British artist JACQUIE LAWSON. For a small sum of £4.95 a year you can send all your cards from Valentines, Birthdays, Christmas....and many more. Beautiful cards that you will be remembered for.

And instead of flowers why not give a special treat, like hire a luxury limo to go to the theatre or dinner – which brings me to a nice story! Thirty one year old Daniel Beisly achieved his dream with the help of the Princes Trust. Daniel, who was out of work, homeless and penniless, through sheer determination, enthusiasm and hard work is now at the helm of his own highly successful limousine company URASTAR. The company already have several A –list celebrities on their books who use the limos to take them to premiers and awards ceremonies etc. So with the champagne on ice, the chauffeurs at attention and well maintained vehicles ready for the road, go for it and surprise your loved one this February! Tel 0208 373 0503 or visit www.fresh-limousines.com

Weighty Problem?

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Keep Healthy with Tasty Tea!

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While taking care of yourself this year, spare a thought for our sick planet which is suffering daily from pollution. If you don't know how to help, treat yourself to 1001 WAYS YOU CAN SAVE THE PLANET by Joanna Yarrow. A fabulous worthy book that would not only make a wonderful gift but is a must have for anybody who cares enough to make a difference to our world. And it's fun! I've already started making use of many of the practical ideas featured in this gem of a book. Available at www.amazon.co.uk Published by Duncan Baird Publishers Ltd. £7.99.

Until next month, have a good one

Georgina Bruni
Editor in Chief

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