September 2005

Hi everyone, hope that my column finds you well. It's funny how quickly the years go, I think your life goes much faster when you are on monthly deadlines as opposed to weekly ones ! It's a bit like getting paid weekly or monthly ! When you get paid weekly you never seem to be broke! Last month I mentioned that I was going to Russia, well I did and it was fantastic!I went to the beach Party on the banks of the River Moscow. I was surprised how the kids new the lyrics to most of the tunes being played, it was surreal ! In the evening I went to Red Square and the Kremlin, it was quite emotional really, when you watch the History Channel, Like I do ! and have watched all the major leaders since the Communist Revolution standing watching the May Day Parade ! Again, I was taken aback by the numbers of people just walking around and sitting outside the cafés drinking and talking. It was somewhat like Covent Garden. I felt totally safe walking around and the people were very friendly. I do recommend that you got there to see it for yourself.

Anyway, moving on. IMOGEN HEAP ' Speak For Yourself '

Imogen Heap

An old friend of mine Mickey Modern manages the fantastic Imogen Heap, who I have been a fan of since she was 16 years old, now she is twenty something she has matured into a musical swan ! Not only does she have a fantastic solo career she joined forces with the very talented writer Guy Sigsworth ( he has written for the likes of Madonna) forming the due Frou Frou who have had several chart successes. Having a new album ' Speak For Yourself' out, that has received critical acclaim as a solo artiste, which is no mean feat especially in this day and again of the boy Pop/Rock guitar band ! She has also shown here writing and production skills by writing and producing the album herself ! That sounds like my mate Mickey saving on costs Ha Ha ! Seriously though she is a skilful songsmith and producer 1 The album has some great tracks on it and I think everyone will come up with a different favourite from the album as it is so varied. You can order it from her website if you don't want to go down to your local record shop ! Her website is TERRY BOZZIO ' Chamber Works ' Terry Bozzio's new Favoured Nations CD, Chamber Works, recorded with Holland's classical Metropole Orkest, might seem unexpected to those only familiar with the drummer's greatest "hits." That's because Bozzio - one of the foremost rock and jazz/fusion drumming virtuosos over the past 30 years - has developed such a reputation by being a scene-stealing legend with guitar gods Frank Zappa and Jeff Beck, plus supergroups the Brecker Brothers, UK and forming Missing Person. Zappa is also Bozzio's link to the Metropole, the 60-year-old, 60-piece orchestra conducted by Dick Bakker. The "creative catalyst" for Chamber Works was Zappa's friend Co de Kloet, a Dutch radio producer. On Chamber Works, Bozzio plays through five lengthy movements and a closing opus with every bit as much speed/ flair and ambidexterity as he did with any of his preceding ensembles. .The opening features his drum and cymbal accents in unison with serpentining lines by the strings and wind instruments. Orchestral bells, dramatic horns, and Bozzio's unorthodox drum set bring Chamber Works to a close. "Having followed Bozzio's career for a long time/" de Kloet concludes/" I think this is an essential release in his total body of work - it shows him as an amazing performer / a highly individual composer / a Stravinsky fan, .. and a wonderful producer." ATB ' Seven Years ' The new reflective album is out now called simply ' Seven Years ' which features some of their great tracks such as ' 9Pm til I Come ' and completely up to date tracks such as ' Humanity ' with the fantastic vocals of Tiff Lacey, which is the first track on the album. She is featured on three other tracks also. It's worth buying for the four tracks that Tiff features on alone ! JENNY NICHOLSON I was saddened to hear that classical musician Jenny Nicholson, who worked for Rhinegold Publishing was killed in the London Bombings, It is terrible when a young life is curtailed in this way, she will be sorely missed by all that knew her RIP


With the new series of X Factor on our screens, with the ever hopefuls wanting to be famous, most of which are only picked for our entertainment in order that we can have a good laugh at there lack of talent, the show is more about ' Good Television ' than talent. It also is strange to see its first winner, who had a No1 Hit Single and a very successful 'Covers Album", has just been dropped by his record label BMG!

So let that be a warning to anyone entering the competition! If I was a cynic, I would say that the TV company doesn't want the winner to last more than 12 months, so that the new winner can take their crown ! What do you think ?

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