February 2004

Letter from the Editor

I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES… so the song goes…. following a terrible dose of the flu over the festive season (missed all the best parties - but things do get better) my body was weakened and I ended up with a trapped sciatic nerve, which is terribly painful, to say the least. I tried everything, painkillers, hot water bottle, frozen peas, meditation, positive thinking, tearing my hair out – but alas it would not heal. Then I received some publicity material from PHITHEN (I’d never heard of them) enclosing a sample packet of six tapes, which looked rather like corn plasters. ‘Simply apply the tape wherever you feel aches and pains’, claimed PHITHEN. Well, what I had got to lose? I couldn’t believe my luck because the instant I placed the plaster on the offending nerve, my pain ceased to be. It was amazing! The next morning instead of crawling out of bed, I leaped! Now’s here’s the interesting part; these little plasters (or suckers as JULIA ROBERTS might call them – remember the snails in PRETTY WOMAN, are made with TITANIUM, a safe metal which regulates an imbalance in electric currents running through the body by its ability to ionise and emit a uniform wave, which in turn creates heat enabling muscle tissue to relax. So I tried it on a couple of friends who suffer with similar problems, and they were just amazed. TITANIUM POWER TAPE is the creation of the Japanese (such clever people when it comes to inventions) and is available by mail order or from their London branch. They also supply other products including sports attire. TITANIUM POWER TAPE: 272 Kensington High Street, London W8 6ND. Mail order: 020 7348 5903. You can try their website, type in PHITHEN in the search engine and you will find their home page, but don’t pay any attention to the prompt box which asks if you want to install a language ‘Japanese’, just shut the box down and their page will show in English, and you can view all their other products.. Brilliant and worth exploring!

On the subject of Japanese…my friend YURIE FUJIHARA invited me to an arts reception by renowned Japanese artist YUKOH MORITA held at GALLERY 27 in Cork Street, London. It was nice to see our mutual friend TOM SHARP, Chief Beefeater at the Tower of London, looking as lovely as ever. The artist had produced wonderful tranquil, art which one would love in ones drawing room – but at a price. If you can afford the luxury, and they ARE beautiful, contact YURIE 020 8696 0790 for more information.

I attended the TWO CITIES BALL at the DORCHESTER (SALLY FARMILOE-NEVILLE was chairman) where I met Ambassador HAITHAM RASHID WIHAIB of the New Iraq Development Company, what a character he is. I later saw him on TV news programmes when they captured SADDAM. Apparently Haitham used to be one of the monster’s former aids, but he’s not listed on the pack of cards. Check out his website www.ambassadorwihaib.com. NICK POPE (one of our Ed’s, gave me a pack of these cards recently – very cool for practising with your darts) Talk Sport Radio Presenter James Whale uses toilet paper featuring images of Osama Bin Laden – well, he may not use it but the last time I did his show he had a roll on his desk. A way to go James! I left Haitham having what appeared to be a heated debate with my Kuwaiti friend REEM, but understand all was well. Security expert JACQUIELINE DAVIS (another of our Ed’s) was also at the ball along with CHRIS and LIZ DAVIES. Jacquieline and I had a chat with nightclub owner PETER STRINGFELLOW. JACQUIELINE is off again to theUnited States where she is becoming very popular as a TV guest. Read her CRIME column. We only have the best people writing for HOT GOSSIP, you know!

It was nice to meet up with my old friend BRENT SADLER and his lovely new wife JELINA in London recently. Move over JOHN SIMPSON and co, Brent has to be the world’s best war correspondent, pity we lost him to the Americans. Brent, who has been called a serial bridegroom by previous wives (this is the fourth time – and heavens above this wedding was featured in HELLO and we all know that isn’t a good sign) is hoping this is the last. They do make a lovely couple.

Having missed all the festive season parties because of the dreaded flu, I did manage to hold my Christmas Party early in the month, which you can read about in REGINA’S social column. That should be fun! In January I attended LADY JACQUELINE KILLAIRN’S annual birthday party (she’s also a Capricorn) and as usual it was a delightful event, with more than 300 guests turning up at her London address. Last year somebody’s hair almost went up in flames having been caught by her antique candlesticks. Guests included my Deputy Editor SALLY FARMILOE-NEVILLE and her handsome husband JEREMY, author of royal literature LADY COLIN CAMPBELL, actor and comedian BURT KWOUK (known as KATO in the Pink Panther films) and many more glamorous people. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hold my own birthday party in January because MONTIES club in Sloane Street let me down. Their PR, having shown an interest in my proposal then failed to return any of my calls or e-mail, when she finally did respond to my last complaining e-mail, it was to too late – and what she proposed was unsuitable. I was not a happy bunny, and neither were my friends and family who were looking forward to the celebration. What’s also annoying is that I could have held it any number of venues which would have been only too pleased to have such a glamorous event. I never did like Monties that much anyway!

January saw the worldwide release of ‘UFO INVASION at RENDLESHAM which was a one hour documentary shown on SKY ONE. The original had been a two-hour programme which aired in the US on Sci Fi channel. This was the story of the mystery of the Rendlesham Forest incident, and I acted a consultant to the programme due to my 3 year research of the case. For the full story check out www.amazon.co.uk where you can order my book titled YOU CAN’T TELL THE PEOPLE, a title taken from a comment by BARONESS MARGARET THATCHER who told me during a conversion that ‘You Can’t Tell the People’ and I did! There have been several documentaries about this incident since my book was published, but this is the best so far. I was also pleased to do an American radio show for MICHAEL CORBIN with GENERAL GORDON WILLIAMS (USAF Ret) featured in the second hour. The General also appeared in the TV documentary mentioned above. He didn’t give much away, but at least he didn’t deny that something had happened, and anyway, he’s such a charming man. GENERAL WILLIAMS was in charge of the USAF air bases in England at the time when numerous air force personnel were involved in what is now known as Britain’s Roswell. Also on the show was former Senior Sergeant JIM PENNISTON, a witness, and in the first hour we heard from another witness COLONEL CHARLES HALT (Ret). A much more laid back show – IAN COLLINS for Talk Sport – a British show, saw NICK POPE (see his Weird World column) and myself talking about the latest MARS story and of course Rendlesham. Nick did the forward to my book and has himself written extensively on similar cases. Next week Talk Sport’s JAMES WHALE will have legend PATRICK MOORE discussing the planet MARS and its newly discovered alien landscape, as one NASA spokesperson called it.

Absolutely loved Tory Leader MICHAEL HOWARD’S ‘I BELIEVE’ list, only saddened that he didn’t add ‘UFOs’ considering one was said to have hovered over his house a few of years ago. When I questioned him about this (must remember to give him a copy of my book) which was splashed over the press, he didn’t deny it but claimed he didn’t see it. Well, he would wouldn’t he!

The hot British news as I write this column is of course the Hutton Enquiry on the death of British scientist DR DAVID KELLY. The headlines in THE MAIL ON SUNDAY read ‘KELLY: IT WAS NOT SUICIDE.’ This was a statement from his USAF friend MAI PEDERSON. But KELLY is not the first scientist to die in mysterious circumstances. In the past two years there have been more than a dozen microbiologists who ended up dead, with several dying in a matter of weeks. And what about the 28 British scientists involved in the Star wars project who died in mysterious circumstances in the 1980’s. Interesting! If anybody has any news or views I’d like to hear from you.

Well that’s it for this month and I hope you enjoy reading all your favourite columns. February marks the eighth anniversary of HOT GOSSIP, the first British magazine to launch on the web. Thank you for all your support over the years.

Georgina Bruni
Editor in Chief
georgi[email protected]
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